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The real reason why you’re tuned in. I don’t know if you know this closet or not, this closet is one of Poshmark’s hidden gems. I say this because I was first turned on to this particular posher’s closet when my good friend @krangle told me that she bought from this posher and that in their closet they have $25 Yves Saint Laurent heels and that they were stunning. So naturally I had to buy them since they were my size and bundle it with a $5 TADASHI shirt as well… yeah, that’s 100% right…$5!!! Not only has he (that’s right a HE) turned myself and @krangle but he’s also made a customer of long time posher @acephalous. We absolutely LOVE Jarod’s deals and he’s got some stellar deals. I would highly recommend that if you got paid today, I would spend your hard earned bucks here, because you are really gonna get some bang for your buck. Feel free to click on any of his pictures, it will take you straight to his closet! Now without further adieu, ladies and gents, I would like to introduce you to Mr. Jarod Wagner!

HGF: Tell us a little about yourself Jarod!

@jare1993: Hey everyone! My name is Jarod Wagner. I am 21 and was born and raised in Los Angeles. I am currently in school, studying psychology in hopes of becoming a marriage and family therapist. I would love to also be something along the lines of a personal shopper or something fashion related. I’m always giving my female friends designer items I find at thrift stores, and they are always telling me how I should become their stylist haha.

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I am a pretty easy going person, so I have fun doing many things. I go thrift store shopping very often (at least four times a week – I know, I have a problem haha), as I love to hunt for designer bargains hidden in racks of clothing. I also really like collecting antiques! I used to dress with more of a vintage style years ago when I was in high-school. but over the years I have become more and more familiar with designer items, labels, and just more familiar with fashion in general. I started doing resale on clothing four or five years ago. I got started doing that because I would always see fantastic designer finds that were women’s, and I would be so bummed having to leave them behind since they didn’t usually look good on me. Then I got the idea to start reselling so that way I could find people who would love and enjoy the great items. Other things I enjoy doing are reading, going to flea markets, collecting vinyl records and listening to them, shopping, exploring this fun city with my friends and loved ones, and of course, poshing!
HGF: It’s pretty rare to see men on Poshmark. How did you find Poshmark?/ What made you start selling on Poshmark?

@jare1993: My aunt actually knew I did clothing resale and suggested it to me a year or two ago. I made an account then, but just started using it for selling and buying, a few weeks ago. I was hesitant when my aunt told me about it, since many clothing resale apps are very difficult to deal with and are a hassle. I was extremely happy though when I started using Poshmark in seeing how easy it is to use! I absolutely love it and have in the process of getting my friends to join it too.

$118 – Longchamp Le Pliage Large Slate Tote AUTHENTIC
$40 – Moschino Cheap and Chic little black dress

HGF: What do you like most about Poshmark?

@jare1993: The thing I love most about Poshmark is how fast and easy they make it, coupled with how incredibly welcoming and friendly everyone on here has been. I like seeing my items selling to people who I can tell are really going to enjoy them. Everyone has been so sweet on here though, which makes it even more fun and enjoyable to sell and buy on this app.

$8 – Jay Godfrey silk dress
$38 – UNIF Need Beer 4 Change size M

HGF: Name some ways that you like stay healthy.

@jare1993: There are a number of ways I stay healthy! I run on my elliptical at least a few days a week, schedule permitting. I make sure to give myself some time to relax, so that I don’t run myself into the ground. Also, a big way I try to stay healthy is by sticking up for myself and encouraging others to stick up for themselves in life. Life definitely has it’s ups and downs, but when you are able to be aware of how you perceive things and making sure you only have people in your life whom treat you like you deserve, you will realize that those are such significant healthy life tools that will last you a lifetime. 🙂

$18 – Prada Americas Cup patent leather shoes size 8.5/9
$5 – Vintage Armani Exchange nude wool dress

HGF: Thanks so much Jarod for giving us a chance to get to know more about you and I hope people will be shopping and enjoying your items as much as I do! I hope to see you, and all Southern California poshers at the Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills for an exclusive LIVE Poshparty February 4, 2015! See details for it here! It’s FREE to go, so make sure you RSVP!!

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I’m so dumb, I released this video on how to host a Poshmark poshparty yet never did a blog post, so sorry guys! Anyway, I made this video to give all the additional information that I needed when I was hosting a poshparty! Please tag any new hosts and direct them over to this video OR to this blog post.

There are a few details that I had to cut out just for time sake so I’ll just be adding them here.

1) If you are sharing from the beginning of the party up to the end, the host picks stack up from bottom to top. So all your earlier shares go to the bottom and all the items to the end of the party go to the top. So you can put yours at the top so they’re first seen by whoever clicks on the Host Picks Category later on after the party.

2) You can share up to 75 – 100 listings and 5-10 can only be from your own closet, and 3 max from one closet other than yours.

3) Make sure you promote your POSHPARTY!! Set up a new listing on Poshmark telling everyone on the app, also if you have Instagram, Twitter, Facebook make sure you market on those platforms too!

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For those of you who haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel here is a new video for you guys to feast on in the meantime till my next one comes out! This is a simple easy way to get your shipping labels on one page, and you can get up to 4 labels if you just know the right steps! I made a video tutorial that will help save some paper cost for you and your family and save one small tree at a time! Make sure to subscribe to the channel, there are still Kate Spade earrings up for grabs!!

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Hey everyone! Happy 2015! Thank you all for the amount of support you’ve given me this past year, I started my blog at the beginning of 2014 and its grown so much! I also started HealthyGirlTV on Youtube so I am so excited about all the new videos I have lined up for the rest of the month. Today I wanted to just do a quick blurp just about shopping!

Are you addicted as much as I am to selling on Poshmark? As a seller, in order to have product to sell, you need product to buy. You do have your own clothes, and quite possibly a family member or two, but even then, some people aren’t that keen on handing over their designer goods to you with not much but a promise that you’ll pay them.

So how can you add more inventory to your closet? Well here some ideas to help you get your juices flowing!


1. Consignment – Selling an item for someone for a commission. (Typically best when selling high end designer goods)

Just so you know the difference between consigning and resell is that with consigning there is less of a gamble on your end. It’s a bit safer of a process, but the payoff isn’t as much (that’s why go with high end designer goods). With consignment, you are selling the items for someone. So like the example I stated earlier, selling items of family members, you can do that and charge a commission as it sells. That’s what I do and the clients I have range from family members to a few co-workers. At the time when I was just starting out, I would list everything that I could that belonged to anyone just to get the attention of my closet. When you decide to do something like this, make sure that you keep paperwork and stay on top of everything, money, sales, how much you owe. It’s really important that whoever you are selling for, they are made aware of what’s going on with their items and when they get paid. I do this now and I have to stay incredibly organized to keep from re-paying people or not giving them enough. Pros to this: the more items that sell, the more money you get, the more items in your closet, the more attention your closet gets! Cons: When people give you stuff to sell for them, they give you EVERYTHING. So make sure to be choosey on what’s going in your closet because having to take a bunch of cover shots and adding descriptions on items that are only going to sell for $5 isn’t a good payoff.


2. Resell – Buying something with the intent of reselling it for more.

Resell is a bit different. I dabble in this because with resell, you are completely buying something JUST to resell it. This one is more of a gamble because you might buy something thinking it’s gonna sell, but could end up sitting on your closet the next few months before it gets sold. So if you do decide to do this, make sure that you are checking the market, search for the item in Poshmark and see how much people sold it for and how many of them have been sold. Really important, you want to be able to have items that can last a few months too. I typically go to TJ Maxx and Marshalls because they have amazing deals and I always, always, always search the clearance for whatever I can find that’s cheap and if I decide not to keep it, I’ll usually resell it. But this one time I actually bought this amazing designer case for an iPod that was something ridiculous like $2.00 and thought “I can resell it!”… well like everybody else, iPods came and went and I got stuck with an iPod case that I never ended up using, so good thing it was only a $2.00 lesson! Pros: If you find a stellar deal that you know you can resell it and make a profit on it, then buy away (ex. $2.00 leather kate spade stachel resell value at least will be $50). Cons: Like stated earlier, you might get stuck with a bunch of stuff people don’t end up buying!


3. Wholesale – Buying a bunch of clothes in bulk at a small price. (think Costco!)

This is one that I am not too familiar on but was thinking of expanding into it. There are a lot of women who have made 6 figures (that’s right count ’em, SIX) on selling through Poshmark, but they do it by selling wholesale. One of them is the lovely Evelyn Jimenez (@ocposh30) who explains the benefits of selling wholesale, “The best part of selling wholesale is the profit you get double or something more…Reselling is you have to sell it for lower and maybe you might get what you paid for“. But as an added note, wholesale is another challenge because it actually requires a license to obtain. There is also much more paperwork involved in doing so, starting with setting up a business or an entity, then applying for a Tax ID #, then apply for a local business license, and lastly, applying for a business license in your state. Each state is different and the requirements are different but that’s the general jist of it.

Based on some of the information given at Poshfest 2014, the payoff is much greater when getting your wholesale license, because you work directly with distributors and can purchase as it sells. Some people like to purchase a few and keep in contact with the distributor so in the event the item sells out they can contact them to purchase more. You also have a great selection to choose from, like the fashion marketplace MAGIC. Evelyn says, “I normally go to Magic in Las Vegas there’s so much different clothing to choose fromIf you are a fashion retailer, MAGIC is a must-see buying destination that can’t be left off your calendar…” If you haven’t heard of MAGIC it’s pretty much a convention where you can purchase clothes at wholesale prices and have a huge variety of items to choose from and you can pretty much tailor your closet to look anyway you want it to. If you want more information you an find it here. Also here’s a video to tease your your thoughts:

Well I hope that this helps you on your journey to switching gears from just selling clothes out of your closet, to actually turning this into a full scale business. With Poshmark, you are working in a great marketplace where fashion is sold so the risks going into this are quite small. People are shopping for amazing clothing at great deals everyday so with a little creativity you yourself can be a #girlboss and be on your way to six figures!

As always, remember if you have any questions, please put it in the comments below, subscribe to this blog and my channel: HealthyGirlTV on YouTube!

Stay Healthy,