AUGUST 2014 POSHMARK CLOSET OF THE MONTH – A closet to swish and swoon over!!

My ladies….and gents of course! May I present to you this amazing closet from none other than Posher @swishandswoon. Jessica, the owner of this magnificent closet is a Southern California native and has been bewitching me with her photography/ covershots/ and and overall sense of style. Brands ranging from Anthropologie, Zara, Current Elliot, and even Valentino are just a few to hang on these shelves. All of which are intricately styled in each covershot, to make you, the buyer, feel like a one of a kind dimepiece (dimepiece- When a girl is bangin’, hot, beautiful, “A perfect ten.”). I urge you ladies to take a look and if you can get a chance, buy something, because there won’t be anything left. She tends to sell out quickly! I got the chance to snag a few questions from her, check it out!


1) How long have you been with Poshmark?

I’ve been with Poshmark since April 2014.


2) What do you look for in your items that you showcase in your closet?

I’m always on the lookout for quality pieces that are in season and selling at luxury retailers like Anthropologie and Neiman Marcus. Right now I’m loving shredded denim paired with silky blouses.


3) What do you use to shoot your cover shots?

I use my iPhone for my cover shots and edit with vscocam. Vscocam is very user friendly!

Eye Candy

4) Each item has its own look, what inspires you to create such intricate photos? Do you have an overall theme? Or do you let the clothes do the talking?

When it comes to photographing my pieces, often times the clothes inspire me to create an image that tells a story. In my closet I have a silk Joie maxi dress in a beautiful royal blue print. When I saw the dress I immediately thought of the beach. I thought about warm sand between my toes, the silk blowing in the breeze, walking hand and hand with my husband. So I photographed it against a simple white backdrop with a few shells scattered around. My hope is when a potential buyer sees the dress and the beach theme, they might also picture themselves wearing at the beach and having a great time!


So glad to have gotten a moment with Jessica to give you guys a chance to check out some of her wicked stuff. If you have a closet that you would like to nominate for next week’s Healthy Girl Fashion ‘Closet of the Week’ let me know in the comments below!


Stay Healthy,



Nominate me for as a Panelist/Speaker for Poshfest 2014!!

Hi all!

I had another topic brewing for this week but since I just got an email from Maria Morales urging all poshfest attendees and potential attendees a chance to nominate any posher to be a speaker or panelist for this upcoming Poshfest 2014, I just HAD to share. So if any of you poshers have a moment to nominate me as a speaker or a panelist, please DO!! I would really love to get your support and to have a moment to speak on behalf of my blog to spread the posh love and help educate more members of the poshmark community! So please if you have a moment fill this form out and nominate yours truly!


Thanks you for all your support guys!