SEPTEMBER 2014 HGF: Closet of the week/month!

You never know these days how full my docket is with things to do. Now that my house is in immaculate shape and I’ve got my entire inventory tallied up and all the new items that need to be listed up in my closet are up, I think it’s time to just sit down and let my thoughts out. With that said, it also goes to show that I’ve done quite a bit of shopping. Almost an absurd amount, actually, an unforgivable amount. Thankfully when I spend my money it’s always on good deals (I’m a barter at heart!). It’s about time that I announce this week’s (or month’s) closet that I urge all of you to check out! I did get my Louis Vuitton Bundle from her, and I got 3 Louis Vuitton bags for $350!! It was unreal and if you look through all of her other listings she has tons of other stuff! Now my bags did need a little fixing, which was great because I took them to LV and they patched em all right up! So may I present to you all Alexis Kellum her Poshmark handle is: @twiggy113.


Now this is just a snippet of this girls closet but let me tell you, you are gonna find some lux designer goods for a FRACTION of the price. I would highly recommend checking out her closet because she gives good deals and she has tons of swag that I guarantee you will need to have in your hands! So fellow poshers, please give her closet a look around, ask her questions and of course shower her with some posh love!

Stay healthy,


Poshmark vs. ???

WOW, it’s been quite some time since I’ve actually been writing anything, there’s been a few topics I wanted to cover but these past couple of months I’ve been working this one. As you can see by the title I’ve tested and tried other apps and gave my review of each. Don’t worry I am still “Posh-Loyal” so I haven’t strayed away too far while conducting this review! I broke each review up into 4 categories where I reviewed completely from a business/ consumer perspective to give you guys a full look into each app and you can see how they string up against Poshmark. The four categories are as follows: Buying, Selling, Searching, and Customer Service / Return Experience.


First I want to start off with the App ‘Like Twice’ and I’ll start with selling first because it’s easier to get into how to sell based on their business structure. Like Twice I have to say is the best fit for the “woman on the go”, someone who has minimal time to get her things listed, but wants the benefit of getting paid right away. It’s the “Instant Gratification” app. It’s actually quite the idea! The premise is that you request for a bag, and they ship you a bag through USPS and you pack all the clothes you would like sold into this bag and ship it back. Once they analyze the cost they give you a flat amount and once you accept, they send you a check. Sounds easy right?! It’s almost too good to be true actually. I like to call this the Buffalo Exchange way of doing things. If you don’t know what a Buffalo Exchange is, it’s a store that sells recycled fashion. They’re just doing it on a grander scale but with far more restrictions. When you send in your clothes in, you are only restricted to the brands that they want. Have a gorgeous Tadashi gown that you would like to sell? Bummer! They won’t accept it because it’s not within their accepted brands. Not only that THEY call the shots on how much they give you for your clothes. Thinking about getting $100 for the Gucci leather jacket? Oh darn! They will only be giving you $20 for that piece, and that’s set in stone! If you want to get your jacket back, you’ll need to pay $5 shipping to get the item(s) back. As for buying they just opened up handbags even though they were taking a lot of them, and as far as selection goes, it’s limited to the brands so it’s best that you really know designers and all their items and how they fit. They’ve also opened up to taking shoes, so that will be available soon too. Shopping on the website, the search is quite nice, however shopping on the app blows, so if you can get a chance, just shop on the site. The search parameters don’t work as well so, they need to get to steppin on making that experience bearable. I have not purchased anything that I would like to be returned, however if you would like to chime in on an experience then please do so in the comments! I do know however that if you want to return something it’s HAS to be within 30 days and it goes right back to them, in addition you have to pay $5 to return it too. :-\ Overall Grade: C+


Tradesy: This shopping relm is possibly the closest to Poshmark as far as shopping experiences go. I would attribute it to shopping online at a retail website of a designer brand but the shopping experience is a little more user driven as compared to Like Twice. Purchasing through Tradesy is a bit more calming because when you purchase, it’s typically a flat rate and the price you see is the price you’re paying. When selling an item, there are a few things they do help you along the way. It really does help to list items via website and not just on your phone, it’s just so much faster. They also supply you with 8 pictures that you can upload and it calculates a suggested retail price once you type in the MSRP. The shipping is automatically added to the listed amount so that the buyer pays for everything all at once. There is an additional option to have them send you shipping supplies (which is quite nice) instead of ordering separately through the USPS, but that is also an option. What I really like about the app is that they do ask for a lot of detail on the product, but on the other hand it’s kind of a downer too, because if you have 100 items to list, having a lot of detail takes too much time. In fact, if some fields are blank they won’t let you list the item until all details are filled in, so it can ruin your flow. Searching through the app is good however their parameters are only for brands that are in their preset database. If you wanted to search for Mikoh bathing suits, you’d have to check through the web because if it’s not a default brand in their database, it won’t search it. One thing they do have that I really enjoy, is the Lowest-Highest filter. I think that feature is the Bees Knees when searching. EVERYONE wants the cheaper price on anything so using that option really helps with my shopping experience. As for return policies, Tradesy really does have a good return policy. They stay as a 3rd party the entire time as a mediator and handle everything for you as opposed to other apps (Vinted – we’ll get to that later!). They do have a very strict policy for any item listed, in which it needs to be authentic so rarely I will find an item that is inspired or a replica of some sort. As for overall experience I don’t see this particular site as being social. Private messages and overall sense of privacy and distance away from its users is not really where the trend is going nowadays. With social media taking over there’s a sense of corporate landscaping written all over the website, same goes for their blog. Overall experience B+


At this point it’s easier to segue into the next App: Threadflip. Primarily because its much easier to explain. Threadflip is pretty much a mashup between Like Twice and Tradesy. They offer the same full service as Like Twice but also give you the option of listing the items yourself, like Tradesy/ Poshmark. One thing about Threadflip, when selling, is that when you put in a price it tells you how much you are getting off of a certain listing within a range. All items that are sold need to be approved by the seller first before the order is placed. Primarily because Threadflip with automatically put your item on sale for you, which is kind of nice but also out of your control. When listing, the details aren’t as excessive as Tradesy but they do ask a few other questions, like the color of your item and they do allow you 5 photos per listing. They also have more options when it comes to shipping, with shipping they let the seller choose how they want to handle shipping, as opposed to having the shipping already added to the price. When shopping, you can buy multiple items in your cart at once and depending on whether or not the Seller wants to tack on shipping you’ll see your subtotal as opposed to shopping each closet and paying each individual time. Overall Rating: B


Last App – Vinted. So this app HAS to be the youngest of all the apps that are out there. This one is by FAR one of the least modified or up to date apps. The app right now is really just a skeleton of what the other apps have to offer. Buying from them is actually fairly easy. You click a button and fill in your payment info and it saves your information for future purchases. Selling is a crap shoot pretty much. Because if you are selling an item that perfectly fits the options they have listed then you are good to go, but lets say if you have a sport bra by lululemon athletica. There isn’t a category to place it in except for “Other Clothing” or you can put it in the category of “Tops”. Then you’re going to have to pray that someone searches in tops where you categorized it. Searching an item (oh man don’t get me started!), it’s like sifting a needle through a haystack. Not only do posts allow hashtags (#) but when you search a brand it pulls every listing that has that hashtag. So an ugly shirt that has no brand will pull up if the seller adds: #toryburch #chanel #louisvuitton #express in the description, if you’re searching for ‘Tory Burch Bags’, which leaves you scrolling through tons of unrelated listings Ugh! *Annoying*. Also they have a sizing system that isn’t very specific. Like 8/M, 10/M, so you’re constantly asking the seller ” Is this more a 10 or a M?”, so buying is a bit more of a hassle. Their return policy is the worst I’ve ever experienced, if you are dissatisfied with your product you’re pretty much on your own. They do refunds if you return the item, but typically it’s pretty much a “hash it out between the both of you” kind of culture. Not to mention you have to pay the shipping to send it back to the seller even though it’s their bad and they didn’t list something properly, so no guarantees ladies! I know, it’s the worst. So just be 1000% sure that you are getting what you are paying for and even though it isn’t authentic, you’ll go through the same run around! The ONE good thing this app has is that they have amazing deals. Some are too good to be true and others are diamonds in the rough. I found a Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 for $198 in fantastic condition, not to mention it was authentic (Louis Vuitton told me so!) so I lucked out. I’ve found Marc jacobs attire for SUUUUPER cheap and Chanel items for dirt cheap! I mean, it’s like sifting through a thrift store online! It has it’s gems, so it’s not a total loss. Overall rating: D+


So how does Poshmark stand up against all these other apps? There are other apps out there like LaPosha which I didn’t review because it’s replica city up in there (Overall Rating: F), and the new app Mercari that is spamming all of the Poshers walls (including mine) saying that it’s commission free (for now). Now how exactly is Poshmark in comparison to all of these other ones? Well let me put it simply: Poshmark is well aware of who they are and what they are as a culture. They are a social experience that has redefined a way of online shopping that enhances the experience and promotes individuality within its community. There is a comradery between other users to help support and promote others in a positive manner (people congratulate you on a sale, congratulate you on your host pick, and spread the word about your hosting a posh party). I do wish however there were some things from other apps I would like to see implemented into the Poshmark system (i.e web enabled listing/ editing capabilities, more than 4 photos in a listing, and lowest – highest option in the search filters), so it goes without saying that even Poshmark is working on adding more features. One thing that I don’t get from any of the other apps is there is no personalization, no social interaction, and no community. They are all business/ corporate oriented and they all feel the same, out to get more of your money, make the shopping experience better for you so you can spend more. With Poshmark, this is a very user driven app as well as user individualized. You have the ability to share other’s listings as well as your own and your feed is catered to you and your likes. I did mention social as well! I don’t think any other app out there has made even the slightest attempt to create a bond like poshmark does with each user. I get countless emails thanking me for being such a good user or even emails that I’ve been invited to host and interactive poshparty. So automatically there’s that connection from a member of PMHQ to the user directly and there lies the loyalty. Poshmark also hosts events like Poshfest and local get togethers where you can meet the CEO and other key Poshmark executives and ask them questions directly. They’re all approachable and give you the time of day, and that’s something that no app, no matter how much money has been invested into a company (sorry Tradesy, even if you’re backed by Sir Richard Branson and you look all fancy!), nothing can take away from the overall experience I’ve had with Poshmark. I’ve made friends with Poshmark, I have followers, and even a helpful blog! Don’t get me wrong I love to shop, but if I had a place to sell, at least I know that I have a greater chance of getting my stuff sold and to have repeat clients with Poshmark than any other app!

I hope you enjoyed this review, it was pretty long winded! LOL. Feel free to add your own about others you’ve seen in the app world, or your own experiences below in the comments section!

Stay healthy,