Set Smaller Goals You Can Conquer To Conquer the Big Goal.

 156.0 – Yes ladies and gents, I have gained weight. Totes OK with me because I’ve been feeling thinner, and looking more toned, so I’m OK with that. Also, I am more motivated to get in shape because I’m so close to my goal, 20lbs, 20lbs, pshhhh!! It’s kinda hard when Ryan makes Eggs Benedict for breakfast and we have homemade pizza. All my points are spent by breakfast! But the best thing that I’ve done is make little goals for myself. It’s always easier to break up 5 miles into little bits you can conquer, than to think of a daunting 5 mile run. So when I run, walk, whatever, I always give myself goals that I know I can complete such as: I’ll walk from this pole to this streetlight and see how I feel. Then when I reach the streetlight, I asses how I feel and see if I want to run/ walk/ stop. I never push myself too far, because I’m not here to get anywhere fast. This process is not for the impatient. Patience is a virtue in anything so I’m taking my time, because myself, my craft, my body, my health is important. Be a tortoise!
I mean this can go for anything. If you’re not looking to lose weight, and you want your Poshmark closet to expand, or make more money, then make smaller goals, that will eventually lead to what you want overall. If you want to make more money, pay off your debt first, save, then invest. If you want your sell more on Poshmark, then promote your items more, promote yourself, and share and follow.

Have a good week everyone!
Stay healthy,

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