The 411 on Poshmark’s Rating System 

Morning everyone!

Now I know the content seems to be a bit outdated for this particular subject. Poshmark has had a rating system for awhile now, but for those of you who are a bit blind to the whole concept of the rating system this post is just to give you all the ins and outs of how Poshmark does their rating system.

So for those of you who are NEW and have no idea of what the rating system is, it’s as follows:

  1. You buy an item & receive said item
  2. Once you ‘Mark Item Received’ you rate the seller based on a 5 star grading scale (1 being the worst – 5 being the best)
  3. If the rating is less than 5 stars you have a selection of categories that you can choose as to what you think the seller can improve on.
  4. If you rate the item 5 stars then you can leave an optional message.

  YAY great! So now here’s where the additional information comes in. For those of you who don’t know, the rating system is entirely for the seller’s information ONLY. Any comments or needs of improvement is solely at the viewing of the buyers discretion. That means, you don’t even have to see what your buyer is telling you to improve on if you don’t want to. I think I have my notifications set to only view comments on listings so I don’t even see half the ratings (probably shouldn’t really admit that). But just so you don’t get all butt hurt when people give you a 1 star rating, no one can actually see that 1 star. In addition, I would advise anyone who is on Poshmark to not announce that you received anything less than 5 stars, since no one would know about it anyway, you’d only be hurting yourself. Also that average rating that you see in your stats, can only been seen by you. Those tools are set to help you out as a seller to provide better quality service into the community so don’t completely ignore it!

  These are a bit tricky to explain, but remember how I told you that anything less than 5 stars will have an ‘improvement’ option? and that people won’t see your ratings? Well that holds true to any 5 star rating as well. You aren’t able to see any 5 star rating that with without that optional comment. They do however count towards your overall rating, but those ratings won’t be seen by the public. If you are the one giving the 5 star rating it never hurts to opt to add the additional note at the end (unless you plan on reselling the item, see TIP for more info). So make sure to add a sweet little note if you can, you can always make someone’s day just by saying something nice!

   These are the only ratings that people ever see is if you really do have a 5 star experience and you have something to say about it. Love Notes were added into the community and to users profiles to spread the Posh Love. If you already don’t know what Posh Love is, it’s a term that was coined by Team Posh that signifies that efforts by the users to help and support the positivity within the community. So to continue the Posh Love and still give the sellers an awareness of how they were doing, they came up with a way to create a rating system but only show the good reviews. That way they could still make the buyer feel that any poor review were to be kept private. So don’t fret if you ever receive a poor rating, the only ones that show are the 5 star reviews with the comments that your buyer opted for.

TIP: On the other hand for those of you who are on the other side of the coin and you are buying, just know that any comment you make on a 5 star rating will show up on your profile as a Love Note Given. So if your strategy is to buy low on Poshmark and resell at an inflated price, be mindful that you may want to reconsider if you don’t want people to know your business tactics.

Well I hope this give you a bit more ease into the weekend and to not stress or harass any of your buyers for giving you a rating that you *may* feel is undeserved. Make sure you spread the Posh Love and send out the love notes as much as you can and give true and honest ratings. If you have any comments or questions please feel free to put them in the box below. Make sure to subscribe to my blog from now until Christmas I will be updating more and more posts to get you guy to sell more and make more for the holiday season!

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