Small Little Business: INSTAGRAM

Hello Healthy People!

Today’s topic is going to be about how to market yourself through Instagram! You may already heard of Instagram and the impact that it has on businesses but what you don’t know is how strong of a platform Instagram is for your “Small Little Business”. If you haven’t hopped on the Insta-Bandwagon yet, don’t worry you can ALWAYS start now and shoot your way to insta-stardom! (done with puns…promise!)


What is Instagram?

Instagram started from a two word mash up: Instant + Telegram = Instagram. It is a way to snap pictures that you can share with family or friends, and even with the world, your story, yourself and who you are.

Right now Instagram is rated one of the highest ranking apps on the market and it’s 100% free! Which also means that you have a major audience that can range up to a High School teeny bopper, to Kim Kardashian herself! Instagram is a HUGE market, HUUUUGE. Just like you check your Facebook or email religiously, so do people with their Instagram account! So it’s important to take this into consideration.

So the best way to start utilizing instagram for your poshmark closet is to make a separate account for JUST your closet. Trust me, no one wants to see your #tbt (Throw Back Thursday) of you on the toilet taking selfies back in High School along with your Burberry Trench Coat for $500 next to each other lol. So start up an account that you can link up to your Poshmark closet, so when you share your item to your Instagram it automatically shares it to there.

Next what you want to do is tell a story!! Your clothes tell a story of who you are so tell a story of the type of woman who wears your kind of clothes. You are suggestively marketing to women that fit that lifestyle that you illustrate. So if your clothes fit a city girl life, then make sure you showcase that gorgeous CHANEL wristlet, with a glass of champagne, some heels, and a sparkly skirt! For example Amanda Weiss of’s Instagram account has amazing life, you see a fashion forward girl living in the city of San Francisco. You see everyday lifestyle, pops of bright colors of flowers, a whole story! Why wouldn’t you want to shop her closet?! Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 4.01.09 PMIf you get a chance to meander through wither her blog, Instagram or her closet please do so because it is well kept and very fun to look at!

Next we have COLOR!!

Color is a very important part of your Instagram page, color is really what ties all of your images into a general theme. One close friend of mine Kate Heimann of and her Instagram page @wearinla and her shop’s Instagram @shopwearinla

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 4.09.39 PMScreen Shot 2015-03-05 at 4.11.20 PM

I honestly hate how jealous I am of this girl’s Insta profile! It’s so freaking cute I just want to own everything in her closet! But you can see a general color theme, which are reds and pinks and whites. TIP: if you want anything to look professional and stand out, keep it on a white background. On top of that her @shopwearinla has an equally amazing profile!

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 4.14.28 PMWhat’s really great about these shots is that they’re clean they showcase the items, it tells a story and the colors are vibrant! They also don’t come off like they’re trying to sell you from the picture, it’s in the description. So be mindful of that when you are creating an Instagram for your shop! Utilizing social media on as many platforms can and WILL get you more exposure, and the more exposure you have, the more you are going to sell!

It’s important that you connect with your user base, especially when branding yourself, the last thing you want is to come off like your constantly marketing to your followers. Make it casual, and make it fun!

If in fact you have an Instagram account and you aren’t satisfied with it, then do a nice sweep and clean it up and start uploading pictures you would want to see in your profile. My @healthygirlfashion !nstagram page has gone through a transformation of sorts:

Before –


After –

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 5.33.02 PMRight now I am still experimenting, and changing things up, but it’s important to TRY things out. You have your own style, just make sure to stick with it and build your brand so that not only your followers and get in on some of your brand’s action but so the whole world can get a sneak peek!



If you don’t know what a Hashtag is, it’s ultimately this pound symbol right here: #

You use it as a way to categorize something. It’s best to simplify and be specific, rather than creative. The point of hashtags are to add to a trend (trend= people using the same hashtag). So for instance lets take this picture:

66ca9870186e617deacc48c9bc277d09Suitable hashtags: #peonies #blackpeonies #garden #flowers #natural #mothernature
Unsuitable hashtags: #omggorgeousblackpeonyfloweryo #motherandbabyblackpeonies #howintheworldcanyougrowthese?! #canIhavelikeawholegardenoftheseplease? #Bpeonies #BlackPeoPoppies #BPP

You want your hashtags to be relevant and searchable, so it’s important to stick to the basics! Typically 7 is the magical number of hashtags you should have in a post, any more than that, it becomes overwhelming! I typically will always use #healthygirlfashion in all my posts just so that if one person stumbles upon one of my pictures and clicks on that hashtag, then they can see all my posts or anyone else’s post that uses the hashtag #healthygirlfashion and so on. One of the most used hashtags? #fashion so use it wisely!

Make sure to have fun with this, and if you take these tips away with you, you should growing a cult of your own in no time! Just remember that this takes an abundant amount of time to get a nice following, but once you start adding more and more pictures it’ll grow faster than you know! Good luck, I hope this helps! Please make sure to comment below just so other readers can see your questions answered, and make sure to check out my YouTube channel as well and SUBSCRIBE!!

Stay Healthy,


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