How To Trade on Poshmark!

Hey everyone!!

SO, I finally got something to write about this week! Trading! Now keep in mind I do not trade on Poshmark, ever. It’s too risky for me and I can’t seem to get myself to commit to trading one of my items, no matter what the cost, in hopes they send what they are supposed to send. However, someone did ask me about trading and how it works, so it inspired me to write a post about it.

For those of you who do trade, I am not harping on you at all! I actually commend you for being so brave to let your items go and entrusting another posher to keep to their word! Pretty ballsy!

To anyone who is new, I will give you the Pros and Cons for trading through the Poshmark app and how exactly it’s to be done. Also for the people who are tired of constantly getting berated I have some suitable answers when people ask you the famous question: “trade?”

So let’s get started.

Trading on Poshmark – Let’s hope it gets there!!

Trading is exactly that, you trade one of your items for one of theirs typically of the same value but it doesn’t have to be. I say, if you are going to offer up a trade it would be etiquette to offer something of equal value. Don’t offer your beat up workout shirt with pit stains and mothballs for someone’s Chanel bag. It’s just tacky and embarrassing on your part #jussayin #tackyaf (tacky as fuck…thanks Jarod!). I once had someone offer me their faux LV canvas bag for an authentic item of mine. “Ummmm how about no?!” So offer up equally.

Changing the pice of your listing to trade on Poshmark


  1. After an agreed exchange, both parties will lower the listings they want to exchange to $3.
  2. Then you pay for the listing that you want to exchange for along with shipping.
  3. Then once they buy your listing, you print out the label as usual, and send the item off like you would if it were a normal sale.
  4. Then you track each others items on USPS just to make sure they sent it. (There is a TON of risk involved so make sure it’s someone that has a reputation of following through.)
  5. Once you receive the item, ‘Mark Item Received’ and enjoy your traded item! 


Unlike the Posh Protect Program, or the Concierge Service, you’re pretty much S.O.L (Shit Outta Luck) when it comes to disputing what’s in your package. I pretty much rate Poshmark #1 in customer service but since trading is unsupported you are on your own. Let me repeat that: You are on your own. So if you and another posher decide to trade Céline handbags and you put your $4,200 bag in and what you get back is a tote bag with a picture of Céline Dion on the front then that’s on you sisah! That’s your bad, and there ain’t nothin’ you can do about it. You are also running the risk of people not even sending their item out at all.

Pros/ Cons

PRO: If your faith in humanity has been restored and you feel pretty ‘Gung Ho’ on changing up your closet without the bother of cost and not having to posh your items, then go on out there and trade your little heart out! You’ll be able to swap out those shoes that you never liked for something you do like! Or even get rid of a bunch of clothes that have been sitting around for years and trade for a bag you like! What ever suits your fancy, so long as the other person is willing.

CON: Just be weary that people, you, me, the girl next to you, and everyone else would rather trade up than trade across, or get more than less. So use your best judgement when making these exchanges. Trading itself is risky, it’s even riskier when it’s online and you don’t have the item in your hand. My advice to you when trading, is trade with people you are familiar with. There are some people that I have met locally that I have traded items with or friends that I have met in person that live across the way, but I have already developed that relationship with them. As for random people, that is not something that I would advise, but it’s your call not mine.

How to dodge that famous comment: “Trade?”

If you are like me and you are not fancied by the art of the trade, here are some ways of telling people ‘No’ without having to say it. It’s always good to have a few pieces of ammo, without coming off negatively!

  • “I am a sell only closet” – Pretty much letting them know that this item and all the items in your closet are not up for trade. That way they aren’t just asking you on a million items!
  • “I trade only for money” – This is what I used to say, when I was feeling like a smart ass, or when someone was being sassy with me. Use sparingly!
  • “I have this at a really fair price, but if you would like to bundle I would be willing to lower it for you!” – This gives the buyer an opportunity to recognize that the price is a bit negotiable, giving them more options on purchasing.

To be perfectly honest I personally have not seen one trade exchange go well, Poshmark is filled with additional “Scammer Alert” postings. And on each of those exchanges, there’s always something, where one person gets the shit end of the stick, then they complain about it. But really, it’s your responsibility for putting your items as risk. So be careful, scammers are out there, just like pickpockets, they don’t care about victimizing honest people and there’s nothing you can do about it. I hope this helps, and if you have any questions or comments please do so below!

Also- if you’re a trading closet please put your closet name down below so other’s can find your closet to trade with!


Stay Healthy,