Completely Smitten With The Mitten

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to do a quick personal blog of what’s going on out here in the mitten (Michigan…because the state looks like the shape of a mitten). Everything is going great, we’ve moved in (almost) and I have been working out and doing a lot of money stuff as of late. Whoever said you didn’t use the math you learned in HS was seriously wrong! However amongst my bill paying and organizing, I was doing some looking around and wanted to know where the other Michiganders or Michiganians are. I was thinking of getting a group meet up of some sorts to see where everyone was. If you are in the Michigan area and would like to join a meet up or know someone in the Michigan area that would like to attend please feel free to tag them in this post here and/ or reach out to me on the new Michigan Facebook Page here.

I feel like the meet up will be something like this:


I am choosing a date in September and I cannot wait to get this started! All info is currently TBD, just need to get an idea of where everyone is!! So please if you are interested in going, please let me know!


Stay Healthy,