Closet of the Month: July 2016

I’d like to introduce a really great friend of mine who I especially wanted to feature this month because I’ve seen her stuff in person, and I LOVE IT! If you’re looking for some really great accessories (I mean who isn’t?!) Jo-Ann has some amazing stuff at really great prices. She has statement pieces that take your fab outfits to glam, and that’s just with one piece! I hope you peruse her closet to find some amazing finds, and make sure to tell her I send you, so without further adieu, here’s Jo-Ann:

  1. Please introduce yourself! Give us all the deets to where we can stalk you! lol
    Jo-Ann Gadia Bravo
    Poshmark Closet: @jgbravo
  2. How long have you been with Poshmark?
    Since January 2013
  3. What brands do you have in your closet?
    Boutique and wholesale items
  4. How do you create your cover shots?
    I usually do it in mid morning on weekends so I have plenty of time, and I use white background.
  5. How do you think your closet’s style separates you from other Poshers?
    I personally hand pick each item that I sell, and inspect them individually for perfection. My collections are unique, stylish and affordable.
  6. Share with us your favorite Poshmark Story (positive please)
    Meeting wonderful women that became part of my life as my best friends.
  7. What is one tip that you could give yourself that you wish you knew when you started?
    “You don’t need to accept every offer that comesFullSizeRender_4 your way.”
  8. What do you do to stay healthy? (We like to hear creative ways!)
    I don’t eat after 5pm, I walk 10k steps or more a day.
  9. Favorite purchase off Poshmark?

Silver Fendi Sandals

Feel free to check out her closet by clicking on any of the pics below!

Stay Healthy,



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