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Willfredo Gerardo FW/16 for Art Hearts Fashion

It was a wonderful night in fashion especially for Latin American designers to be representing their community, but the highlight of the evening had to be the closing designer that captured the evening, Wilfredo Gerardo at the Angel Orensanz Foundation.

Angel Orsanz Foundation Healthy Girl Fashion Art Hearts Fashion
Angel Orensanz Foundation. The gorgeous well lit venue, surrounded by art and dripping with detail. Same place Sarah Jessica Parker had her wedding!

I don’t write this because he’s my good friend and I’m more biased, or even because I’m a girl and I like dresses. But because his designs are what every girl wants to feel in a dress, expensive, and luxurious. Last Monday we got a sneek peak into what his collection has to offer and it’s stunning!

Willfredo Gerardo’s models backstage NYFW 2016 Fall Winter collection.

Most definitely the central theme revolved around darker and neutral hues, as well as beaded and shimmering sheers. Lot’s of depth to the pieces yet simple and elegant, high slits stole the evening and very dramatic cut outs.

These few were my favorites on the runway, and it was so spectacular. The last pic you see is the famous celebrity model Daphnie Joy wearing one of his pieces. The energy in the house was so tremendous. Even though the other designers had a few key pieces that were quite amazing, Willfredo’s pieces took the night. When the music took over, people were waiting with baited breath to see what Willfredo was showcasing and he did not disappoint. Especially when the nude with black overlay dress stepped out, you could hear a gasp throughout the house because that piece was simply gorgeous. Another highlight of the evening was having celebrity pop star Jason Derulo sitting in front of me. I wanted so bad to say something to him, but didn’t want to start geeking out all over.

Willfredo Gerardo Jason Derulo NYFW 2016
Willfredo Gerardo, Daphne Joy, & Jason Derulo posing for Art Hearts Fashion Latin Night NYFW FW/2016

I’m happy to report that the trend that’s up and coming is, and will be, nude or sheer juxtapositions. Willfredo was not the only designer showcasing that, some of which are Emilo de la Morena, and Alexander McQueen to name a couple. So ladies, it looks like these upcoming few months, (since we’ve had some mild winters) we’ll be making room for more sun, sheer, and sparkle.

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Walking In A Winter Wonderland

It’s snowing out there ladies & gents (or at least it will be snowing) and it’s time to bundle up. It’s officially the holiday season and before you go out there, make sure that you are well prepared with some style essentials. I’ve had the pleasure to test some of these out and let me tell you, they are warm, luxe, and worth every penny! So treat yo self!

We will start bottom to top, first up, boots!

I love the TOM’s Black Water Resistant Suede Booties. Not only are my puppies comfortable but they are also super cute on. I love wedges, they make me look feminine without killing my feet at the end of the day. I would sacrifice my baggage space for these, and now I want one in every color! So FYI if you love me and you’re getting me a present, buy these for me, 8 1/2 thanks!



I don’t know how long the legging trend is going to last but I effing hope it’s forever because these are so comfortable. I guess amongst all the 80’s stereotypes this one panned out to outlast the others. Nevertheless if you’re going to throw your money to the wind this winter, make sure you get these gut sucking slim fitting leggings by Old Navy. They have the right thickness to keep your thunders warm and after a helping of seconds at the dinner table, you’ll be thankful these keep your muffin top at bay.

H&M Boyfriend FLANNELS

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 9.00.39 PM.png

I hate to be so cliché, but to keep your tata’s from turning into permanent ice daggers, keep yourself insulated and invest in some flannel tops. I know I know, flannel screams winter. But IDGAF. As of right now, H&M has some pretty spiffy patterns. They’re also pretty reasonably priced. Boyfriend tops range anywhere from $25 and $39 for the more fitted designer flannels. I think I bought a good 7, one for every day of the week! YASSSSS.


Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 9.03.30 PMSo I pretty much would sell all my coats to buy this coat. How dare you Canada Goose make such a quality reliable product and slap it on Kate Upton’s bodacious body! I’m mean tbh, I had no idea that this brand existed until I saw their brand cradling across her tits. Boobie envy is a thing, and yes I have it. But after her Sports Illustrated spread, I’ve been desperately wanting one, even though I lived in Southern California. But now that I live in Detroit a purchase like this is 100% justifiable. So I’ll be passing my winter coats over to new homes and make room for this sweet baby.


HEADGEAR: Love Your Melon

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 9.07.39 PM.png

Love Your Melon beanie modeled by the one and only @mrleozombie


A long time friend of mine and YouTube Star (@mrleozombie) posted something really awesome on Facebook that would be perfect this winter. If you’re looking to cover your noggin, throw on some threads like Love Your Melon. Not only do you buy a wicked ass beanie, but after your purchase they donate one to a child battling cancer. This would make a perfect stocking stuffer for all the kids, and it’s great to also buy something with a purpose of helping others in need! But I would hurry up if I were you, looks like they are selling out quick!

Hope you all get some shopping done since it’s almost Christmas! Make sure you place your orders in by today 12/16 so they arrive in time for the big day. I mean, it’s national shipping day! I may have heard that somewhere, so it may not be 100% true, but still get those orders in!

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Holiday Party Outfit

This year I decided to go all out in a new way for this holiday season, healthy girl style. I had to attend two holiday office parties this year that were fantastic in their own ways. I needed an outfit that would be pretty versatile to wear day and night, as well as comfortable to wear all day since I had to go from Santa Monica to Newport beach in one afternoon. Plus it really needed to fit the holiday theme since it is December and I really wanted to sparkle. So thankfully I found my absolutely gorgeous Silk Chiffon BCBGMAXAZARIA Silver Sequin Flutter Sleeve Blouse (that previously belonged to my sister…thanks Kyla!). My Silence + Noise Blazer, some black leggings, and my trusty Michael Kors Pumps (That I got for a steal at TJ Maxx) to do the trick. Side note: I hate wearing heels, especially ALL DAY and on concrete, but I don’t know what it is about Michael Kors, but I can literally wear ANY Michael Kors heels and I feel like I’m walking on pillows! So do yourself a favor and invest (heavily) in some Michael Kors shoes, you can thank me later. So back to the story: I really needed to make a quick decision because I had 4 minutes to get ready too, since I was running the risk of coming in late, so I threw a sock bun on my head and shoved all my make up in the car and I was off!! So check out the results, I don’t think I did too bad myself, and I had my trusty Photographer Charlie Hatley available to get some shots of me in the Golden Hour after our feast at The Lobster on the Santa Monica Pier.

DSC_0181 DSC_0156

So this holiday season enjoy all the eggnog and holiday drinks, and remember, don’t do anything that I wouldn’t do (and that’s not much! lol) Feel free to tag me on Pinterest it would be much appreciated!

DSC_0151 DSC_0212 DSC_0222

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Singin’ in the shower

So excited for the rain to finally come! It’s been a good run California, but we can’t always have the sunshine EVERYDAY!! So today was a great day to rise up to the challenge of compiling a few pieces in the closet, dust off the old cobwebs and throw together a rainy day outfit “Healthy Girl Style”. I was looking on Pinterest for ideas and all I found were a bunch of tiny girls in rain boots, and I know for a fact that my legs are not that skinny. So for all you ladies that are like me and can’t squeeze into a thin pair of boots, I found these amazing SPERRY boots that are wide calfed and they feel great to wear all day long! Here are some specs on the outfit!

HAT: Poshmark

Coat: GUESS – Got for X-Mas (So probably purchased at MACY*S

Scarf: Got it for a steal at T J Maxx


Leggings: Purchased through Poshmark


Bag: Kate Spade Miles Newbury Lane

DSC_0163DSC_0251 DSC_0230 DSC_0190 DSC_0186 DSC_0183

Photos taken by: Charlie Hatley

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tropical temptress

Island Style
As I am off to my trip to Thailand I was thinking of what outfits would be best to wear out there. Check out the March 2014 issue of Cosmopolitan featuring Lee Hyori a Korean celebrity. Her shoot was taken in Bali, so the clothing seems appropriate. What do you guys think about this tropical yet fashion forward style? Not gonna lie, I hit up my local TJ Maxx and already go my outfit for pic #3.  I can’t wait for Thailand!