Destination Travel Guide: Thailand

If you’re planning to take a trip to Southeast Asia, please do! It’s a new world in and of itself and its absolutely breathtaking some of the things you only see in movies! My hubby and I along with some of our best friends decided to take a trip to Thailand for the summer.


Before we knew the miles game we had a bunch of miles that we saved for 4 years that we wanted to use towards this trip. So we booked our tickets business class (which was first on most flights) and it gave us access to the Star Alliance lounge at LAX.

I’m kinda disappointed about my picture taking at this place because it was massive. They had a beautiful outdoor patio set up and they had the shower suites, that you can wash up at before your flight. I didn’t want to be a creeper and take pictures of everything, but in hindsight I probably should have so you could see how decadent it was.

They had some food available (for free of course) and a full bar.

They had actual lounge rooms for TV, for sleeping, and for working. Plus Ms. J was there too which was crazy, who happened to be on our flight as well. So that was a cool perk!


Oh man, everything was so amazing! The food was so great and the service was perfection. I told Ryan that we could never travel to SE Asia again in coach since we popped our business class cherry.



We started off in Bangkok and we stayed at the Renaissance Ratchaprasong. This is by far the coolest hotel in all of Bangkok. Really, it is, their concierge lounge was legit, and everything was so beautiful.


The best about this was the pool up top. Stunning view of the city and the coolest pool by far. Sadly it took the contact lens that I had in my eye so I was blind in one eye on day 1.

If you’re going to pull status, I would highly recommend using it for the buffet every morning. It’s probably the best breakfast buffet I’ve ever had in the world (Sorry Wicked Spoon!). They made fresh juice from exotic fruits, and they had new creations everyday of our stay, so it was wonderful!


This zoo was pretty incredible, if you don’t mind the fact that tigers are farmed here. This is definitely an experience since there were a lot of things that we haven’t seen before in our lives, like tigers that you can pet and crocs that you can feed with chickens. There were tiger shows and scorpion ladies, and all you can do for a picture. I remember that people pretty much ask if you want to pay for a picture, which is the equivalent of a couple dollars in US but never the less it’s still pretty cool being hoisted up by an elephant.


Everything in Bangkok is beautiful, except the smog. So be mindful of that if you are traveling that the smog really plays out how it’s going to look. However any temple you go to, you will be blown away. I wish I payed a bit more attention to the different landmarks there were, but I believe we only got to 2 places before we called it quits. If you take a water taxi (which we were forced to do so) you have to pay for the fee and docking fee, so being cash wherever you go. You will be hard pressed to find a nice place that accepts credit cards, especially if you’re dealing with transportation.

The temples themselves were beautiful, also please be mindful that you are going into a sacred temple, so dress accordingly. I know it would be very difficult for you to dress in long sleeves and pants in probably one of the most humid places on earth, but don’t fret, they have a shoe check (you must remove your shoes) as well as robes to wear to enter the temple, and they are not washed BTW.


The ride to Phuket on Air Asia is like packing sardines in a tin. You have no leg space and I believe there is no first or business on these so know that you are going to be uncomfortable for a small amount of time. The flight was approximately 1.25 hours. Also, the taxi is VASTLY different in price. In Bangkok we spent 400 baht to get to our hotel from the airport 30 mins away. In Phuket, we spent 650 baht to get to our resort at the J.W Marriott (they offer no shuttles) so please be mindful of that. Also it’s in some dudes car, so don’t mind it, that’s just how they transport people.

Once we arrived to the hotel, it was like walking right into heaven on earth. It is NO DOUBT the J.W Marriott was the best hotel I have ever been to in my life.

Keep in mind that once you are there if you need to get to the island Ko Phi Phi, you will need to take a ferry then take a water taxi to Ko Phi Phi Lei (where they shot the movie The Beach). If you stay in Ko Phi Phi Don then stay at the Holiday Inn, it’s the best hotel on the island. I didn’t stay there but I wish I did. TIP: If you decide to take a tour, make sure you hire a boat for the day and have them take you to all the cool spots. Our guy had a boom box in his boat so we were playing music while we watched the sun set.  Not bad for $30 pp, and we got to go to all the cool spots, like monkey island, and we got to physically hang out with the moneys on the beach.

I know I am missing some detail, so please feel free to ask questions about the trip and what things I didn’t cover. If you’re planning to go to Thailand anytime soon, I’ll be happy to help!


Safe Travels & Stay Healthy,



Holiday TRAVEL Guide

For those of you who are going to be traveling this holiday season, or any holiday season for that matter, I’ve compiled a nice little checklist for you to prep you for the madness that is to follow at the airport.



Print Your Boarding Passes At Home

For those of you who have apps on your phone with the boarding passes on them, SUPER. But I’ve had to, on numerous occasions, go back to the airline kiosk because their phone scanners didn’t work. Print it and have it ready as a back up.

Preset Your House

I get anxiety knowing that the house may not be in the same shape as it is when you get back home. But not only should you be making sure that the oven isn’t on, but you should make sure to double check your heater or trash is taken out. These little oversights can be costly, later on if they aren’t dealt with right away. I don’t know about you, but I love to come home to a clean house, so if you have a moment to try to not thrash your clothes around while packing it will feel much better when you arrive!



Get In The Right Line For Security

If you are TSA Pre Check/Global Entry make sure you ask and find the right line. Also if you have airline status go into the premium line. Typically if you have certain credit cards, they automatically will upgrade your boarding pass to have that privilege. So be sure to check your boarding pass before you leave.

Arrive at the airport 2.5 hours early

This is for domestic travel. If you are flying internationally I would tack on an additional hour. Why? Because everyone MUST check into the service desk to verify passports, visas, etc. Also, some airlines have regulations as to the weight your carryon bags have and will force you to check your bag regardless. So plan for that extra hour to be used up.

But if you are flying domestically, do not put it past the TSA to shut the security check point down if there’s a breech in security. I’ve had that happen and thankfully I had an extra hour to spare and this wasn’t during the holiday season. It’s better to have a buffer than to miss your flight. Chances of you & your family getting on the next flight out is very unlikely.

Pack/ Dress Accordingly

I would like to say I am a PRO when it comes to the security check screening. I pack my backpack, carryon, and wear the easiest of outfits that I need to get in and out of security. So here’s some simple do’s and don’ts.

DO– Pack laptops, travel sized gels/liquids ziplock to be easily accessible when going through security. The worst is having to unzip your carry on bag to pull this stuff out especially when the line needs to move. So I have them in my backpack to pull out quickly and keep the line moving.

DON’T – Wear your super lace up intricate boots to the airport. You will hate yourself when you have to take them off and put them back on again. Try some slip-ons instead. Once your stuff shoots out the other end of the x-ray machine, you’ll be all over the place trying to put on your boots and scooping your stuff back up.

DO – Stack your bins. If you are one of those people who (God forbid) needs 8 bins to put each of your electronics into, whatever man, but don’t hog the whole table with your shit. Stack them up, then move them on to the conveyor belt one at a time.

Boarding Area


If you’ve made it through to the terminal and you have ample time to relax before your flight here are some things to make your waiting time a bit bearable.

Find a Power Outlet

To coat tail on that thought, I HIGHLY recommend packing a surge protector. Not only to prevent your devices from frying if there’s a surge in power, but to also open up multiple sockets. If you happen to find a plug that is occupado, then it would be much more convincing to plug your surge in there to share the wealth. It’s always best to keep your devices charged for as long as possible, especially if you plan on having a long flight with no in flight entertainment.

If all else fails, make sure you pack a power bank in the least. The worst is to have a dead phone when you arrive and you have no way of calling your ride.

Grab Some Essentials

If you happen to be taking any red-eye’s pack some snacks or grab some food/ drinks now before you lose your chance. Nothing’s worse then arriving at an airport when everything is closed and you’re starving. Solid foods are great to pack for your trip there, but unfortunately drinks will not be allowed through security. So do yourself favor and pack an empty water bottle and fill it up at one of the water fountains, or even at a restaurant.



I’ve already made a handy guide to some Airport Essentials that I cannot live without. But also, here are a few hacks to keep you comfortable for the duration of the flight.

Hack the Wifi

Until it’s been fixed noticed there are several ways to beat the expensiveness of the on board wifi. You can always pre-pay the fees online, or you can simply: hack it. If there’s Gogo inflight onboard, connect to the service then check out one of the free movies, as you are in the app store to download the app to watch it, you are automatically connected. Some wifi services aren’t available, such as streaming video, but it still gives you a free 10 min window to surf on Safari.


If you are traveling during the holidays, you’ll see a higher volume of children traveling. I have nothing against kids, but I wouldn’t want to be caught trying to sleep next to an infant who’s ears are infected. So do yourself a favor and try to find some noise reduction, noise cancelling headphones or earplugs to ease your drums and give you some needed woosah for your journey.

Wipe Up

I would like to say first and foremost that airplanes are a cesspool of diseases. Kinda like a daycare but for adults from all different countries. I know for a fact, that those tray tables, hardly ever get cleaned. So before you lay your sandwich on there, do a little whiperooski! It never hurts to have a 3 pack from Target to keep you that much farther away from catching the flu, or cleaning up baby puke.

Safe Travels!

Last thing I am going to leave with, is travel SAFE! Make sure you get home safe to your loved ones and report anything you feel is suspicious while it’s happening. I really meant it! If you see something, say something!

Happy Holidays!


Stay Healthy,




Walking In A Winter Wonderland

It’s snowing out there ladies & gents (or at least it will be snowing) and it’s time to bundle up. It’s officially the holiday season and before you go out there, make sure that you are well prepared with some style essentials. I’ve had the pleasure to test some of these out and let me tell you, they are warm, luxe, and worth every penny! So treat yo self!

We will start bottom to top, first up, boots!

I love the TOM’s Black Water Resistant Suede Booties. Not only are my puppies comfortable but they are also super cute on. I love wedges, they make me look feminine without killing my feet at the end of the day. I would sacrifice my baggage space for these, and now I want one in every color! So FYI if you love me and you’re getting me a present, buy these for me, 8 1/2 thanks!



I don’t know how long the legging trend is going to last but I effing hope it’s forever because these are so comfortable. I guess amongst all the 80’s stereotypes this one panned out to outlast the others. Nevertheless if you’re going to throw your money to the wind this winter, make sure you get these gut sucking slim fitting leggings by Old Navy. They have the right thickness to keep your thunders warm and after a helping of seconds at the dinner table, you’ll be thankful these keep your muffin top at bay.

H&M Boyfriend FLANNELS

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 9.00.39 PM.png

I hate to be so cliché, but to keep your tata’s from turning into permanent ice daggers, keep yourself insulated and invest in some flannel tops. I know I know, flannel screams winter. But IDGAF. As of right now, H&M has some pretty spiffy patterns. They’re also pretty reasonably priced. Boyfriend tops range anywhere from $25 and $39 for the more fitted designer flannels. I think I bought a good 7, one for every day of the week! YASSSSS.


Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 9.03.30 PMSo I pretty much would sell all my coats to buy this coat. How dare you Canada Goose make such a quality reliable product and slap it on Kate Upton’s bodacious body! I’m mean tbh, I had no idea that this brand existed until I saw their brand cradling across her tits. Boobie envy is a thing, and yes I have it. But after her Sports Illustrated spread, I’ve been desperately wanting one, even though I lived in Southern California. But now that I live in Detroit a purchase like this is 100% justifiable. So I’ll be passing my winter coats over to new homes and make room for this sweet baby.


HEADGEAR: Love Your Melon

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 9.07.39 PM.png

Love Your Melon beanie modeled by the one and only @mrleozombie


A long time friend of mine and YouTube Star (@mrleozombie) posted something really awesome on Facebook that would be perfect this winter. If you’re looking to cover your noggin, throw on some threads like Love Your Melon. Not only do you buy a wicked ass beanie, but after your purchase they donate one to a child battling cancer. This would make a perfect stocking stuffer for all the kids, and it’s great to also buy something with a purpose of helping others in need! But I would hurry up if I were you, looks like they are selling out quick!

Hope you all get some shopping done since it’s almost Christmas! Make sure you place your orders in by today 12/16 so they arrive in time for the big day. I mean, it’s national shipping day! I may have heard that somewhere, so it may not be 100% true, but still get those orders in!

Stay Healthy,



I am taking over Poshmark’s SNAPCHAT!!

Hey everyone! Be sure to tune in today 12/6/2015 where I take over @TeamPoshmark’s account on snapchat to wish them a happy 4th birthday! Download the app Snapchat in the app store and add: TeamPoshmark as one of your friends. Check out their story and you’ll see yours truly!! Make sure to tune in I will be announcing another give away!

You can also wish TeamPosh a Happy Birthday on their twitter @Poshmarkapp!

See you on Snapchat!


Stay Healthy,



How-To Host A Community Meet Up

If you are thinking about hosting a LIVE Posh Party congratulations because this isn’t an easy task. When you do take on this responsibility it’s always best to have a helping hand and/ or someone to plan it with you. That way it guarantees that you have an additional attendee!

  1. First things first – Save the Date!


Getting the date on the calendar is the first thing you need to do when setting up your Posh Party. Best dates depend on where you plan on hosting. Most of the Posh parties that I’ve hosted or have been to have been at night typically on a Friday or weekend. It takes the stress away from having to get up in the morning, and the weekends people are more willing to let loose and relax, but also be mindful of wedding/ holiday party season where people are most likely to be taken.

Then create a listing in your poshmark closet to announce your gathering. This puts it on the online platform for other women to see it. Make sure you give yourself AMPLE time to have this circulate through the community, so no last minute get togethers!

2. Finding the Perfect Venue

Nico & Vali Italian Bistro

Hosting at a restaurant is good it’s a great alternative to hosting at a big venue. If you’re starting out in a smaller market, or if you’re opening it up an area that hasn’t had one, then a restaurant or bar is the safest bet. Also, don’t expect a huge turn out. It takes a lot out of someone to go somewhere and meet people they don’t know, or they don’t know if they’ll enjoy it so don’t be too hard on yourself when you only have a small group attend.

Personally, I wouldn’t worry too much about building a menu unless you have a very big group coming out like (20+ for sure are coming). The best way to go, is go to a place that has a lounge area and have everyone pay separate checks. Its less stress that way and it makes for a better atmosphere with no expectations about funds. Please be clear to your attendees that they need to purchase their own meals, it’s gets kind of lost in the mix if you are the one hosting, so let the wait staff know that they need to collect a source of payment if they intend to order, unless they pay for a ticket that has dinner included of course!

3. Start an Eventbrite page.

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 1.08.35 PM

Setting up an event on is FREE and super easy. You can set up tickets to sell or tickets for free. Personally if you’re going on the more casual route, getting FREE tickets just gives you an idea of how many people are attending. If you are doing something more structured with dinner options for purchase, it is best that you have people pay for tickets and set up a menu with the venue you are hosting at.

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 1.09.14 PM

Now this isn’t mandatory, but I would use something like this because it’s free. You can also set up a, however it’s $14.99 a month and when you hit over 50 people in your group the price automatically raises monthly. So unless you can afford that expense and want to meet up monthly, then go the most effective an inexpensive route for now.

4. Contact TeamPosh.

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 1.18.49 PM
Hey that’s us!

Getting TeamPosh on your side is a great way to get your name out there. Also, it’s great exposure! As you can see on the blog they highlighted our meet up just this past week. Once you email them (contact info is on their blog), they send you an awesome care package full of goodies to help make your meet up more Posh!


5. Market the crap out of it!

Time to spread the word! Don’t think that just putting up a listing will get the word out, oh no sistah, your event needs to have REACH!! So you better start tagging all your friends in the post and start reaching out to people to get people to come down. There are ways to entice people to come down, you can offer door prizes, raffles, goodie bags, but the best way to get people to come down, is to flat out ask them! There are dozens of groups out there in Facebook that have members all across the US. You can even start your own group for the state that you’re in or find a state that’s already established. But you need to get the word out there and figure out ways to wrangle up some Poshers for some good ol’ fashioned nonsense!

6. Get Ready

Swag Bags/Door Prizes: Some great trends that are happening with community meet ups are getting some swag going for the people that attend. This is a great way to help other businesses or even other poshers to get their name out there. Best way to do it is to contact smaller businesses and see if they would like to contribute to the swag bags by donating something along with their contact information. Or even a small service as a prize to raffle off! It never hurts to ask.


Be mindful that the larger the group you have, the easier it is to get people to donate. If you have a small group that’s just meeting up for some venting and brunch, then I would just omit the Swag altogether and let the mimosas do the work!

Name Cards/ Decorations: If there is enough of you, I would highly recommend doing some name tags, or even a photobooth if allowable. Always check with your venue, but if they can allow an area for you to set up a photobooth, always do so! You can get some draped tinsel at the Dollar Store and print the Poshmark banner across the top like so:


7. Let’s Get This Party Started!

Arrive early to your venue, always 1 hour to 45 mins to allow set up, or 30 if it’s a small group. The worst is to sit there and wait to set up and have your guests arrive so plan to be there early! Make sure to take LOTS of pictures and send them to Team Posh so they can feature them on their blog!