Before You Accept Your Poshmark Purchases

So let me paint the scenario for you. Yes you just bought that brand new pair of Calvin Klein undergarments through Poshmark and can’t wait to Instagram it: #KILLIN’IT in my Calvins. But before you hit accept on your phone there are a few things that you need to do first before anything gets posted. I came up with a guide for you (you’re welcome) on what you should be looking for in all your new purchases. Please be mindful that the way Poshmark’s system is, you need to be absolutely sure that you are good to go with your items, otherwise it’s final. There are no tag backs on your transactions, so once you hit ‘ACCEPT’ or if you don’t do anything for 3 days, then sorry sukka, but you’re assed out!

Onward HO!

1.Read the description of the listing and make sure that everything is notated.


First things first (I’m the realest…lol sorry Iggy Azalea Joke) you need to make sure you’re getting what you’re expecting. I’ve had instances where I know that I read “Excellent Condition” on an item, then put in an offer. Only to have the seller change the description before they hit ACCEPT to my offer. My dumbass didn’t see the changes, and when I received the item, it looked the same but super worn out. Then when I went back to look at the description, it said ‘Good Condition’. So be sure you’re looking that they have everything listed on the item. If not, then ‘Item Not As Described’ that shit!

2. Check for blemishes.


Now I know ‘Good/Great/Excellent Condition’ really encompasses a lot. It’s a generality that most of us can shovel a lot of details under. “May have some stains”…ok getting closer. “Large brown stain on left nipple area”…yes much better. If you are purchasing, then make sure that you are asking all the specifics on items that are a little too vague. Find out what stains are where, how many are there, what’s it from, or even have them take pictures and put it on a new listing for you to see. Also, are there any rips or tears on your garment? Loose threading? Fraying on the bottom of the pant leg? Don’t let people pull the wool over your eyes, because if they can get away with selling you something that’s overpriced, they would in a heart beat.

3. Check for authenticity.


I posted another post on this a bit ago and the information still holds strong. I know you and I and the person next to you don’t own Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Celine, Hermes, Balenciaga, or any other high end luxury store for that matter, unless if you do, then welcome to my blog =). But if you’re no expert, then take my advice and go to them to make sure that it’s real. You have 3 days to get this done and I would hurry before the transaction closes, because if it does, then you may have paid for an item that may not be authentic.

4. Check the sizing.

Cinderella. Drizella. Glass slipper. I'll make it fit


OMG I cannot tell you how many times I purchased something that stated one size and it was another. I also cannot tell you how many times I sold something that I marked one size and it was another, so I understand how that happens. Also, for those of you who get crazy about getting a 3 star review for incorrectly labeling an item, those 3 stars are well deserved. You cannot expect someone to give you 5 stars for an item that they cannot wear. Please also take note about how the rating system works, it’ll make you feel much more at ease.

Nevertheless, sizing doesn’t just fall under S/M/L but also under measurements. Make sure that if someone said that the waist in 14.5 inches across, it’s 14.5 inches across. Or even if the pants are bootcut, but instead they’re skinny, make sure the fit is what you were anticipating.

5. Check for wear.

giphy (1).gif

@Gordomom said something at Poshfest 2014 on the panel about customer service (she is amazing at mentoring new Poshers btw) where she said that NWT does not mean that it’s in excellent condition. 100% true. I think that people have this notion that if an item is New With Tags that they automatically assume that it’s in perfect pristine condition. It can have tags on it, but it may have come from a resell store, or even from the beat up clearance rack. You know what rack I’m talking about, so check your items.

Wear also includes smells. Ladies, you and I both know that we don’t fart rainbows and sweat Chanel No.5. So don’t think that you can sell a used item that smells of cigarettes and bad decisions and pass it off as ‘excellent condition’. Just don’t.

6. Check that it’s the right item.


IT WAS ONE TIME OKAYYYYYYY!!!!! I was the bad person who swapped labels and sent the wrong items to the wrong people. Thankfully both parties were like, “wtf?!” and Poshmark sorted it out for everyone, so it ended happily ever after. However, you may catch yourself not paying attention and find yourself with a pair of Jordache Jeans while someone else may have your Hudsons.

That’s all I can think of so far. But I know some of you out there have some horror stories that would like to share, please feel free to do so at the bottom of this post. Also if you have something to contribute to help others out, don’t be shy and help a posher out! Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog, or don’t. I’m just a blogger, not a cop.

Stay Healthy,



One thought on “Before You Accept Your Poshmark Purchases”

  1. So funny about changing the listing. I thought I was buying a Michael Kors fur hood coat and when I received it , it was Steve Madden , I was like am I going crazy ???and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it because she changed the listing. I’m still mad, I don’t wear Steve Madden but it is cute lol.

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