Destination Travel Guide: Boston

If you’re looking to do some hardcore all American entertainment, Boston I say would be #1 on my list. Boston is one of the primary areas settlers colonized when they arrived here from Europe and it’s such a vital part of American history. The Boston Tea Party, Boston Red Sox, and Harvard University are staples in American culture. So when Ryan and I got an opportunity to visit Boston we didn’t hesitate to immerse ourselves in this culture, well kinda. Ryan wore his khakis and I grabbed my car keys and we were off!

First stop in our journey was the Boston Public Library.

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What I love so much about this library was that it was so old, but it was also very updated with modern touches. They have a small restaurant and cafe there where you can make reservations to have a Tea Party. It is only offered on certain days, and certain time frames so check to see if they have availability. But it’s a bit pricey, about $30/pp but while we were waiting we were able to look around the different corridors to see all the architecture. It’s incredibly beautiful, and it’s also free, so that was a plus!

Next stop The Boston Tea Party

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This is fun if you didn’t take High School and it’s great for the kids. However, this isn’t as especially fun for a young couple like Ryan and I. But it was an experience nonetheless! The actors were great, in character the whole time, and they knew some pretty cool details of the actual night that it happened. You also watch a video of a reenactment of the infamous battle that followed suit after this brave display against the Tea Act. It does give you an appreciation of how bad ass our forefathers were! I think there was a story of one of the “Indians” who got hit in the head with a box full of tea and he passed out, so they announced, “so they did what any other good friend would do…” to which I yelled, “THEY TOSSED HIM OVERBOARD!!”….Dead silence. Apparently that was not the right answer! Side note: didn’t make too many friends that day.

They also have a waiting area too where you can purchase some fruit infused teas and other baked goods. Which was nice because the tour was about an hour long and we were starting to get a little hungry! Also a tip if you are thinking of going here: Buy your tickets online, they are cheaper that way than if you just went to the box office.

General Boston Highlights

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We had the pleasure of eating at some amazing places all within the dining network. We found some gems with the exception of Mikes Pasty, which is a staple in Boston known for their traditional Italian cannolis! Oh mama are they rich! They were VERY good and Ryan also wanted to try a cookie as well (he can’t help it). We also checked out the Russell House Tavern which has a gastro pub type of feel, food is great and the drinks are strong.

Some other cool places that we went to was a place that I never went to and had no aspirations of attending, which was Harvard Law School (sorry mom). It’s nested in the city of Cambridge which is a really nice area with lots of shops and food. Another side note: I ran into Michael Kors while were were walking along to get to dinner. He was really sweet and gracious btw. Ryan thought he was an ex I ran into. Lord I wish!

Also we decided the day we were leaving to do the freedom walk. Don’t ask me why, but we thought it would be a splendid idea to haul all of our luggage through 3 miles of history (we were also without a car). But walking 3 miles, would be only a fraction of struggle of what our ancestors went through, so we sucked it up! What’s great about the Freedom Walk is that it’s free, and it kind of gives you a small pathway to all the landmarks throughout the city of all the places that were a huge part of our History. Everything from Paul Revere’s house, down to the town church where everyone would meet and corroborate plans against the British. You can see in a couple pictures I posted they have bricks lining the sidewalks that kind of guide you around. We did get a bit sidetracked because we saw an Italian street fair going on and it seemed much more interesting than the freedom walk at the time so we took part in the festivities.

Some other fun things to do was the Boston Public Garden. Because it was summer, the flowers were all in bloom, and the swans were out on the lake, and it’s absolutely bustling with greenery. We happened to stumble upon there before we walked our happy butts to the iconic Cheers restaurant. It is a functioning restaurant, however it’s not set up like how it is on the show so don’t be too disappointed! We did not eat there, but it was quite packed. So if you plan on stopping by there, you want to get there early.

I will be heading out there again in the next few days to check it out again, but it will be right after Jonas of 2016 has passed so it will be much colder than the last time I was there. However if you are from the area, and you know of some stellar places to check out please put a comment below! I would love to see what else Boston has to offer!

Stay Healthy & Safe Travels,