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How Descriptions and Details Help Sell Your Items Faster

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Today as I was listing a few items in my Poshmark closet it struck me how many details and descriptions you have to add in your listing before it actually goes up on the market. Not saying that listing an item takes hours but if you can spend a little extra time slamming every detail that you can initially in a listing, it can really benefit you in the long run!

Now I don’t know the exact percentage but what I do know is that a great majority of people who purchase on Poshmark primarily have an idea of what they’re looking for so they shop based on the search function. For instance: if someone’s looking for new yoga clothes, they’re either seachering under the type of item specifically, or a brand.

Poshmark analytics- shopping by brand lets the system know you’re into that brand!

Poshmark in their newest update (v 2.52) has grown much smarter to your shopping habits and patterns to provide you with the BEST shopping experience so that you can buy what you need or what you may potentially want. So if you typically buy items that are NTW by Lululemon Athletica then they’re going to show you items in your size that are NWT by Lululemon. Also saving people and brands that you’ve had the latest interactions with to make shopping easier. Ok, so what does that mean?

I have a point I promise!

Knowing that people shop by searching and Poshmark’s analytics this is very much to your benefit as a seller. Why? Because each part of your listing is one extra detail that people can search and *FIND* you items! Everyone talks about being seen, having their items get seen by people so they have a higher chance of purchasing right? All of the strategies and tactics that we use, it’s all to get your items in front of buyers to BUY them. Well it really all starts at the beginning with the listing. Titling, details and descriptions are added outlets to people’s searches. Throw in as many details as you can in your listings (and don’t use hashtags # they don’t work) so your listings pop up as often as they can when people are searching.

Oh, and the part about Poshmark?

Poshmark listings – I was looking at some YSL listings the other day, and look what shows up on my feed!

Well, Poshmark curates your feed for you based on your followers, likes, shares, searches, and shopping habits. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a compilation of JUST your followers, Poshmark wants you to check out items that may fit your criteria so you can potentially purchase even though you may not follow the person or they may not follow you. This is what happens when a listing shows up organically. This is what you want. You want your items to be naturally placed in front of people’s eyes without any additional effort. No shares from you, no shares from others, just put in the front window of a potential shopper who has purchased items like yours before. Easy fo sheezy!

Ok so how do you get that magical organic listing that shows up on people’s feeds and on a bunch of people’s search finds?


Listing your Poshmark Item- Fill out all of the items descriptions and details to the T!!

Adding as much detail to your items really increases your chances of finding the RIGHT shopper to you. Going off of this listing, anything in 8.5 / brown / flats my listing will pop up at the top! Alternatively, if I look in Seychelles/ 8.5 my listing will be at the top as well. So adding those details increases your chances of getting your items seen by the right buyer.

What you want to avoid is labeling your items generically. In the title you should never name your items as: Shoes. If an item has a name, use it. Don’t know it? Google it. If it’s by a brand, even if it isn’t mainstream, use it. Throw the color, the material type, what kind of shoe it is (boot, flat, stiletto) then toss it in!

Hope this helps! If you have any questions place put them down below. I answer very quickly so don’t be afraid to ask.

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Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 11.32.07 AM

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