Poshmark Tip of the Week: The Crazy 8

First off, I want to start off by apologizing for being so MIA as of late. Those of you who follow me on Snapchat or Instagram know that I’ve been 1) moving & 2) Traveling (on vaycay and for work). So the past two months have been crazy busy for me so I haven’t had a moment to sit down and just write. But during that time I’ve come up with some crazy good material that I hope you’ll enjoy in the coming weeks!

So let’s start off with THE CRAZY 8!!!

It’s not been long since Poshmark opened up their listings to have 8 photos on the app. But have you thought of using all the spaces? I vaguely remember back in 2014 when Poshfest had a panel of Poshmark heads and one of them had brought up the idea of having 8 photos and how that could bring up the value of your listing.

So I recommend, if I were you, get as many photos as you can into the listing. It may get your listing shown more, to more eyes, and have a better chance of selling.

But what if it’s an old listing and you put the item away, do I need to take more pics of it?

No actually, just fill it in with a picture of your sales and repeat it!

Yes it’s a bit more work, but it can only help you sell more! Feel free to like and comment on this post. Have you tried this method? I’d like to hear your honest opinion. Please put your closet name below so we can all check out and peruse each other’s closets!
Stay Healthy,

4 thoughts on “Poshmark Tip of the Week: The Crazy 8”

  1. I definitely take advantage of the 8 spaces when needed, but I’m curious as to your saying it helps to even repeat the same image just to use up all 8? How does that work, because it would seem that would just annoy potential buyers wanting to get to the description…? Does PoshMark algorithm somehow favor items with more images or something? I’m intrigued by this, would love some clarification so I can optimize my listings if I need to add more photos 🙂


  2. I try to take advantage of using all 8 spaces. I’ll take 3-4 good ones that I rotate as the “cover” photo so the listing looks fresh and new. Now if there were a way to remove all of the older comments underneath the listings that would be a plus too! Then it wouldn’t show how “old” the listing is since the dates are shown next to the comments. I’ve got a handful of older listings which I’d hate to have to delete and re-list since I’ve added “fresh & new” pics. I’ve been on the site almost 4 yrs now and the addition of the 4 spaces has been a godsend especially with listing high dollar handbags which do require multiple pics 👌to capture authenticity details like date codes, specific holograms, markings, etc..


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