Poshmark Tip of The Day: Timing Is Everything

What Are The Best Times To Do What on Poshmark? Well there is a sweet spot for everything, from listing to sharing, even shopping! So what are the best times to do anything?


There’s really no wrong time to do this but according to Poshmark’s analytics team down at PMHQ, the majority of Poshmark listings go up on Sundays. People have the tendency to do the bulk of their shopping at any retailer on Fridays (because people get paid) and purge items on Sundays. Although I like to list everyday so, really there’s no bad time, there’s just the most common.


6pm PST/ 9pm EST – is the peak user time. Us East Coasters are winding down to bed, and people on the West Coast (Best Coast) are off work. So user activity would make sense at that time. So share away, like away, and introduce yourself to the many new users. This is your social power hour. If you are planning to do your 30 minute poshing, this is the time to do it!


First and foremost, best time to shop is during the Price Drop days, because they offer lowered – free shipping on items, and that is a killer deal on any transaction, I don’t care who you are! With the Make an Offer feature on the app, it makes it possible for you to get the best deals at any time. But if you’re looking for the first fresh picks? It’s Sunday, when everyone is listing!

Have any good sweet spots you like to share? Put them in the comments down below. Also put your closet name so others can check it out!

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2 thoughts on “Poshmark Tip of The Day: Timing Is Everything”

  1. Thanks for sharing such great tips! I just joined this last week and am finding it not only a way to make money but a fun creative outlet in the creating of pictures and styles! I’m urbn_style on Posh and would love your feedback!

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