Destination Travel Guide: Thailand

If you’re planning to take a trip to Southeast Asia, please do! It’s a new world in and of itself and its absolutely breathtaking some of the things you only see in movies! My hubby and I along with some of our best friends decided to take a trip to Thailand for the summer.


Before we knew the miles game we had a bunch of miles that we saved for 4 years that we wanted to use towards this trip. So we booked our tickets business class (which was first on most flights) and it gave us access to the Star Alliance lounge at LAX.

I’m kinda disappointed about my picture taking at this place because it was massive. They had a beautiful outdoor patio set up and they had the shower suites, that you can wash up at before your flight. I didn’t want to be a creeper and take pictures of everything, but in hindsight I probably should have so you could see how decadent it was.

They had some food available (for free of course) and a full bar.

They had actual lounge rooms for TV, for sleeping, and for working. Plus Ms. J was there too which was crazy, who happened to be on our flight as well. So that was a cool perk!


Oh man, everything was so amazing! The food was so great and the service was perfection. I told Ryan that we could never travel to SE Asia again in coach since we popped our business class cherry.



We started off in Bangkok and we stayed at the Renaissance Ratchaprasong. This is by far the coolest hotel in all of Bangkok. Really, it is, their concierge lounge was legit, and everything was so beautiful.


The best about this was the pool up top. Stunning view of the city and the coolest pool by far. Sadly it took the contact lens that I had in my eye so I was blind in one eye on day 1.

If you’re going to pull status, I would highly recommend using it for the buffet every morning. It’s probably the best breakfast buffet I’ve ever had in the world (Sorry Wicked Spoon!). They made fresh juice from exotic fruits, and they had new creations everyday of our stay, so it was wonderful!


This zoo was pretty incredible, if you don’t mind the fact that tigers are farmed here. This is definitely an experience since there were a lot of things that we haven’t seen before in our lives, like tigers that you can pet and crocs that you can feed with chickens. There were tiger shows and scorpion ladies, and all you can do for a picture. I remember that people pretty much ask if you want to pay for a picture, which is the equivalent of a couple dollars in US but never the less it’s still pretty cool being hoisted up by an elephant.


Everything in Bangkok is beautiful, except the smog. So be mindful of that if you are traveling that the smog really plays out how it’s going to look. However any temple you go to, you will be blown away. I wish I payed a bit more attention to the different landmarks there were, but I believe we only got to 2 places before we called it quits. If you take a water taxi (which we were forced to do so) you have to pay for the fee and docking fee, so being cash wherever you go. You will be hard pressed to find a nice place that accepts credit cards, especially if you’re dealing with transportation.

The temples themselves were beautiful, also please be mindful that you are going into a sacred temple, so dress accordingly. I know it would be very difficult for you to dress in long sleeves and pants in probably one of the most humid places on earth, but don’t fret, they have a shoe check (you must remove your shoes) as well as robes to wear to enter the temple, and they are not washed BTW.


The ride to Phuket on Air Asia is like packing sardines in a tin. You have no leg space and I believe there is no first or business on these so know that you are going to be uncomfortable for a small amount of time. The flight was approximately 1.25 hours. Also, the taxi is VASTLY different in price. In Bangkok we spent 400 baht to get to our hotel from the airport 30 mins away. In Phuket, we spent 650 baht to get to our resort at the J.W Marriott (they offer no shuttles) so please be mindful of that. Also it’s in some dudes car, so don’t mind it, that’s just how they transport people.

Once we arrived to the hotel, it was like walking right into heaven on earth. It is NO DOUBT the J.W Marriott was the best hotel I have ever been to in my life.

Keep in mind that once you are there if you need to get to the island Ko Phi Phi, you will need to take a ferry then take a water taxi to Ko Phi Phi Lei (where they shot the movie The Beach). If you stay in Ko Phi Phi Don then stay at the Holiday Inn, it’s the best hotel on the island. I didn’t stay there but I wish I did. TIP: If you decide to take a tour, make sure you hire a boat for the day and have them take you to all the cool spots. Our guy had a boom box in his boat so we were playing music while we watched the sun set.  Not bad for $30 pp, and we got to go to all the cool spots, like monkey island, and we got to physically hang out with the moneys on the beach.

I know I am missing some detail, so please feel free to ask questions about the trip and what things I didn’t cover. If you’re planning to go to Thailand anytime soon, I’ll be happy to help!


Safe Travels & Stay Healthy,