Eat Slowly and Mindfully

First thing out of my husband’s mouth, “Haha, this is something that Ediza does NOT do!” And that jerk is 100% right! This week’s WW meeting is something that I’ve been attempting the past 2 weeks. It’s even something that I’ve tried last night! So it was quite the refresher course to hear about all the different ways that you can do to control your food intake. Now don’t get me wrong, I love to shovel popcorn by to the fistfuls when I’m watching a movie. But they’ve come up with some really smart suggestions to keeping that belly happy and slowing down that airplane from crash landing in your mouth!

  1. Try sipping some water in between each bite.
  2. Place a mirror in front of you while your eating.
  3. Try eating with smaller utensils.
  4. Chew each bite 25 times before you swallow.
  5. Identify each ingredient before you eat it.
  6. Set a timer on the table before each bite.

Now these are all quite creative I have to say. Now mind you these were the ones suggested at my meeting, and I personally wouldn’t do these because they are undoubtedly too much work. But I’m sure there are other ways that are much less effort in order to obtain the same results.

The reason why this is so necessary is that you really want to train yourself to take your time to finish your food, since it is true that it takes time for your brain to realize it’s full. For those of us who like to scarf down our meals in one fell swoop, we’re the ones who still feel hungry after our 1 portion has been consumed. Since there is a waiting period for your brain to sound off the no mas alarm, you’re more likely to consume above the recommended amount, thus using up more points than what’s budgeted for the day. So set those timers, tell a story to someone, or nuke your food up to scorching hot so that each bite needs a nice minute or two to be edible. Slow your roll, and get full on time. I’ll be working on not eating like a frog, and you guys tell me what your goals are. I’m sure you guys have some tricks up your sleeve! Tell me more in the comments below.

Stay healthy,

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