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Closet of the Month: January 2016


What better way to ring in the new year than with a BANG?! I decided to bring this feature back into action by making it an open forum for all to be eligible to be featured! Make sure you see below for details on how you can get your closet featured to be the Closet of the Month!

This month we wanted to start of strong and feature the very lovely and fashionable, @vogueandvuitton from The Haute Agenda. Angela has been working very hard to have her fashion dreams come true which is why she is studying abroad in London, England. You can see more details about it here, and be sure to donate, you may be funding a future senior designer for Dior or CHANEL! I’ve already donated $150 so I hope you all pitch in.

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What I love most about her closet is that it’s clean and crisp! There are a number of photos in her closet that are just so eye catching and sweet it’s hard to chose just one.


Angela has been a Poshmark member for only 1 year now and is using Poshmark as an additional source of income in addition to her regular job at Hollister. She has uber cute style and the clothes she has on her site are amazing so be sure to check out what she has to offer!

Tell us about yourself Angela:

Hi my name is Angela, I am from sunny Southern Ca. I am a college student looking to be a part of the fashion industry. I love to travel and want to see more of the world through fashion.

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Why did you choose Poshmark to sell your stuff?

I choose Poshmark because, I love how easy it is to shop. Also with the help of the Poshmark staff, if there are any issues, I know I can rely on them to resolve anything quickly and smoothly. When I am shopping it’s so easy to find items that you are looking for and I am always aware of the latest trends and fads.

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What’s your style like?

I like to describe myself as style first and comfort second because I mirror my style to street fashion. My favorite brands are Zara , Top Shop, and Wildfox.


What’s one important tip that you do that keeps you healthy?

I drink a lot of water. I just feel that I need to keep my body hydrated so I drink as much water as I can throughout the day.


What is your blog about?

My blog is all about style, fashion, lifestyle, food and travel. After traveling to Europe and exploring different cities I really wanted to share my experiences with others.

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Thank you so much Angela for being our Healthy Girl Closet of the Month! If you want to see more of Angela click on any of her pictures to go to her blog The Haute Agenda or click on her user name to go to her closet up top!

For those of you that would like a chance to be featured as a Healthy Girl Closet of the Month, feel free to email me: and send me a link to your closet! There are only a few spots left and this is an open call to anyone! Good luck!

Stay Healthy,