How-To Host A Community Meet Up

If you are thinking about hosting a LIVE Posh Party congratulations because this isn’t an easy task. When you do take on this responsibility it’s always best to have a helping hand and/ or someone to plan it with you. That way it guarantees that you have an additional attendee!

  1. First things first – Save the Date!


Getting the date on the calendar is the first thing you need to do when setting up your Posh Party. Best dates depend on where you plan on hosting. Most of the Posh parties that I’ve hosted or have been to have been at night typically on a Friday or weekend. It takes the stress away from having to get up in the morning, and the weekends people are more willing to let loose and relax, but also be mindful of wedding/ holiday party season where people are most likely to be taken.

Then create a listing in your poshmark closet to announce your gathering. This puts it on the online platform for other women to see it. Make sure you give yourself AMPLE time to have this circulate through the community, so no last minute get togethers!

2. Finding the Perfect Venue

Nico & Vali Italian Bistro

Hosting at a restaurant is good it’s a great alternative to hosting at a big venue. If you’re starting out in a smaller market, or if you’re opening it up an area that hasn’t had one, then a restaurant or bar is the safest bet. Also, don’t expect a huge turn out. It takes a lot out of someone to go somewhere and meet people they don’t know, or they don’t know if they’ll enjoy it so don’t be too hard on yourself when you only have a small group attend.

Personally, I wouldn’t worry too much about building a menu unless you have a very big group coming out like (20+ for sure are coming). The best way to go, is go to a place that has a lounge area and have everyone pay separate checks. Its less stress that way and it makes for a better atmosphere with no expectations about funds. Please be clear to your attendees that they need to purchase their own meals, it’s gets kind of lost in the mix if you are the one hosting, so let the wait staff know that they need to collect a source of payment if they intend to order, unless they pay for a ticket that has dinner included of course!

3. Start an Eventbrite page.

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 1.08.35 PM

Setting up an event on is FREE and super easy. You can set up tickets to sell or tickets for free. Personally if you’re going on the more casual route, getting FREE tickets just gives you an idea of how many people are attending. If you are doing something more structured with dinner options for purchase, it is best that you have people pay for tickets and set up a menu with the venue you are hosting at.

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 1.09.14 PM

Now this isn’t mandatory, but I would use something like this because it’s free. You can also set up a, however it’s $14.99 a month and when you hit over 50 people in your group the price automatically raises monthly. So unless you can afford that expense and want to meet up monthly, then go the most effective an inexpensive route for now.

4. Contact TeamPosh.

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 1.18.49 PM
Hey that’s us!

Getting TeamPosh on your side is a great way to get your name out there. Also, it’s great exposure! As you can see on the blog they highlighted our meet up just this past week. Once you email them (contact info is on their blog), they send you an awesome care package full of goodies to help make your meet up more Posh!


5. Market the crap out of it!

Time to spread the word! Don’t think that just putting up a listing will get the word out, oh no sistah, your event needs to have REACH!! So you better start tagging all your friends in the post and start reaching out to people to get people to come down. There are ways to entice people to come down, you can offer door prizes, raffles, goodie bags, but the best way to get people to come down, is to flat out ask them! There are dozens of groups out there in Facebook that have members all across the US. You can even start your own group for the state that you’re in or find a state that’s already established. But you need to get the word out there and figure out ways to wrangle up some Poshers for some good ol’ fashioned nonsense!

6. Get Ready

Swag Bags/Door Prizes: Some great trends that are happening with community meet ups are getting some swag going for the people that attend. This is a great way to help other businesses or even other poshers to get their name out there. Best way to do it is to contact smaller businesses and see if they would like to contribute to the swag bags by donating something along with their contact information. Or even a small service as a prize to raffle off! It never hurts to ask.


Be mindful that the larger the group you have, the easier it is to get people to donate. If you have a small group that’s just meeting up for some venting and brunch, then I would just omit the Swag altogether and let the mimosas do the work!

Name Cards/ Decorations: If there is enough of you, I would highly recommend doing some name tags, or even a photobooth if allowable. Always check with your venue, but if they can allow an area for you to set up a photobooth, always do so! You can get some draped tinsel at the Dollar Store and print the Poshmark banner across the top like so:


7. Let’s Get This Party Started!

Arrive early to your venue, always 1 hour to 45 mins to allow set up, or 30 if it’s a small group. The worst is to sit there and wait to set up and have your guests arrive so plan to be there early! Make sure to take LOTS of pictures and send them to Team Posh so they can feature them on their blog!


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