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I hope you are all enjoying your weekend and getting ready for NYE, I know I am! I put a listing on my Poshmark closet that I hope people have seen but for some reason I totally forgot that I should put it on here, but just incase you haven’t seen it it’s the featured image. Right now, in celebration of launching my YouTube Channel HealthyGirlTV I am giving away a pair of Kate Spade New York Clear and Gold Gumdrop earrings to one lucky subscriber on my channel! So please subscribe, I have 2 more videos coming out and plenty more scheduled so you can get your daily dose of PoshTips every other week (…er so. lol) Also if you subscribe and share this post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram your name can be added and extra time for each share (make sure to tag us in the post, the handles are down at the bottom for reference). I actually learned how to track all of this so I feel extra prepared lol. Recipient will be announced Valentine’s Day 2015!! Well good luck everyone I hope to let these beauties go home to a very lucky girl!

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Poshmark Haul

Sorry this came so late guys! But I’ve been bopping around the state of CA rushing to hit each family to spend some time with them over the holidays and I finally got a chance to sit down! This video comes at perfect timing especially during the Holiday season when we’re shopping and trying to find those last minute deals AND trying to sell to make up for the “one too many” J. Crew Necklaces found in your shopping bag!

So for those of you who are shopaholics and despite having to sell sell sell, and still can’t resist a good deal, then I have the perfect video for you! Sorry that all my blogs so far are videos but I hope that you enjoy them all!! They’re not easy to make…well in retrospect, they’re much easier than making a full feature film but still with a busy schedule like mine it gets really hectic!

This holiday season I hope you find yourself spending lots of cash not only on your family and friends but on yourself as well. This is a great time of the year to make some pretty sweet deals, people need to get rid of stuff so negotiate away! I did and as you’ll see in the video I made out with some pretty good stuff. I hope you do too, I mean who can resist some great Louis Vuitton or some CHANEL?! Especially on the cheap! Enjoy guys!

Directed By: Michael Flotron

Hair and Make Up: Taler Serene (Instagram: @touched_by_serene)

Edited by: Ediza Rodriguez.

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Hey all!

Today will be an AMAZING post that will feature another video! This time it will be more of a blog/video but I hope you all watch this video and make lots and lots of money! This is how I sold the 47 items in 24 hours using Poshmark’s Price Drop Notification Feature, so open your brains ladies because this is to help you make the big bucks for the holiday season! If you were at Poshfest this year you got to see a little bit of this, but if you didn’t, hold on to your horses because it’ll be quite a ride! Try to cram a formula and 45 mins worth of panel info in 3 mins! Phew, well I did the best I could! Make sure you share with all your lovely posh friends and SUBSCRIBE to my channel, because I will be making TONS more videos! I have another lined up next week so stay tuned!

Thanks for watching!

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Holiday Party Outfit

This year I decided to go all out in a new way for this holiday season, healthy girl style. I had to attend two holiday office parties this year that were fantastic in their own ways. I needed an outfit that would be pretty versatile to wear day and night, as well as comfortable to wear all day since I had to go from Santa Monica to Newport beach in one afternoon. Plus it really needed to fit the holiday theme since it is December and I really wanted to sparkle. So thankfully I found my absolutely gorgeous Silk Chiffon BCBGMAXAZARIA Silver Sequin Flutter Sleeve Blouse (that previously belonged to my sister…thanks Kyla!). My Silence + Noise Blazer, some black leggings, and my trusty Michael Kors Pumps (That I got for a steal at TJ Maxx) to do the trick. Side note: I hate wearing heels, especially ALL DAY and on concrete, but I don’t know what it is about Michael Kors, but I can literally wear ANY Michael Kors heels and I feel like I’m walking on pillows! So do yourself a favor and invest (heavily) in some Michael Kors shoes, you can thank me later. So back to the story: I really needed to make a quick decision because I had 4 minutes to get ready too, since I was running the risk of coming in late, so I threw a sock bun on my head and shoved all my make up in the car and I was off!! So check out the results, I don’t think I did too bad myself, and I had my trusty Photographer Charlie Hatley available to get some shots of me in the Golden Hour after our feast at The Lobster on the Santa Monica Pier.

DSC_0181 DSC_0156

So this holiday season enjoy all the eggnog and holiday drinks, and remember, don’t do anything that I wouldn’t do (and that’s not much! lol) Feel free to tag me on Pinterest it would be much appreciated!

DSC_0151 DSC_0212 DSC_0222

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DECEMBER 2014 Healthy Girl Fashion Closet of the Month!!

So this month as I’ve been looking through closets, one in particular had caught my eye. This gorgeous gem Athena Meder whose closet blows me away! Not to mention what a knock out beauty she is! I really love her stuff and reading in about some of the amazing things going on in her life it’s hard not love her heart! So enough about me, I hope you all get a chance to look at and shop her amazing closet! If you’d like to check out her closet, just click on any of the pictures and it will take you straight there. Now, introducing Ms. Athena Meder:


1) So tell the Poshworld a little about yourself!
My name is Athena Meder I am a Pageant girl! I am currently Americas National Ambassador, along with being Miss Great Plains for the Americas Us Miss System. I am also Ms. Missouri for Americas Natural Supreme Beauties. I love pageantry it is very rewarding. I love that I gain sisters that I’ve never had through it and that I get to affect change in someone else’s life! I am also an avid volunteer with wounded warriors and local animal shelters. I have lots of hobbies and try to divide my free time up between crafting, sewing, reading, horseback riding, and of course SHOPPING!!


2) So I noticed you have other closets where you sell different things. What are the names of those closets and what do you sell?
I actually have 4 personal closets between a house and an apartment (Pageant closet, Off season clothing closet, Overflow closet, and the current season closet) major shopping addict here. Those 4 closets combine to be 1 poshmark closet where I sell everything from my brand new never worn clothing, to pageant dresses, to some used clothing. I try to clean out the off-season closet every few months so my poshmark closet gets new clothing every week! Since I add new clothing every week to my poshmark closet I also clean it out once a month, I only look at listings from the previous month that have no likes and I slowly drop the price, at the end of each month I take these items to Plato’s Closet, and 2 local consignment shops. The max a single item stays in my pm closet is about 6 months, I like to keep things fresh in my closet while trying to make back some of the money I spent. So if you see it, Don’t just Like it!!
BUT I haven’t really shared this with anyone but family and friends, I am launching an online boutique called ReigningRoses that will be stocked with upcycled clothing that I designed and made. In the theme to Reduce Reuse and Recycle this is what I do, I reuse clothing and upcycle it into something new, in that theme everything is One-Of-A-Kind!
 10818554_298707433670073_385643307_n  10825175_298702783670538_761761709_o10818665_298707447003405_734098740_n

3) How long have you been on Poshmark and what stuff do you keep in your closet to sell?
I have been a Poshmark member for close to 2 years, I stock my closet with my own personal clothing most of which is brand new or worn once. I have a tini-weenie shopping problem. m_547026874107cc338d03152a

4) When you are shopping what brands or styles are you usually shopping for?
I am more of an on trend or trendsetter shopper, I was wearing leg warmers back in 2010 before they were cool again, I shop for a range of clothing and I have a little bit of everything in my closet, bohemian, business, edgy, rocker, vintage ect. It just depends on my mood! I do love Michael Kors, his clothing is my go to effortless style when I am not dressed to the T for a pageant event and for Pageantry my go to is Johnathan Kayne! These Men are brilliant and I wouldn’t shop anywhere else if they didn’t make me broke so quickly, that’s why im grateful for a place like Poshmark!

m_5383fdbb14e1a0515601100f m_545556aaa921af22f506f1f3

Thanks so much for reading in! Hope this month brings you all a lot of sales this month and wonderful presents too!

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