How to host a Poshmark Poshparty

So this is something that I hear a lot from newer people just joining poshmark. “How do you host a Poshparty?!” and “How do you get chosen as a host?!” not to mention a few of my own, “So after you get picked to host, how do you HOST?!”. Well I’m here to answer all those questions and give you a little heads up on the process so when it comes time to host your first Posh Party you are all set and ready to click!

So first off: What is a Poshparty?

Ok to put it simply it’s like a tupperware party for clothes…and online. PMHQ (PoshMark HeadQuarters) chooses a select few users every night to host a themed poshparty and the hosts select a few items that goes into the “Host Pick” tab during the poshparty (see picture)


So we’re picking the “Essential Style Party” as an example


Now here is the party’s main feed, so I am going to select “Host Picks” tab at the top.


Now it gets me here to the showroom, I select the blue button labeled “Enter Showroom”



Now you see your hosts and all of the items they selected as their “Host Picks” for the evening!

What are “Host Picks”?

A host pick is an item that is featured in the Host Picks section of the party, but what it also means is that it gives your item the red carpet treatment for the life of the party. You item is being featured EVERYWHERE, so remember when I talked about your item being seen and the likeliness to sell? This is that moment. Now this doesn’t guarantee at all, your items that are Host Picks are going to sell, it’s just the odds are much higher. Sometimes hosts will add a little comment on the listing, sometimes it rhymes, sometimes it has emoticons, but it always says something along the lines of “I’ve picked this as a host pick for tonight’s party” or something of that nature. Poshmark doesn’t require you to do anything like that, in fact in the email they send you as a host they don’t mention that at all. So it’s become a standard by practice, it’s not necessary, but it is a nice gesture.

Everyone can share to the posh party that’s why there’s the main feed where everyone and their mother shares any items that match with the theme, and it’s a no holds bar. It is a bit overwhelming to find something in particular but as a rule of thumb, just try to stick with the theme of the party. There are a total of 3 parties that go on during the day and they all work around PST (Pacific Standard Time and be mindful off the times if you are in a different time zone) so one will start at 9am which is typically a few brand names they feature for this party, then a 12pm party with is specific to just the type of items (accessories party, jewelry party, dresses and skirts party, etc. no brand name required), then finally the themed parties at 7pm and those are the only ones that feature hosts.

What does Hosting mean?

Hosting pretty much a jolt in your popularity for the few days leading up to the posh party, you’ll get a ton of shares from people wanting to get their items as host picks and just some people that are new that need the exposure. Your picture will be featured on Poshmark’s tumblr blog as well as your other co-hosts and word will spread like wild fire! I put up a post that I was hosting and tagged a few friends that I met at Poshfest 2013 and they tagged some of their friends, and their friends tags their friends, and you get the idea. People give you advice, and tell you what to expect, and people are very very supportive. It’s a nice feeling!

So how do I get one of these amazing coveted positions?

Well there’s a variety of ways that you can become a Host but first:

1) You need to follow the rules. Period. That means you need to have a clean slate for about 3 months. I had initially sold a fake Gucci bag as my FIRST sale a long time ago before I knew what the rules were. After it was sold, a year later I had aspirations of being a Host I contacted and let them know my story and asked to remove it from my listings (I didn’t want to look like I didn’t follow the rules) and to see if I could be considered to host a posh party. They removed the item and put me on a waiting list for about a month and they contacted me again via email to ask if I would be interested in hosting. To which I replied “YES!!!!”. Now it’s not just replicas that you may have listed, it may a used bathing suit or a shirt that has a Chanel symbol on it. PMHQ does an audit of your closet before they pick their hosts and if you have something that’s not allowed, they’ll send you a nice email to kindly take them down, and your 3 months start over again.

2) You need to be an outstanding member to the Poshmark society. That means that you not just follow the rules, but you also are a supportive member to the community. You like, share, and follow other members, and your transactions are flawless and you aren’t creating any trouble for PMHQ. Trouble you say? Well to be more specific, no offline transactions (Paypal), no harassment, etc. Not to mention it’s an added bonus if you attend Poshmark meet ups and Poshfest. In my letter to the support team I did add that I was going to Poshfest and it really showed my commitment to the Poshmark community.

I’ve seen 2 ways that people have become hosts

1) They get noticed by PMHQ. So they automatically get approached with an email.


2) Send an email to about hosting, and they’ll put you on a list.

So what if you do all of that and you still haven’t been approached? Just keep following the rules and keep sending them messages. Chances are they get so many requests a day they are sifting through so many. So keep going!

Now once you get the chance to Host, what do you do now?

What do I do to ‘Host’?

Well at first when I got approached I wondered what did I actually have to do to HOST?! Did my interface change? Did I get special access to the Poshmark mainframe?! What was I to expect when the time came I HOST? Well to put it simply, anything you share from 7pm-9pm PST is added to the Host Picks Showroom. That’s pretty much it. Nothing changes, no special mainframe access, just very simple adding to the Poshparty. That’s all! So don’t get overwhelmed by the technology that you may think may come 🙂 they do allow you 50-100 listings to share to the party as well as picking only 3 per closet and it’s best you choose wisely since the 100 include 5-10 of your own as well. PMHQ only encourages 50-100 but that doesn’t limit you, I think I shared 200-225 during my party not realizing we were told 50-100 listings, whoops! You are also advised by PMHQ to not select any listings that do not follow posh rules so choose wisely and keep them in your likes if you’d like. Also, what you share lists from bottom to top, so towards the end of the party the last ones you share end up at the top of the party so I know some poshers that list their stuff last so theirs shows at the top, some like to share the wealth of attention and put others’ listings, however you wanna do it is up to you!

I hope this information helped you because I wish I could’ve used it before when I wanted to host a Poshparty, and when I got it, I didn’t know what to expect. So good luck poshers!

Stay healthy and fabulous!


How to increase the value of your listing

OK, so I know what you’re thinking, “The listing is free, there is no value to it!”. Well my dear, that’s where you are mistaken, and I’m going to show you how to not only help others in the Poshmark Community, but also bump up the “value” of the listings in your closet!

Ok, so what do I mean by value? Let me start by giving you some really basic marketing info and it’ll turn into really good information that you can keep handy with you while you are shopping and selling in the posh world! The easiest way I can put this is to use Facebook as an example, everyone should have Facebook, and if you don’t please get one! Otherwise this information may go right over your head. So while you’re on Facebook you probably have a few hundred friends on FB, and a few companies that you like. I for one have a few dozen companies I follow and a few friends I follow as well. Have you ever noticed that you don’t see postings/status’ for ALL the companies that you follow? Same goes for your friends, and family. TOM’S is having a worldwide “Day Without Shoes” and you didn’t actually see the Facebook post or that distant high school friend has a hair cut and it’s not until you click on their profile that you see the status update? It doesn’t show in your feed, in fact only just a handful of people/companies show in your feed. That my dear is no accident. Facebook has strategically created algorithms into their website to prevent you from feeling like you’re being ‘spammed’ because that would totally ruin the entire Facebook experience. I mean that’s what ruined MySpace for me and a lot of other people! So what does that actually mean? That means that your posts on Facebook actually carry a ‘value’ to them. People that like your status’ or even comment and share your posts start gaining value to that actual post. The more value a post has, the more people who aren’t really interested in you or haven’t really invested their time into looking you up will all of a sudden start to see your post organically. How much is each worth? Well according to my sister who is a Senior Director of Online Marketing, she says that a ‘like’ is the lowest amount of value, then a comment, then the highest value is a share.

Now how does that pertain to Poshmark? Its very similar and along the same lines. The listing that you have on Poshmark carries a certain value. So take my listing for instance:

Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 6.26.47 PM


This Rebecca Minkoff bag had 222 likes. Not to mention several comments and I have no idea how many shares. This particular bag has been seen by a lot of eyes and the value of this particular listing was pretty high, which lead to the sale. Especially when you are selling something of a higher value $100+ you want to make sure that the value of your listing is high, because you need the right pair of eyes that are willing to fork over a large sum of money the moment they see it.

So, how exactly can YOU increase the value of your listings? Here are a few tips and tricks I’ve learned. This is MY particular strategy I know others have their own techniques, but I’ve been able to double my sales since I have been able to understand this information. (Also if you are from PMHQ and this is inaccurate please correct me if I am wrong, and I’ll update happily!)

1) Liking your own listings.

YES I know. This sounds really vein, but I like all my listings! Why? It counts as something when adding to the value of listing. If it just gets me to one extra pair of eyes, that can potentially could be one extra share, one extra comment, and *hopefully* one extra sale!

2) Commenting.

I don’t comment on my own listings to start off with, but you can! Add more detail to the listing if you want, and even strike up a conversation. There are some people that thank each and every person that shares their listing, I honestly don’t know how you guys do it, I personally don’t do it, because to me that’s exhausting! But If there is a chance where I can have a conversation about the item on my listing, I take the opportunity to do so. As well as when someone is talking about another listing on one of my ‘sold’ listings, I take the conversation to another listing that can use the comments! Side note: It was mentioned at Poshfest 2013 that one seller will ask every single person that ‘likes’ an item from their closet if they are “interested?”. As a general FYI – no one, on Poshmark (or in the world) wants to feel like they’re being hit with a sales pitch. For example, if you get a call from a telemarketer, what do you typically do? Hang up (well I do, but I guess I’m pretty rude :-\). Same with commercials, you change the channel right? Well in the Posh realm people don’t have to hang up, they just have to lose interest or click to another listing and we don’t want that, we want them in our closet for as long as possible! My advice to you? Trust in the product that you have, let it sell itself, then when you have someone genuinely interested (i.e. asking questions, asking for measurements, modeling) that’s when you hit them with the hook line an’ sinker!

3) Sharing your own closet.

OK this is a biggie. I actually went up to Manish (CEO of Poshmark) who is greatly involved in the actual structure of the app and I had a burning question to ask that I never got to at Poshfest last year. So my question was: “How long is refresh rate when it comes to ‘Sharing’? For instance if I wanted to share a particular item that I want to sell, that’s been in my closet for quite some time and I really want it to get out to as many people as possible, how long do I have to wait before I can share again and it goes into my followers feeds? Can I sit there for 3 hours and share consistently that one item and it shows all 130 times?” the answer he gave me fit perfectly into what I was talking about earlier. He said that the way Poshmark has redesigned their coding has now been tailored more to the user than just the realm of Poshmark. They’ve redesigned it so that you the Posher aren’t feeling spammed when you sign on to Poshmark. I have noticed before that I would get random things in my feed, like listings for paper towel holders and cassette tapes and whatnot. Not to mention I would get listings for dresses and cute shoes that weren’t my size. Now with Poshmark’s reformat, they are now showing you items that you would particularly like based on your searches, your likes, etc. So now your listing is going in front of the right eyes, most likely the eyes that are going to purchase! What does that mean for your closet? Well it means that my earlier comment of sharing my item for 3 hours straight wouldn’t work, because I would be wasting a lot of time. Your share does bring your listing to the top of the showroom if your listing falls into that category, but it also can dilute the value of your share if you share too often. So how many times is a good amount to share your entire closet? According to Manish “Just a few times a day”.

4) Sharing other Posher’s listings.

It’s pretty much a staple in the Poshmark community that “Sharing is Caring” I can’t tell you how many listings people put up that have that phrase. Not to be a ball buster, but it’s actually true. There is no way that you can make it in this community on your own. The people that make up Poshmark are women that know and understand that the community is so reliant on each other. I don’t think I would make a fraction of my sales if I were to do it on my own, in fact I know that I wouldn’t. My success is so forgone my ebay store and it’s all due to the wonderful people that make up Poshmark. If you are sharing people’s listings there is pretty much a guarantee that they reciprocate that share. Think of it like this: If you had to market your own closet by yourself you’d probably get nowhere. But because you have a community of people sharing your items for you reciprocating the favor, you automatically multiply your marketing. That’s why it is so important to take the time to share off your feed. The more you share off your feed, you are 3 times more likely to sell something or gain interest in a listing than if you were to share your own closet by yourself, not to mention increasing the value of the listing itself. Plus if you don’t share back no one will want to share your stuff again. So go out there and go share crazy! P.S Don’t get obsessive about the share backs. I do my best to share everyone back, but with the amount of followers that I have and the shares I do a day it’s nearly impossible to share back everyone, but do your best!

I hope this information helps, you can always ask me questions on here or even on my poshmark listings! Also if you guys have any other topics that you would like me to cover then let me know!


Stay Healthy and Fabulous,




How to create the perfect Poshmark covershot

Today as I was taking some photos for my own listings, and I thought about putting up some pointers that I’ve learned while I’ve been in the Poshrelm. Now if you know me and follow me on Poshmark you’ve probably thanked me for sharing a slew of your items. You’re welcome. I for one have seen thousands upon thousands of listings, my covershots have been featured on Poshmark’s ‘Covershot Crushes” feature, and my listings have been hand picked as covers for numerous posh parties. So I’ve picked a few just to show you what it’s like to create the perfect covershot for your closet! Now what does that mean? It’s means more sales, more money, more exposure, and more followers. We all want that. I’ll be going over some tips, a few mistakes that I’ve learned and just some info that I’ve picked up along the way.


What is a covershot?!

If you’re new to Poshmark it’s pretty much just the first shot out of the 4 pictures you upload that people get to see when they are shopping or just on the site. The covershot is your first impression of the item. What you don’t realize is that a covershot tells a lot about who you are a lot more than just what the item looks like. Lets take one of MY listings (don’t want to embarrass anyone here). BTW you can click on any of the images to take you to the actual listings of the item, hurry though, they sell pretty quick!


This is an actual covershot listing for my Geometric pleated shirt ($25). Now would you actually buy this for $25? Really be honest. Because I sure as hell wouldn’t! What does it say to you? Well first off, it says that I didn’t have time to iron it, since it’s all wrinkled. So I didn’t put any effort, and what does that say about the rest of my items in my closet? (so far, not good, remember we’re on first impressions) It’s also off center. Now, *flashback* when I was in film school, they taught us about ‘lines’ and how important they are in imagery, as well as ‘angles’ and why things are shot in angles. If you see a movie shot straight it’s normal right? Right! (just agree with me) But when you see something shot sideways/ tilted its unsettling, you feel unbalanced, uneven, almost uncomfortable. You see how that shirt is kinda tilted? it kinda makes you want to adjust it so that it’s straight right? Right. (just agree with me) And that’s what people get in a fraction of a second when they look at your listing. Subconsciously people have just a moment to be turned on by your image or turned off. What you want (and what I want) is that switch to stay on for all your listings. You want people to bundle you items, sell a ton, and make money! It’s also easy to pick a googled image of the actual item that a professional shot of it, but sometimes you don’t have those resources for your one of a kind item (Especially if you are making the item this means you are pioneering your own brand! see more on this at tip #3 for ellebee206). So how do you get a professional looking picture without taking a single photo class? Well lets understand what factors really need to go into a picture. First off lets start with:

1) light.

Light is SO important when taking a photo, how else are people going to see your images if they can’t SEE it? They need to see the color, the contours, the shape, and the way it looks. If you see the pic above, you see shadows, and the darker shades outweigh the lighter shades. FYI another thing I learned in film school is that people associate negatively to darker shades, that’s why film noir movies are ‘dark’ in themes and you don’t want that for your listings. You want to feature you item to it’s fullest potential, not like the previous picture which needs to be changed immediately! So show as much of the item as you can and highlight it’s key features. Take a look at this awesome listing by @alissaemoto (you can find her closet here)


Simple yet gorgeous. It’s clear, you have perfect lighting, you can see all the details of the ring, and it’s not overexposed or underexposed (too much light/ too little light). Notice that the more light you have, the clearer the details are, especially if you’re working with your smartphone. Now this ring is selling for $38, and it looks so good I’d happily shovel over my hard earned hours to add this to my ring collection. Also check out this Floral Button Cardigan by @bellefleur  (check out her closet here)




Jeez laweez her closet is jam packed with items that are gorgeously lit! What’s great about this covershot is that it draws you in by all the different items and yet it still showcases the main item for sale. This is a great way to bundle your items in the picture and take one picture and utilize it for several listings. Remember that when you start looking through different closets you’ll notice that they all have the same general theme, in her closet all the items are featured with the same gorgeous lighting. Take note!

2) Wear-ability.

A lot of listings that I look at are very hard to picture myself in. The number 1 question that I always get is: “Can you model this for me?”. Listen ladies and gents… I am not a model. Nor can I fit my butt into size 4 pants that I’ve decided to sell since I am now a size 10. Not your fault, all mine, but the point i’m trying to make is that people want to see how the item falls on the body. How it lays, where it hugs, and if it’s at all flattering to the waistline. This is an excellent way to get a persons attention. Go fierce and work it! Check out my girl @wearinla (you can find her closet here and check out her awesome blog

wearinlam_52dccd78d929906b1b0b6f07 m_52dccd834845e64c9c0b91a1

I mean how cute is she?! She models most of the items in her closet, and what’s great about this is that she gives the buyer an idea of how to pair the item with other clothes, how to wear it, and show how much fun she looks wearing it. She is one of the most successful poshers in Poshmark and she was featured as one of the panelists at the 2013 Poshfest in Las Vegas, NV.

To coattail on the modeling, selfies are good, only when you are in a pinch! If you can get the resources to have someone take the pic for you, do what she does, she showcases the item, (very important when modeling) the background is basic, the lighting is good and the item is featured. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen  listings with a dirty room or clutter in the background. Step away from the distractions, less is more!

Also for shoes check out this covershot for these Report Sandals (check out @angelisab28’s closet here)



This girl is always sportin a pedicure which makes it look more fashionable, feminine, and more valuable!

Now, lets just say that you have an item that doesn’t fit anymore or a dress form to put it on. Here is a simple trick I use so that an item looks more feminine without putting it on your body:


OK so I’m not gonna say that this is the best damn covershot I’ve ever made, but this is one that shows my little ‘trick’. Now when I got this dress, and laid it on my badass chevron carpet, it looked like it was massive. Do you notice the rouching around the waistline? I did that intentionally. Because it was not at all flattering laying flat, so I added more contours to ‘fill in’ and how it would shape to the body. After I retook the picture this way and uploaded it, it sold immediately.

3) Simplify.

My girl @ellebee206 is champion at designing her own stuff and she hand crafts some of the BEST items you’d see on poshmark. I LOVE the way she features her items because her product sells itself. Its much easier to simplify when you have a great product! Check out her large Handmade Feaux Leather Clutch (Check out her closet here)


m_531505c578195018311cf4d9 m_531505d13ddfd420ba1a5f92

This is one of the many different designs she hand makes. Check out her collection:





I love @ellebee206’s closet, I love her style and creativity and these clutches are selling like hotcakes! Now I love the way she showcases her item, it’s not busy, there aren’t words everywhere and logos, it’s simple, and eye catching. Her covershot reminds me of walking by a shop window with a gorgeous dress. Your walking, you take a glance, and  BAM it stops you in your tacks. That’s how it is when I’m looking through my feed, I scroll through, and stop at an item and sure enough it’s @ellebee206! That’s what you want when people look through your closet!

Just the opposite, like this Rebecca Minkoff Mint bag, you’ve got a name brand item that is in itself gorgeous. So why add more when the item can sell itself…I mean, you bought it right? Check out @lesliebrophy’s closet here.



4) Color.

Now I’m all for color, when done tastefully. Color is best when thought out and palettes are made well. So don’t always use the same background if the colors aren’t right for each other, same goes for print! Test out colors before you photograph them, and make sure that the picture does the item justice.You don’t want the colors to flush or overpower the color of your item, you want the colors to compliment! Take this Gorgeous Gold Clutch:


Now I’ve had my eye on this clutch forever. I think I’ve has this in my ‘likes’ since I first had my poshmark account. The reason it struck me is because you really get that ‘pop’ effect. If you can use nature, do it! Because of the contrasting between the colors it’s just so appealing, and it really highlights all the features of the bag! Now for $20 this will sell in a heartbeat! Check out @queenmab236’s closet here.


This is one of my own personal listings. I love this covershot, it’s bright, the colors compliment each other and it’s clear so you can see all the details of the bag. Now on the opposite side of the spectrum you have white, you can never go wrong with having a plain white background to contrast your dark toned item. Like these J Brand Skinnies from @pioni’s closet which you can check out here.


Soft and simple, well lighted and an outfit already designed for you to give you an idea of how this can be paired! This is great way to get the buyer inspired so they are able to look within their own closet to see if they have something that may look the same, but also this is a great way to sell multiple items. I’ve seen comments that are “can I just buy this whole set?” and score! You’ve tripled your sale!

I hope this helps you and inspired you to give a good revamp into your closet and possibly some inspiration for you to get creative and go covershot happy. Now that I’ve shared some of my tips on covershot listings, I’d like to hear some of your own!! Please leave a comment in the box below!

Stay healthy,