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So this blog would and didn’t seem complete for a really long time because I had to pull the “Healthy Girl Fit” segment from it back in January and my website never really made sense. Until now. I’ve been keeping it a secret for sometime now that I’ve been slowly losing weight. I don’t know why, I just have! But really, what motivated me to lose weight isn’t the Nike Women’s Marathon that’s slowly creeping up on the horizon, it was the fact that Ryan’s new insurance cover’s 3 months of Weight Watchers for free. So I was like, “Heyyyyyyyyyyyy Weight Watchers!!” and I was all down for it. I wish it would’ve been some profound reason, but really it’s free Weight Watchers! lol.

Now for me, I like to pride myself in being able to lose weight and I have a pretty gung ho attitude when it comes to dieting and starvation methods (Whatever! Don’t judge! You know that’s what it feels like!). I have a VERY strong will when I have a goal, and I am not a force to be reckoned with! So going into my first WW meeting, I had in my head “whatever, I’m gonna smash this. I know how to lose weight, you don’t know me!” but little did I know…they frickin did! They know what it’s like to fall off the wagon and want to just eat BBQ chips all day. They’ve been there and done that so there was no hiding the shame.

July 29, 2015 – 155lbs
July 29, 2015 – 155 lbs

Now in the picture I am 155lbs, but when I walked in there I was 173! Now this isn’t a ‘Hooray You Did It’ moment at all because I’ve still got a lot to lose ’till I hit my goal weight. Now 173 is the largest I have ever been in my life. Was I happy with my body? Not particularly. It’s the exact same feeling of being broke. No one wants to feel broke, or be broke for that matter or even admit they’re on Weight Watchers. However it’s honestly the best feeling to know there are no restrictions when it comes to eating, and I’m with all of you when I say I LOVE TO EAT.

So this blog posts will sorta be my little blog segments of how my progress is going and hopefully inspire for you to do so too! Now you don’t have to join weight watchers, but it’s honestly the BEST $40 I’ve taken towards my health and I have a few reasons why:

1) It’s really given me a perspective on how much food I shovel into my face.

With weight watchers, nothing is off limits. Nothing. But what the program does is really put things into perspective on how much food is actually worth in the grand scheme of things. How much food you really need to eat, as opposed to how much food you want to eat. And the program works off a point system that really makes you really think about what you’re putting into your body. So for instance: I LOVE to eat pasta. I mean who doesn’t!? But a box of angel hair pasta is 6 servings. I know for a damn fact I eat at least 2 servings when I make pasta. So one serving of pasta is 5pts and if I have a total of 26 points for the day and I just spent half on just pasta without sauce or anything, so it really forces me to see on how much I should ration for the day.

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 5.05.45 PM

2) It’s so easy to hop back on the train!

I cannot count how many times I’ve fallen off the ‘Ye Olde Weight Loss Wagon’! I’ve yoyo’d more than then I can count. But this place is a no judgement zone, and really there isn’t a sense of competition at these meetings. No one’s jelly of another person and everyone’s out there to just help each other out which is nice. Really, me ‘falling off the wagon’ is if I haven’t tracked my food in a week or so. Which is really easy to hop back on by just tracking it again, I mean it’s not hard. I remember when I was losing weight and dieting, I did NOT want to go back to that gym, or run another mile, or whatever. But I’ve managed to lose weight and keep the weight off for 3 months just by making sure I track my food. Also, there have been times where I went seriously above and beyond my point limit (ladies, you know what time of the month I’m talking about!). But I’ve still managed to lose weight and have my cookies, cakes, donuts, you name it & all without the guilt!

FYI DOn't freak about my goal weight, it's literally in the range of what my height is!
FYI Don’t freak about my goal weight, it’s literally in the range of what my height is!


Well I can’t think of any others and I’m sure those 2 reasons are pretty good. So just keep reading along, I’ll post up my progress every week or so, so you can see if I’m losing weight or not. They won’t be as long as this, so don’t worry, lol.

Just for reference: Goal Weight 120 by mid December (YASSSSSS…..just in time for bikini season! FML)

Thanks for reading!

Stay Healthy,


Ummm Can We Please?!?! 

MAJOR EDITS: Let me first start of by saying that I hate editing myself. I hate it, more than anything, but for the sake of this post, it’s been seeing more traffic than all of my posts combined so I guess it’s a good thing! But I’ve decided to disable all comments on here because they’re not at all constructive to the benefit of the community. Also please take note that I do pay for this blog space and yes any inappropriate comments, or comments that pertain to the incident WILL BE BLOCKED. Furthermore this post has been edited to remain an educational piece and to not focus on my particular experience. This post has stemmed from that experience to give guidance to other poshers, I will not make this a forum about who was right or who was wrong. So I am sorry but I’m moving past that.

(If you’d like to see the original blog post, you can see it here)

So without further adieu-

Having the words ‘NOT AUTHENTIC‘ or any other variation of that plastered all over your listing is a travesty in an of itself, especially since the comments are public and permanent. No one ever wants to see those words, especially if you know your item is real. So how do you deal? Well, you can be like me a write a blog post (please see original post) but before you do something like that there are a few things that I suggest you do beforehand. Before I get to that I first and foremost want to acknowledge that this is not nice, I do not like the practice of people going on to your closet, your profile, and making remarks of shame covering it up with them “helping” you. I am one of those people that do not like uninvited help, but you may be different! It does seem like people are going about it the wrong way, to try to “help” but I am with every girl out there that has been taught to keep your mouth shut if you have nothing nice to say. So I am sorry that if it’s happened to you, because I know it’s hurtful and offensive.

If you are the seller of the item, then here’s a few suggested tactics.

1. Cut all communication between you and the Posher claiming that it isn’t authentic.

Do not communicate with this person any further. It’s only going to get worse. Do not name who they are or put up shaming posts for people to look at their profile, just ignore them altogether. You don’t need any of that on your page! I’d also like to point out that this blog post or any of my blog posts are never meant to “shame” any one individual. I have never posted anyone’s profile in a negative light, and always asked permission for people to be mentioned on my blog. So now that, that’s out of the way.

2. If your item in question is in fact real, post up any additional proof of authentication. Details in make, receipts, customs forms, and repair work orders.

No person can argue with a receipt and it’s the best way to shut people up. If it’s been paid for or if there’s proof that it’s real then not even the best authenticater can argue. I mean they can, but then they just look weird for trying to argue with the company itself. FYI just remember that you’re basing an authentication off of pictures, PICTURES, so even the best authentications can be off if you don’t have the actual item in front of you. I know Poshmark’s Concierge service even video’s the package being opened so there is no question that an item wasn’t tampered with.

3. If your item in question is NOT real, or if you don’t know, then I suggest removing the item off Poshmark until you can guarantee that it is.

If your item is not real, then it’s time to burn it. Yes I know, seems a little extreme, but it’s best to really discard the item because it is in fact illegal. I mean there is a marketplace for illegal replicas, unfortunately it isn’t here on Poshmark. So kindly do a favor to the fashion community, as well as Poshmark community and dispose of it. But if you aren’t sure if your precious CHANEL bag you bought from a rich lady’s estate sale is real, then take it to Chanel for repairs, or take it to an authentication service (which I still don’t trust) just so you can have paperwork proving it’s real. I’m sorry, I know there are women out there that help out the few that don’t know what’s real and what’s not, however, ultimately it’s my money and I cannot put my money in the hands of people that I don’t really know, or that I know, don’t have any power to give me my money back. If you want to, then to each’s own, but I would just trust Posh Protection since they guarantee authenticity and they WILL get me my money back.

If you are a Posher who likes to write “NOT AUTHENTIC” on people’s posts. (or any other variation of that phrase to point out that said item is a replica)

Let me make myself clear that this is NOT a technique I use to educate people. Let me also make it clear that I personally do not offer my help to people that do not ask for it. My blog posts are public and made available to people to use the information as they see fit and ask me to help in instances to help better their sales. I find that pointing out on any listing that something is wrong, illegal, fake, even if it’s with a smiley face, still comes off offensive. So typically I keep my mouth shut, I do not get involved with other people’s drama and exchanges, and I do not send people to come to my defense if there is a need. But if you feel SOOOOO compelled to do something about it, here are some really awesome tactful ways to approach the subject without coming off condescending!

1. Hit the ‘Report Listing’ button.

It’s pretty magical this button, because really all you have to do is take out your aggression all in one button! You hate that someone is selling something that is blatantly fake, then ‘report listing’ the crap out of it! They won’t know it’s you and now you can be rest assured that Poshmark will be handling the situation. Please note that there are thousands of fakes all over, not just on Poshmark but everywhere, so that’s a lot of listings to sift through. So it takes time but they will be removed.

2. Take the educational exchange OFF the listing.

I have a really good friend, long time posher, who I sold something to, that wasn’t 5 star thrilled with the exchange. So what did she do? She wrote me a comment on one of her old listings that sold, to tell me that hey she wasn’t too thrilled with the item she got, but she’ll still accept it, but I could work on my descriptions a little bit. Were my feelings hurt? No! Was she tactful in her approach? Absolutely. So I suggest that if you would like to tell someone that what they’re selling isn’t in fact what they think it is, then go to an old listing of yours that’s already been ‘SOLD’ and kindly let them know. So if you think someone doesn’t know they’re selling a replica, I would imagine the exchange to go something like this: “Hey, so I know you just put of those gorgeous Loubs up, but I thiiiiink they may not be real. I could be wrong but I wanted to ask you off the listing just in case, because I didn’t want to throw it out there if I was wrong” Then the convo can continue, “I thought they were real! Why do you say that?”/ “I have a receipt for them actually I forgot to put it up!” …or whatever. That way, they can make the decision to take it down, and not feel like they’re being bullied on their own listing. WARNING: If you come off in such a way that is offensive, be prepared for a retaliation! People are very sensitive about their possessions, so if you approach this the wrong way people may not be as open to this kind of help.

3. If you’ve been blocked then leave the issue alone.

Just remember, that if your help isn’t solicited, then you’re taking it upon yourself to put yourself out there to be blocked. No one likes to hear that their items are not authentic. No one likes to be thrown out there for judgement. So if you’ve been blocked, then you should ignore it and move on. Don’t send people to your defense, or post up people’s profiles and blog site (actually you can post up my blog, I’ve gotten sooo much traffic since this! lol) so people can go and defend you. It’s a waste of time trying to convince someone of that. Yes I know that it’s infuriating, it’s just as infuriating as having someone write that your items aren’t authentic on a listing! Ha! Trust me I know. But the faster you put your efforts into sharing and following people, then the faster you can make that sale. Which is all that matters in the grand scheme of things! We’re all here to sell and make money, it’s best if we focus on that!

Well I hope this helps, and sorry but comments are disabled for now until further notice!! As soon as this dies down, I’ll open them back up!

Stay Healthy,


The Poshmark Newbie Guide: What is a ‘Like’?

Morning Healthy People!

I’ll be doing a small series called ‘The Newbie Guide’ which will be all about maneuvering through the Poshmark app and breaking down bit by bit what is what. This is a really full comprehensive to get you ready for some of the big stuff that I write about that’s a bit advanced. So if you’re new, you’ve come to the right place, and if you’re a veteran and seasoned PoshElite, then make sure to add in some additional information that I may have missed in the comments below!!

So to start off the series we’ll be talking solely about what a ‘Like’ is and why it’s important on different levels so you are using this application to your 100% benefit!

What is a ‘Like’?

A ‘Like’ is exactly that, it’s something you like! Easy enough! OK DONE POST OVER!! LOL! But on a serious note to ‘Like’ a listing is to simply hit the heart button underneath the main picture or double tap the picture on the listing and in your profile it will save that listing’s information into a stored page on your profile marked ‘My Likes’.

Where can I find ‘My Likes’? What’s so great about ‘My Likes’?

If you look into your profile settings on the app or on your desktop you can find it under the same drop down as ‘My Closet’ or if you’re in your settings The best part about ‘My Likes’ is that it’s your own personal warehouse of the items that you save, so that you have intention to buy at some point, or save the information of the listing (for example, some users will make announcements on their page that they are hosting a party, or even setting up a meet up in their area and you want to save that info for later, for an example see my listing here). Also once you start becoming more into the community, you will eventually host a Posh Party. So all the items that you want to share to the Posh Party you would typically keep track of them in your ‘My Likes’. AND to coattail on that, your likes are private so no one can see what your likes are so you don’t have to worry about someone stealing the items you want to purchase later on!

To ‘Like’ or not to ‘Like’?

That is the question! Use them really for things you actually LIKE!! Poshmark has very specific algorithms within the app that match you to the perfect items that you’re looking for! If you typically like items that are new with tags (NWT), and you favor the brand Hunter Boots, and they’re mostly under $100, then you will most likely see those listings that match your criteria show up in your feed more often. So don’t go ‘like’ happy and just start liking things for no reason, if you want your shopping experience to be better equipped and tailored to your needs make sure you either ‘Like’ items you have every intention to buy! If you go crazy you may be bombarded with people trying to sell you the item, and if you’re not that type of person who wants to be sold, then it may be a bit overwhelming for you!

Now let’s do a roll reversal!!

What if someone ‘Likes’ an item of mine? Should I inquire about it?

Majority rules ‘no’. However I’m just a person, not a cop. So you do whatever you want but after sometime it will get exhausting. Especially once you start having a million items in your closet, “ain’t nobody got time for that!” so rule of thumb, if someone wants to be sold, they’ll let you know with a question or and offer.

Someone ‘Liked’ several of my items, what do I do now?

It’s typically a hint that if someone ‘likes’ a few of your items they are looking to bundle…traditionally. I won’t get too much into bundles since I’ll have another blog post on it, but I would wait on their comment before approaching it. Once they send you that message, look into your news feed to find what items they ‘Liked’ and start your bundle!

If someone ‘liked’ my item, do I have to ‘like’ one of their’s back?

No. The short answer is no. You don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to, but if you genuinely see that they have something you like then do so. There’s no actual standard when it comes to ‘Liking’ items back, there isn’t a stigma about it as much as ‘Sharing‘/ ‘Sharebacks‘.

So that’s pretty much it as far as liking goes, at least that all that I can think of! If you haven’t subscribed, please do so, you can sign up for my email subscriptions as well as subscribe to my YouTube channel. If you look up at the menu bar you can see HealthyGirlTV and make sure to subscribe there too!! If you have any questions, please write them in the comments below!

Stay Healthy,


Completely Smitten With The Mitten

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to do a quick personal blog of what’s going on out here in the mitten (Michigan…because the state looks like the shape of a mitten). Everything is going great, we’ve moved in (almost) and I have been working out and doing a lot of money stuff as of late. Whoever said you didn’t use the math you learned in HS was seriously wrong! However amongst my bill paying and organizing, I was doing some looking around and wanted to know where the other Michiganders or Michiganians are. I was thinking of getting a group meet up of some sorts to see where everyone was. If you are in the Michigan area and would like to join a meet up or know someone in the Michigan area that would like to attend please feel free to tag them in this post here and/ or reach out to me on the new Michigan Facebook Page here.

I feel like the meet up will be something like this:


I am choosing a date in September and I cannot wait to get this started! All info is currently TBD, just need to get an idea of where everyone is!! So please if you are interested in going, please let me know!


Stay Healthy,


TOP 5 Things You MUST Do In Chicago (On A Budget)

If you’ve never been to Chicago, I would highly recommend it! We went during this past weekend for the 4th of July and we had a blast with our new friends Roselyne and Fabian. They’ve never been, and Ryan and I have, so we decided to show them some of the sights! We were only there for about 2 days but we were able to smash in a good amount of places. We were also on a tight budget, and wanted to experience a good amount of Chicago for less than $500 a couple, which we all managed to do including hotel, food, transportation, and some excursions. We drove there, which was about a 4 hour drive, and we ate out a lot, so a good chunk of it was to food, which you can moderate by bringing your own meals/ snacks and Ryan and I decided to spend all of our entertainment budget on this trip so it’s up to you how you want to budget for it. We had a fantastic time walking around, checking things out but out of the million things to do there in the summer, I would say these would be my top 5!


1. Eat a Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

Oooooh MAMA!! We went to Pizano’s Pizza which was great! Not sure if they had the BEST pizza in all of Chicago but it is definitely better than some of the other places Ryan and I ate before, plus it was within the United Dining Network so we opted here. The quality of the pizza  really has a lot to do with the crust, it should be buttery and delicious and this pizza was all of that. We ordered the Rudy’s Special, that had pretty much all the toppings. If you plan of going to order this, make sure you know what pizza you want FIRST and order that right away, because all deep dishes take about 20 mins, then order your appetizers. Your appetizers will come out first naturally, then the pizza so make sure you order in that order. Cost: $13/pp

IMG_4669 IMG_4574 IMG_4666 IMG_4672

2. Visit Millennium Park

Millennium Park is pretty massive. It’s very well known in downtown Chicago and it’s 100% free! There were a bunch of different things going on too for 4th of July, a food festival, small little expos, and during the winter they have an ice rink. The park is massive and you can see a lot of art and monuments, some of which are: Cloud Gate (AKA Silver Bean), Millennium Monument, Harris Theater, and Buckingham Fountain (Al Bundy Fountain). We had a great time here, one thing that we would’ve/ should’ve done was bring along our bikes! The park is pretty massive and we were on foot most of the day so it was quite a walk for us! So if you’re visiting a nice big city where a lot of points of interest are spread out, bringing your bike may be a great alternative AND a great exercise! Cost: $0

IMG_4602 IMG_4696 IMG_4688 IMG_4581


3. Take a Water Taxi

From where we were we went from the Sears Tower (now called the Willis Tower) back to where our hotel was which was at Michigan Ave. A water taxi is fairly inexpensive and we opted for this method of transportation to get a nice view of the buildings and the water ways. Although it was more expensive than taking an Uber, it was especially nice to see Chicago from this point of view. The water taxi is not a tour, which you can opt for if you’d like, but it wasn’t as necessary. Not to mention that most of the roads were a bit congested due to the fact it was the holiday weekend, but this was well worth it! Great views, and fun experience! Cost $8/pp

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset


4. Visit the SkyDeck

The SkyDeck is located within the Sear Tower (Willis Tower) and offers amazing views of the downtown Chicago area. It has 4 box windows that offer each person who steps out, an out of body thrill walking 180 stories up, being held by plexi glass. As you can see it’s quite a long way down! The lines however rival most Disneyland rides at best. Do yourself a favor and meet in the middle by purchasing your tickets online before, or if lines aren’t your thing, then pay for the FastPass. Pre-Purchasing your tickets will get you to cut one major line inside the building but there’s still a few more lines after that follow, but if you’re crunched on time, then get that Fastpass baby and bypass that line! Cost: $21/pp

IMG_4741 IMG_4734 IMG_4731 IMG_4717 IMG_4716 IMG_4603

5. Visit Navy Pier

Navy Pier would be an equivalent to Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles, however you aren’t blessed with an amazing view of the city skyline in LA. Navy Pier I would say would be a great mix of family fun, but a great spot for adults to stomp around on. They have an indoor complex with lots of food and shops and outdoors during the summer, they have some amazing rides and a whole 18 hole miniature golf course, and they don’t take that word lightly, it really is a squeezed in 18 holes! But they have a beer garden towards the end of the pier where local bands will play and it’s quite nice. But the best part about it is at the very very end of the pier you get an amazing glorious view of the Chicago skyline. It’s quite impressive, so if you get a chance to go to Navy Pier make sure you go all the way to the end! Cost: $0/ without rides

Now I’ve gone to a Cubs game and visited Wrigley Park, which is also amazing, they even played a game while we were there, as well as had a traditional Chicago Hot Dog. I mean there are millions of things to do in the windy city, especially in the summertime! As for us these are the things that we favorited the most during our time there. I hope this finds you well and if you have any questions please let me know in the comments below!

Stay Healthy,