Lifetime Fitness 60-Day Challenge

I feel a bit late writing this up seeing as though the challenge started 3 weeks ago. But nevertheless I’ve started on my quest to do something great. For the past 3 years I’ve had 2 failed attempts at losing weight and this time I’m not going to let it happen. You know what they say, “Fall down seven times, stand up eight.” So I feel much more determined! 😏
I’ve started out with about a month’s worth of training already in working with the personal training group called TEAM Weightloss. When you sign up for the training you basically start at TEAM Weightloss, then you graduate to TEAM Fitness, and from there you move on to TEAM Bootcamp. So I’m still dusting the cobwebs off the ole joints and getting my muscles used to working out. But it’s getting there, I still have a hard time and I’ve been working out 4 weeks before the challenge (7 total weeks).

TEAM Canton at Lifetime Fitness

What’s really helped me with my crazy hectic travel schedule is that I get to make up classes in different gyms across the country. So I’ve been to Indianapolis, Washington D.C, Atlanta, and of course my home gym in Michigan and I keep up with the training schedule so I don’t fall behind.

I’ve been doing so well with Weight Watchers that I feel like I’m probably gaining more muscle and it’s offsetting the scale a bit. I mean my last test I did a full 3:00min plank, but still weigh within 10 lbs of my starting weight. I blame my thick ass, but who cares I’m still happy that I want to go to my classes and that I am still motivated.

Trainer Sarah at Lifetime Fitness Rockville, MD

Goals right now for this 60-day challenge, although they are geared to win $10,000. I would be happy with a healthy body! Right now my BMI still shows “over” so as long as that gets in the healthy range, I’ll take it as a win!

STATS at the beginning of the 60 day challenge

I told myself that I HAVE to finish, I have to get healthy and stay there. I’m glad you’re all here cheering me on, you don’t have to comment, or share for me to know you’re there. Just by you reading this, I know you’re with me.

Stay healthy,

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