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Willfredo Gerardo FW/16 for Art Hearts Fashion

It was a wonderful night in fashion especially for Latin American designers to be representing their community, but the highlight of the evening had to be the closing designer that captured the evening, Wilfredo Gerardo at the Angel Orensanz Foundation.

Angel Orsanz Foundation Healthy Girl Fashion Art Hearts Fashion
Angel Orensanz Foundation. The gorgeous well lit venue, surrounded by art and dripping with detail. Same place Sarah Jessica Parker had her wedding!

I don’t write this because he’s my good friend and I’m more biased, or even because I’m a girl and I like dresses. But because his designs are what every girl wants to feel in a dress, expensive, and luxurious. Last Monday we got a sneek peak into what his collection has to offer and it’s stunning!

Willfredo Gerardo’s models backstage NYFW 2016 Fall Winter collection.

Most definitely the central theme revolved around darker and neutral hues, as well as beaded and shimmering sheers. Lot’s of depth to the pieces yet simple and elegant, high slits stole the evening and very dramatic cut outs.

These few were my favorites on the runway, and it was so spectacular. The last pic you see is the famous celebrity model Daphnie Joy wearing one of his pieces. The energy in the house was so tremendous. Even though the other designers had a few key pieces that were quite amazing, Willfredo’s pieces took the night. When the music took over, people were waiting with baited breath to see what Willfredo was showcasing and he did not disappoint. Especially when the nude with black overlay dress stepped out, you could hear a gasp throughout the house because that piece was simply gorgeous. Another highlight of the evening was having celebrity pop star Jason Derulo sitting in front of me. I wanted so bad to say something to him, but didn’t want to start geeking out all over.

Willfredo Gerardo Jason Derulo NYFW 2016
Willfredo Gerardo, Daphne Joy, & Jason Derulo posing for Art Hearts Fashion Latin Night NYFW FW/2016

I’m happy to report that the trend that’s up and coming is, and will be, nude or sheer juxtapositions. Willfredo was not the only designer showcasing that, some of which are Emilo de la Morena, and Alexander McQueen to name a couple. So ladies, it looks like these upcoming few months, (since we’ve had some mild winters) we’ll be making room for more sun, sheer, and sparkle.

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Taking Questions!

Hey all, as we are expanding our YouTube Channel Healthy Girl TV, we wanted to open it up to some questions that you may want answered that we haven’t yet answered on the blog and wanted to clarify on the channel. Please make sure you either email them to me at OR please put them in the comment box for me to answer.

I’ll be posting the video sometime this week!


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GUYS!!! What the *&^$(*# is going on!?!? I’m frickin’ going to fashion week and my head’s a whirlwind right now!

HGF has just received confirmation for my first show with Art Hearts Fashion and I am more than ecstatic! This will be the first time that I will be headed out to New York to attend fashion week and I am already looking into outfits to wear. This is a new adventure for me and will be looking for some amazing designs to share with you all! If you want up to the second coverage of NYFW please follow my Snapchat my code is on the sidebar or you can add me in by username: edizarodriguez, also head back to to the site I’ll be updating my instagram too!

My first invitation to NYFW Fall/Winter 2016 with Art Hearts Fashion

My hotel is booked, RSVP’d YES, and flight is ready! I can’t wait to share the everything with you! Stay tuned!


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Holiday Soiree, NAIAS 2016 and More!

It’s been busy this entire week, with work and mending this blog. I have re-organized and added more categories to my blog so you’ll be seeing some more posts of all the different things that I do, not just Poshmark stuff. Don’t worry that Poshmark stuff will still be there, but I will be adding more variety. This weekend we had our friends from OC come down to visit dreary old Detroit, and thankfully there’s some stuff to do this weekend. We had a Holiday Soiree with our friends from home and our friends from France and also attended the NAIAS 2016. Continue reading Holiday Soiree, NAIAS 2016 and More!

Free $10 Lounge Buddy Credit

This is probably my new favorite app on the traveling market. For those of you who do fly, or travel either for leisure or for business, this little app has become pretty handy. I have fallen victim to 12 hour layovers before, and let me tell you, sitting in ICN airport would have been terrible if it weren’t for the the Star Alliance lounge. Being at a lounge really does give the added sprinkles to your (what could be) chaotic travel experience. Continue reading Free $10 Lounge Buddy Credit