Washington D.C

Hey fam!

Just wanted to give all of you an update of our trip to Washington DC. Ryan and I were given an opportunity to fly down to Washington for Ryan’s aviation conference, so we did with any other young couple with a club plane would do, we flew there ourselves!

One of the best parts of flying privately, is that you get to see a lot more of the scenery then you would if you were just a passenger on a commercial flight. Because of the strong winds in the direction towards Maryland we were able to arrive in a very short amount of time. The trip would usually take us about 3 1/2 hours but because of the strong tailwind we were able to arrive in approximately 2 1/2 hours. So it wasn’t bad for a first long flight!

Once we arrived we spent the whole day sightseeing all the major hotspots that you would go to see if you went to DC. First of which I had to take a view of the White House, it’s so iconic and it’s so cool to see in person. You see it all the time in the news, or in the movies, but seeing it with your own eyes was just simply invigorating.

We had a great time biking around DC using the bike share program that they have there. It’s called capital city bikes and it was fairly reasonable in terms of price. It’s $2 for a single trip which is timed to about 30 minutes. Any time after that would cost you another $2 for any additional 30 minutes you were using the bike. That goes for the day pass which is $8 for the entire day but each trip needs to equal 30 minutes.

We biked around the national mall, where there is no shopping (I found that out the hard way), where you could see the National Capital building, Washington Monument, and Lincoln Memorial. On that particular day the museums were open an extra couple of hours so we decided to head over to the National Air and Space Museum, but on our way over there I heard Charlie Puth playing live at the gay pride festival downtown. So I made Ryan detour over there so I can get a glimpse of Charlie Puth!

I didn’t get to hear a full song, because we had to make it to the museum since we were pressed for time, but I did get a nice glimpse of him playing and did get to hear him saying so it was quite nice! Often times like these, I think about how lucky I am to be at the right place at the right time to experience these little moments. I was thinking to myself the other day how I should buy tickets to his concert, but then here he is in DC the same time that I am, and I literally float over to the sound of his voice and see him playing a concert for free!

I also got to meet one of the famous SnapTravelers on her trip to D.C, which was all good and fun! D.C is great, if you’re feeling like you want a place to go that’s multicultural and diverse. I was in awe of all the amazing monuments and history behind every building, brick, and shop there. It’s almost like stepping back in time. The best part about DC is being able to find anything and everything that you want without having to look or travel far for it. Highly recommend getting a tour if you can, it’s a great way to get the feel of DC and no some extra history behind some of the things that you’re seeing.

To see my first that day there, I have loaded up my Snapchat story so go check it out! Also the audio is a bit off, after the picture of our food, but you get the jist of it!
Stay healthy,

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