What Do I Wear To PoshFest 2016?!

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Reader Amy asked if I can do a post on what we should wear to PoshFest 2016. Ask and you shall receive! If you’re like me and flying into Los Angeles for this year’s annual Poshmark PoshFest gathering you’re probably berating your brain with the age old question: WHAT DO I WEAR?!

group photo with CEO Manish Chandra Poshfest 2014

I’m going to throwdown the lowdown on some Do’s and Don’ts to help your little butt out so that you can pack care free and have all the essentials, as well as some stylish outfits prepped and ready to go!

For those of you who have been to PoshFest  before you kinda have a good idea as to what is in store for the days ahead. But if this is your first time, I would check out the agenda here just so you know what you’ll be getting into.

Evening wear ideas for Poshfest Pre-Party

Day 0 – Poshmark Pre-party, Friday September 30

This will be an evening attire event, so plan to dress like you would at a swanky bar. So no ball gowns, PJ’s or bathing suits required at this event. This is a time that you’ll be on your feet a lot through the evening, so plan your footwear accordingly. Also, this is the night before the event the next morning so don’t plan on partying too hard! What to wear: party outfit, sparkle, stylish, heels/wedges, make-up, hair, the whole nine!

@exglobetrotter poshfest 2014


Day 1 – PoshFest Saturday Morning October 1

This day will start off as a social hour, lots of meet and greets, exploring the area, and then a TON of panels. They’re usually pretty back to back and you’ll be sitting most of the time before we break out into workshops. I am under the impression that the venue has climate control so bring a light jacket just in case. What to wear: business casual with a panache of style! I would recommend wedges rather than heels, or super cute flats!

Poshmark’s Poshfest Evening Party

Day 1 (cont.) – Saturday Evening PoshFest Party

So remember this isn’t prom. Still no ball gowns at this event but I would like to think of the ambience more as a New Years Eve party. You will be dancing, you will (possibly) have some appetizers to munch on, and drinks to consume. Also there will be photos! So dress to impress, so you can party hard! What NOT to wear: flip flops, swim suit, winter clothing, costumes, and active wear.

Day 2 – Poshfest Sunday October 2

So if you aren’t terribly hung over (like I was at the first PoshFest in Vegas…don’t judge me, everyone was! Lol) this would be a good day to wear a comfortable outfit of your choice. There will be some finishing remarks and some long lasting goodbyes before everyone parts ways, but t-shirt, jeans, booties are pretty common on the last day, but really you can wear any nice outfit. Just don’t come with vomit in your hair, or look like a hot mess from the night before.

In conclusion…

I hope this helps you ladies pick out your outfits for PoshFest before you jet set out to sunny Los Angeles! On another note, if you happen to not check the weather, Los Angeles is in the triple digits, so it is hot hot hot. Don’t think if you’re from the East Coast that since the weather is starting to tone down, that your blanket scarf, pumpkin spice havin’ ass, fall attire is gonna work here. Nuh uh! It is hot and dry, so keep that in mind.

Also- don’t think that you have to get decked out in all super designer attire and that everyone is a freakin’ Victoria Secret supermodel at the event. No- we’re just normal women & men who love to sell fashion, all different shapes and sizes. Just think you’re going to a convention of all small business owners. So rock your own style, come and meet some new friends, and if you’re scared, come find me, I’ll hang with you! It’ll be fun, we will have a blast! If you’re still pretty curious, then check out the video I made of POSHFEST 2014 RECAP below:

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What are you gonna wear to Poshfest?

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My Week In Sales – Men’s Items Are Hot!

Good morning fam!

Just wanted to do a quick Poshmark blog post today and share some of my weekly trials and triumphs. This past week was pretty good, Ryan and I did some last minute shopping for the week and while we were out we snagged a few men’s fashion items that we wanted to re-sell. I posted them up within 24 hours and within the week BOTH items sold!

Men’s Nike Running Shoes 8.5
I absolutely couldn’t believe it! It sold faster than my $30 Twilight jacket from BB Dakota (which was severely underpriced btw)! But I’ve only had 3 items in my closet that were men’s and to have 2 of them sell so quickly?! Just WOW!! If you’re handsome hubby has clothes to re-sell get em to start modeling because MEN’S ITEMS ARE HOT!!

Ashton Kutcher Poshmark Pop Up Shop
Also with Ashton Kutcher’s Pop Up shop it’s causing a new influx of male users and shoppers. Not to mention his whole closet sold in less than 2 hours. I mean my husband wants to start up on Poshmark now. He’s got the bug!!

Be sure to check out part 2 of Ashton’s pop up shop today at 12pm PST!

I’m telling you ladies, if you’re looking to make some quick extra sales, start moving out some of your husbands inventory and start making some extra cash. That way you can also make some space in the closet for your stuff too!! LOLz

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What Should I Be Pricing My Listings At?

Ask and you shall receive!

Reader Tamara Austin sent me a few Poshmark listing questions that I thought should be answered in a blog post:

“What you recommend pricing items should be? I was only able to find one other Poshmarker who made the recommendation that you should mark 50-40% off retail price, and 30% items that are new with tags. What is your take on pricing? Do you mark off a different percentage if the item is new with tags? Do you wait for a certain amount of time to go by before lowering your pricing? I see there is a price drop button (still learning about that through your formula).”

Disclaimer: I for one am not a business expert. I also am not a marketing expert, so please don’t take my word as the bible. I am only an expert on my own experiences and what has been proven successful to me. So your mileage may very.

I generally have a rule of thumb when it comes to pricing things: Don’t spend what you can’t sell. I for one have this problem allllllllllllll the freakin time. I buy something to resell and then for whatever reason forget to list the item and then later can’t sell it afterwards. OR spend on an item only to break even or lose money on a deal. Pricing your items needs to be at a sweet spot to where people will purchase your items at a decent price and you can make some sweet cash off of it!

First and foremost, you can price anything however you want to. I don’t know if you’re Jennifer Lawrence or if you’re Dita Von Tease. Because if you are, you can pretty much get away with selling an old pair of gym shorts for an obscene amount of money and forego all my advice. But if you’re like me, then listen up!

Charging an arm and a leg for NWT tags items aren’t always the the go -to.

NEW with Tags! (NWT)

There are two parts of this puzzle. Having something new with tags doesn’t mean you get free reign to price however you want. Obviously there’s a price cap, and condition still plays a huge role when you are pricing. If something is NWT it doesn’t automatically make it in pristine condition. Additionally if it’s new but also very old you probably won’t get to price too high. Alternatively, if you have a brand new item that’s well worth its value then feel free to price even up to retail. The only problem with that is, people don’t like to buy anything that’s priced retail, otherwise they would just buy it retail. You can only get away with this if it’s a limited edition kind of product, if that’s the case then it’s no holds bar at that point. But if you’re buying it cheap, I never go buy what’s on the price tag, I always go by what I PAID for it. I tend to put at least a 50% markup on items because I know Poshmark’s commission is 20% and I would like to get at least 30% more for the item. Does that always happen? No. Because people lowball the fuck outta me, and I get desperate or if I’m too lazy to check my spreadsheet to see if I’m losing money on something or not. So learn from my laziness and keep your prices handy!

Pricing your brand name items has it’s perks, but still has some restrictions!

Brand name items

My favorite category! For me personally, this is something I stick with if I am planning on reselling at all. People LOVE brands, they stick to brands, they follow and pledge their allegiance to brands. It’s one of the safest bets you can make as a seller in this Poshmarket, so choose your brands wisely! When you’re pricing your brands you can get away with  close to retail because people are loyal. However keep you eye out for dying brands. Some brands lose value on the market if they are constantly being sold for less and less, so check how the brand is doing on the app and see what people are selling it for and price around there. But like I said earlier, it’s your prerogative how you price, you just don’t want to be completely unapproachable to where people are embarrassed to give you a reasonable offer for an item when it comes off as a lowball.

Pricing pre-loved items are fairly easy and simple!

Used Items

I personally have a rule for used items that are:

  1. Not brand named.
  2. Not in season.
  3. Excellent – Good condition.

I don’t price with the expectation that I am making over $20. That’s just a going trend on items that have sold with me on my closet. Now I don’t tend to have super cute clothes in my closet, but if there’s an item that should just go to the goodwill or a local women’s rescue mission, i’ll just either part with it or sell it cheap. Now believe you me I take nice pics of the item, and clean it and spiff it up to market the crap out of it. But if it doesn’t sell and you’re sure it won’t sell, then cut your losses and move on. Now you can list higher than $25 if you want, but if it’s handmade, one of a kind item then it’ll take much more convincing on your end to get it sold.

In closing…

This is not BIBLE but this is a guide on how I price things based on how I sell. I usually sell at least one thing a day, if I am doing everything right. So hopefully you adjust on your items and then they can start flying off the shelves at reasonable rates.

This is all my little brain can throw out on paper for now. I’m completely fried. If you can find a typo please do so by clicking ‘Leave A Comment’ underneath the title. Hopefully this helps you sort out some of the questions you have on how you need to list your items at. Good Luck! If you have more questions please leave a comment, and I will answer it below fairly quickly, because I’m super nice like that =)


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How To Get More ‘Likes’ on Poshmark

One of the biggest questions that I get on a daily basis is: How do I get more likes on Poshmark? It doesn’t surprise me since the Price Drop Notification Feature made its claim to fame when people started realizing that dropping their prices would make them major bucks by notifying all the people that liked the item, thus generating more sales. But ultimately, how do you get people to like your stuff enough to sell it to them? Continue reading How To Get More ‘Likes’ on Poshmark