Tips and Strategies on Dining Out

Well recently at my latest Weight Watchers meeting we discussed a common topic that a lot of people want to avoid dealing with, especially while they’re trying to lose weight.

The common issue that most Weight Watcher’s have is knowing how to count points when going out. “Well I can’t track if I don’t know the ingredients list, so looks like I’m not going to track!” And we all know that’s never good, so what can we do to help ourselves if we decide to go out? I love the program, but going out seems like such a pain in the butt to track when you decide to have a 20 course gourmet meal. But don’t fret because all is well, mommy Deeza is going to take good care of you! Also please don’t think that this only applies to people that are on the Weight Watchers Program, this applies to people that are looking to lose weight in general, you can practice these strategies as well!


There is such thing as eating healthy, delicious food and being full. This is my 15 point meal at Texas Roadhouse Restaurant.



  1. Starting off, the first thing you want to do is take control. If your coworkers want to go out to eat and they invite you, then take control of where everyone goes by stating places that you know the menu to. Don’t limit yourself to salad or grilled veggies at a place you don’t know. Yes they are good but don’t feel like you need to short yourself on a good meal. Weight Watchers is VERY good about having a number of restaurants in their data base as well as dishes if you decide to get take out that are already accounted for you.
  2. Next, research the dishes. If you go to practically any restaurants website, you’ll be able to download a menu and from there you can account for the meal before you arrive. It’s always best to gave a gameplayn before you go. They went all 86 on that dish? (restaurant terminology for sold out) Then have a plan B, even a plan C! Pro tip: if you are eating at a restaurant that is featured in New York or in California, then make sure to check menus in that state. Both states are very strict on what’s needs to be disclosed so to get the most information check the menus if they are offered from those states.
  3. Exercise portion control. Once you arrive and you order your meal, make sure you ask the waiter to box half your meal to-go for you. Then have them bring the to go order at the end of the meal that way you’re not see in half your meal go away, or even have it look as though a hurricane passed through. They (most of the time) will put your order together much nicer then you would typically. Alternatively, you could always order the smaller lunch portion as well. Serving sizes tend to be doubled when you’re going out to eat so pick a portion that is best for you. PRO TIP: log all the items that you may THINK you might consume while you’re there then delete them off app if you don’t.Always have at least 2 glasses of water when you’re sitting down at a restaurant.
  4. Drink ALL the water. In most restaurants, if there isn’t a drought in your area, or you’re in Flint, will bring water to the table for you. It’s best to
    drink all of it, most importantly at the start of the meal.  Towards the end of the meal be sure to drink all your water as well, it’ll carry you over for awhile. Most of the time when you feel hungry is when you’re actually thirsty, so drink up bitches!
    Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty
    -Derek Zoolander

These tips should give you a more full proof plan when going out to eat and it’s not so daunting. When you start doing this more often, you start to get in the hang of what dishes to get and what dishes to avoid. My favorite thing is once I figure out how much dishes cost in points, then I order it all the time. Then I start to build my Rolodex of dishes and know what I order when I get to any restaurant I go to.

And for all those crazy control freaks that absolutely HAVE to know every portion size etc. Calm down, and even if it’s not in the WW database, just ball park. I always error on the side of caution when counting my points. If I go over, who cares? Just take a walk outside, or do 10 squats in my bedroom and I’m good! I hope this helps you all, and if you have any suggestions please put them down in the comments below!


Stay Healthy,



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