Destination Travel Guide: Boston

If you’re looking to do some hardcore all American entertainment, Boston I say would be #1 on my list. Boston is one of the primary areas settlers colonized when they arrived here from Europe and it’s such a vital part of American history. The Boston Tea Party, Boston Red Sox, and Harvard University are staples in American culture. So when Ryan and I got an opportunity to visit Boston we didn’t hesitate to immerse ourselves in this culture, well kinda. Ryan wore his khakis and I grabbed my car keys and we were off! Continue reading Destination Travel Guide: Boston

Holiday Soiree, NAIAS 2016 and More!

It’s been busy this entire week, with work and mending this blog. I have re-organized and added more categories to my blog so you’ll be seeing some more posts of all the different things that I do, not just Poshmark stuff. Don’t worry that Poshmark stuff will still be there, but I will be adding more variety. This weekend we had our friends from OC come down to visit dreary old Detroit, and thankfully there’s some stuff to do this weekend. We had a Holiday Soiree with our friends from home and our friends from France and also attended the NAIAS 2016. Continue reading Holiday Soiree, NAIAS 2016 and More!

Free $10 Lounge Buddy Credit

This is probably my new favorite app on the traveling market. For those of you who do fly, or travel either for leisure or for business, this little app has become pretty handy. I have fallen victim to 12 hour layovers before, and let me tell you, sitting in ICN airport would have been terrible if it weren’t for the the Star Alliance lounge. Being at a lounge really does give the added sprinkles to your (what could be) chaotic travel experience. Continue reading Free $10 Lounge Buddy Credit

All You Need To Know About Cancelling A Sale On Poshmark

*Edits: Few edits were made on the accuracy of time and days from PMHQ. Also I chose to use the British English of the word “Cancelling”, because I’m posh like that!

OH NO!! You purchased something you weren’t supposed to, and then the buyers remorse sets in. Your inner thoughts start running wild, “Do I really NEED those 4th pair of Jimmy Choo’s?!” FYI the answer is yes, you always do, and yes they are a NEED. But in the case of when you don’t have running water and heat and you absolutely need to cancel. There is always a plan B option. Continue reading All You Need To Know About Cancelling A Sale On Poshmark