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1. I’M HOSTING TOMORROW – So just recently I was contacted by Poshmark’s Social Media team to host a Poshmark Poshparty tomorrow 7/15/14. Please tag me in any of the items that you want me to feature or choose as a HP! The theme is Boho Babe so please tag me on any items that match that theme

2. POSHFEST 2014 – Yes that is correct I am going to Poshfest this year in San Francisco, CA and I hope to meet you ladies there! I will be doing some contest giveaways from so be ready for some poshfest contest announcements coming soon! I can’t wait to meet all of you!BsN65CuCQAA-kqN

3. CLOSET OF THE WEEK – I started a new feature called “Closet of the Week” and I wanted to highlight a posher’s closet that I think is super amaze! Look for that post tonight/ tomorrow morning. The posher that I picked, you won’t be disappointed and for sure stop by her closet because she has some amazing deals!!

4. POSHMARK’S BLOG ON TUMBLR – In conjunction with my hosting this week Poshmark also reached out to me to feature me on their blog tomorrow! They sent me a Q&A and I sent them my answers and a few new photos from a recent photoshoot with La Luna Photography (she’s located in Orange County CA so find her on yelp!). Check out some of the pics below but also check it out on Thursday as well!! I can’t wait!!

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and the winner is…

Wow, such a wonderful turnout for my first month of blogging! I’ve been so blessed to be given some new and exciting opportunities with this blog that I cannot wait to share in the near future! First and foremost I would like to thank you all for following and I hope that you continue to follow since I have been afforded the opportunity to give away even more wonderful prizes such as this Kate Spade Card Holder.

After gathering all the names and all the email addresses, I placed them into a randomizer and it has chosen the recipient of this lovely prize! So here it is, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

I’d like to be the first to congratulate Ms. Min Jung Kim!! (first off, I hope that’s right since I am going off your email address… don’t worry Ms. Kim, we’ve contacted you by your email address so that we can send you your prize)

Woo hoo! I am so excited to put on my next free give away it was so much fun! All names will be stored for the next random drawing so don’t go away! The more blogs you follow and the more times you comment and share, multiplies your chances of being picked!

Stay tuned, I can’t wait to announce the next give away!

Stay beautiful, stay chic, but most importantly, stay healthy 😉


its britney bitch.

I am a HUGE Britney fan. I’ve loved her from Baby One More Time all the way to her shaved bald head to even after K-Fed. Her music transcends decade after decade. So it’s no surprise that when she posted up residency in Vegas at Planet Hollywood that I scooted my little broken 4-runner over to sin city. Here’s my review of the show:

Upon arrival to the theatre, you see several different backdrops, much like the ones you see on Hollywood Red Carpet Parties, with a bunch of logo’s on the back. You walk up and have your picture taken and they hand you a card, much like the pictures that you take when you first arrive at a theme park and you get your picture later on and purchase it in the evening, it’s the same concept. Then you walk around and see different costumes that Britney wore for her different videos, Toxic, Work Bitch, Oops! I did it again, and Circus. Totally cool, I snagged a pic of one from Work Bitch, but my iPhone was too loaded with videos of the show here’s one below-


So then you enter the theatre, and it’s like a good sized theatre with a stage that comes out and they have a mosh pit section. The seats we had ere decent, but you could still see everything, and the farther out you are you see more of the stuff that happens up above. First things first, that I want to mention, is that the set is AMAZING, kudos to her set designer because they went all out for her!


There WERE some parts that were kinda corny, like she did one set that the song was choreographed with just chairs, and it wasn’t executed very well so we did see some numbers that were like that.


So here’s a Pano of the stage, the speakers up above are actually images on a screen that really pull everyone’s attention into the show, so it’s pretty wild. There are some things hat I want to make sure is clear about the show. It’s a SHOW, not a concert. So stand when you’re supposed to stand and sit when you’re supposed to sit. Also since this isn’t a concert, there’s no opening act, it starts when it starts. So be there, get your drinks onetime. Also, get your souvenirs before the show, because honey, they fly off the shelves after the show. That’s about it! Hope you get to see it, IT’S SOOOOOO WORTH IT!!


One sweet giveaway

That’s right, you heard correctly! will be giving away a free kate spade Wellesley Card Holder. It’s a pretty bitchin give away if I may say so myself!! This is a no joke give away, I will be giving this to anyone at random, so join the fandom (so no haters please!) meaning someone who likes, Facebook shares, and follows this blog, or any of my other blogs! Or my Poshmark Closet! Or my twitter! Or my Facebook page! Or my Vine! (Jeez laweez) Check em ALL out! The more I see your face, the more ill love you!! The lucky person will be announced March 1, 2014!!