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My Week In Sales: $800 and It’s Only Been A Week!

Summary: Sold $800 on Poshmark for the month already and it’s only Nov 10th, here’s how I did it.

First off,  sorry for those of you who were saddened by the election results this week. It came to a shock to a vast majority of people including myself. But whatever, we are all one country and we change, we move on, and it’s time to focus on moving forwards and making those sales we got Christmas people!

Poshmark’s Cover Photo on Facebook (if you can see, my mannnnnn is on it!!)

It’s been a bitchin’ time for Poshmark sales because this is the time when sales pick up like crazy! I’ve been hitting some MAJOR MAJOR breakthroughs that I would like to share with you because I officially broke $800 and it’s only the second week of the month!

At Poshfest, there was a workshop called Poshmark Power Users. Which were led by the two very talented ladies: Lyn McLaughlin Cromar and Jessica Craddock who manage their own Poshmark Facebook Support Groups. They suggested some tricks to boost up some sales and I am happy to report that they do work!

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 12.19.42 PM.png
Poshmark Analytics Groups one of the sites that users can go to for additional tips and tricks on Poshmark

After some major thrifting this past week, I have gone out on business and during my downtime to some pretty good thrift shops around the country and happy to report that the majority of my finds have brought in enough sales that they have already paid themselves off!

One of the key things they mentioned, in addition to sharing, and to following…was LISTING!!! For me and my new inventory, I have made it a rule that I am NOT allowed to shop for my inventory, until everything that I previously purchased has been listed. Makes for a happy home! My husband starts seeing things go out the door instead of piled high in my office. His anxiety has gone down, and merch is starting to circulate! YASS!!


One of their big suggestions was to list DAILY. Yes daily! I  highly highly recommend it, because really it generates revenue for you, obviously, because if you don’t list it, it can’t be sold. But they mentioned that the constant activity in your closet will trigger the analytics of your account to increase your sales. So listing anything, they mentioned a pic of your dog, will help keep that constant activity, which will increase the likelihood of sales. NOW… I personally have no proof of this, it obviously would be in the coding somewhere, which I don’t have access to and wouldn’t know how to read anyway. But what I can give you is my own personal experience.

Have I sold more sales using this method? Short answer: yes.
Have I listed everyday? Yes.
Have I put up listings of my dog? Sadly, no.


I have double listed items in my closet on days where I didn’t have anything to list, which is something they mentioned to try to do as well and it works! I also have changed up how I list things. I stick with the white background that I have mentioned for cover shots, so that is what I have transitioned into since the chevron days!

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 12.18.04 PM.png
Just a hint of what I have already sold from my closet this month on Poshmark!

I do think you should try it out, you may increase your sales, but for me, it’s going real well. This shouldn’t however deter you from following and sharing other closets as well as your own, this should be in addition to what you already do. Remember to limit your activity to peak times and you should be all good!

If you have any questions, feel free to drop on by and put em down below. I say that because I actually need comments on these posts so please please please try not to comment on the FB post or on my listings on Poshmark. Also if you have gotten this far, please like the post as well, it helps others find the information too! THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!!!


Stay Healthy,




Small Little Business: INSTAGRAM

Hello Healthy People!

Today’s topic is going to be about how to market yourself through Instagram! You may already heard of Instagram and the impact that it has on businesses but what you don’t know is how strong of a platform Instagram is for your “Small Little Business”. If you haven’t hopped on the Insta-Bandwagon yet, don’t worry you can ALWAYS start now and shoot your way to insta-stardom! (done with puns…promise!)


What is Instagram?

Instagram started from a two word mash up: Instant + Telegram = Instagram. It is a way to snap pictures that you can share with family or friends, and even with the world, your story, yourself and who you are.

Right now Instagram is rated one of the highest ranking apps on the market and it’s 100% free! Which also means that you have a major audience that can range up to a High School teeny bopper, to Kim Kardashian herself! Instagram is a HUGE market, HUUUUGE. Just like you check your Facebook or email religiously, so do people with their Instagram account! So it’s important to take this into consideration.

So the best way to start utilizing instagram for your poshmark closet is to make a separate account for JUST your closet. Trust me, no one wants to see your #tbt (Throw Back Thursday) of you on the toilet taking selfies back in High School along with your Burberry Trench Coat for $500 next to each other lol. So start up an account that you can link up to your Poshmark closet, so when you share your item to your Instagram it automatically shares it to there.

Next what you want to do is tell a story!! Your clothes tell a story of who you are so tell a story of the type of woman who wears your kind of clothes. You are suggestively marketing to women that fit that lifestyle that you illustrate. So if your clothes fit a city girl life, then make sure you showcase that gorgeous CHANEL wristlet, with a glass of champagne, some heels, and a sparkly skirt! For example Amanda Weiss of www.fashionableeme.com’s Instagram account has amazing life, you see a fashion forward girl living in the city of San Francisco. You see everyday lifestyle, pops of bright colors of flowers, a whole story! Why wouldn’t you want to shop her closet?! Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 4.01.09 PMIf you get a chance to meander through wither her blog, Instagram or her closet please do so because it is well kept and very fun to look at!

Next we have COLOR!!

Color is a very important part of your Instagram page, color is really what ties all of your images into a general theme. One close friend of mine Kate Heimann of www.wearinla.com and her Instagram page @wearinla and her shop’s Instagram @shopwearinla

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 4.09.39 PMScreen Shot 2015-03-05 at 4.11.20 PM

I honestly hate how jealous I am of this girl’s Insta profile! It’s so freaking cute I just want to own everything in her closet! But you can see a general color theme, which are reds and pinks and whites. TIP: if you want anything to look professional and stand out, keep it on a white background. On top of that her @shopwearinla has an equally amazing profile!

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 4.14.28 PMWhat’s really great about these shots is that they’re clean they showcase the items, it tells a story and the colors are vibrant! They also don’t come off like they’re trying to sell you from the picture, it’s in the description. So be mindful of that when you are creating an Instagram for your shop! Utilizing social media on as many platforms can and WILL get you more exposure, and the more exposure you have, the more you are going to sell!

It’s important that you connect with your user base, especially when branding yourself, the last thing you want is to come off like your constantly marketing to your followers. Make it casual, and make it fun!

If in fact you have an Instagram account and you aren’t satisfied with it, then do a nice sweep and clean it up and start uploading pictures you would want to see in your profile. My @healthygirlfashion !nstagram page has gone through a transformation of sorts:

Before –


After –

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 5.33.02 PMRight now I am still experimenting, and changing things up, but it’s important to TRY things out. You have your own style, just make sure to stick with it and build your brand so that not only your followers and get in on some of your brand’s action but so the whole world can get a sneak peek!



If you don’t know what a Hashtag is, it’s ultimately this pound symbol right here: #

You use it as a way to categorize something. It’s best to simplify and be specific, rather than creative. The point of hashtags are to add to a trend (trend= people using the same hashtag). So for instance lets take this picture:

66ca9870186e617deacc48c9bc277d09Suitable hashtags: #peonies #blackpeonies #garden #flowers #natural #mothernature
Unsuitable hashtags: #omggorgeousblackpeonyfloweryo #motherandbabyblackpeonies #howintheworldcanyougrowthese?! #canIhavelikeawholegardenoftheseplease? #Bpeonies #BlackPeoPoppies #BPP

You want your hashtags to be relevant and searchable, so it’s important to stick to the basics! Typically 7 is the magical number of hashtags you should have in a post, any more than that, it becomes overwhelming! I typically will always use #healthygirlfashion in all my posts just so that if one person stumbles upon one of my pictures and clicks on that hashtag, then they can see all my posts or anyone else’s post that uses the hashtag #healthygirlfashion and so on. One of the most used hashtags? #fashion so use it wisely!

Make sure to have fun with this, and if you take these tips away with you, you should growing a cult of your own in no time! Just remember that this takes an abundant amount of time to get a nice following, but once you start adding more and more pictures it’ll grow faster than you know! Good luck, I hope this helps! Please make sure to comment below just so other readers can see your questions answered, and make sure to check out my YouTube channel as well and SUBSCRIBE!!

Stay Healthy,



Big Big NEWS!! I didn’t want to spoil the surprise but it looks like @Poshmark has listed their line up for this weeks Posh Parties and I will be hosting solo this Thursday February 12, 2015!! Yipee! This means that I need you guys to tag me on all the items you want to be considered for the “Office Style” theme! I can only do 3 listings from one closet so please only tag me on your best 3. Don’t get greedy now!

In celebration of me hosting I wanted to give away a benefit package!

Benefit package going clockwise, Bathlina Body Mist, “Laughter is the Best Cosmetic” Canvas Tote Bag, and They’re Real Beyone Mascara.

Since Benefit was one of the sponsors of Poshfest it’s only fitting that I give away some of their amazing product! This giveaway is absolutely free, it will go out to one lucky posher all you have to do is share this listing and comment at the bottom your favorite way you stay healthy! You can share to any social media platform, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. You must do both or you entry will not be counted. Winner will be announced along with the winner of the Kate Spade Gumdrop earrings February 14, 2015 (Valentine’s Day)

I just love give aways!!

Also if you haven’t seen it yet, the NEW video for HealthyGirlTV is out and I hope you subscribed! If you haven’t seen it yet it’s all about packaging and shipping etiquette, so make sure you (politely) share this with anyone that you think may need a hint hint 😉 lol!

Thanks so much for reading and don’t forget to tag me on your listings you want considered, I want your stuff to get sold!!!

Stay healthy,



Hey everyone! Happy 2015! Thank you all for the amount of support you’ve given me this past year, I started my blog at the beginning of 2014 and its grown so much! I also started HealthyGirlTV on Youtube so I am so excited about all the new videos I have lined up for the rest of the month. Today I wanted to just do a quick blurp just about shopping!

Are you addicted as much as I am to selling on Poshmark? As a seller, in order to have product to sell, you need product to buy. You do have your own clothes, and quite possibly a family member or two, but even then, some people aren’t that keen on handing over their designer goods to you with not much but a promise that you’ll pay them.

So how can you add more inventory to your closet? Well here some ideas to help you get your juices flowing!


1. Consignment – Selling an item for someone for a commission. (Typically best when selling high end designer goods)

Just so you know the difference between consigning and resell is that with consigning there is less of a gamble on your end. It’s a bit safer of a process, but the payoff isn’t as much (that’s why go with high end designer goods). With consignment, you are selling the items for someone. So like the example I stated earlier, selling items of family members, you can do that and charge a commission as it sells. That’s what I do and the clients I have range from family members to a few co-workers. At the time when I was just starting out, I would list everything that I could that belonged to anyone just to get the attention of my closet. When you decide to do something like this, make sure that you keep paperwork and stay on top of everything, money, sales, how much you owe. It’s really important that whoever you are selling for, they are made aware of what’s going on with their items and when they get paid. I do this now and I have to stay incredibly organized to keep from re-paying people or not giving them enough. Pros to this: the more items that sell, the more money you get, the more items in your closet, the more attention your closet gets! Cons: When people give you stuff to sell for them, they give you EVERYTHING. So make sure to be choosey on what’s going in your closet because having to take a bunch of cover shots and adding descriptions on items that are only going to sell for $5 isn’t a good payoff.


2. Resell – Buying something with the intent of reselling it for more.

Resell is a bit different. I dabble in this because with resell, you are completely buying something JUST to resell it. This one is more of a gamble because you might buy something thinking it’s gonna sell, but could end up sitting on your closet the next few months before it gets sold. So if you do decide to do this, make sure that you are checking the market, search for the item in Poshmark and see how much people sold it for and how many of them have been sold. Really important, you want to be able to have items that can last a few months too. I typically go to TJ Maxx and Marshalls because they have amazing deals and I always, always, always search the clearance for whatever I can find that’s cheap and if I decide not to keep it, I’ll usually resell it. But this one time I actually bought this amazing designer case for an iPod that was something ridiculous like $2.00 and thought “I can resell it!”… well like everybody else, iPods came and went and I got stuck with an iPod case that I never ended up using, so good thing it was only a $2.00 lesson! Pros: If you find a stellar deal that you know you can resell it and make a profit on it, then buy away (ex. $2.00 leather kate spade stachel resell value at least will be $50). Cons: Like stated earlier, you might get stuck with a bunch of stuff people don’t end up buying!


3. Wholesale – Buying a bunch of clothes in bulk at a small price. (think Costco!)

This is one that I am not too familiar on but was thinking of expanding into it. There are a lot of women who have made 6 figures (that’s right count ’em, SIX) on selling through Poshmark, but they do it by selling wholesale. One of them is the lovely Evelyn Jimenez (@ocposh30) who explains the benefits of selling wholesale, “The best part of selling wholesale is the profit you get double or something more…Reselling is you have to sell it for lower and maybe you might get what you paid for“. But as an added note, wholesale is another challenge because it actually requires a license to obtain. There is also much more paperwork involved in doing so, starting with setting up a business or an entity, then applying for a Tax ID #, then apply for a local business license, and lastly, applying for a business license in your state. Each state is different and the requirements are different but that’s the general jist of it.

Based on some of the information given at Poshfest 2014, the payoff is much greater when getting your wholesale license, because you work directly with distributors and can purchase as it sells. Some people like to purchase a few and keep in contact with the distributor so in the event the item sells out they can contact them to purchase more. You also have a great selection to choose from, like the fashion marketplace MAGIC. Evelyn says, “I normally go to Magic in Las Vegas there’s so much different clothing to choose fromIf you are a fashion retailer, MAGIC is a must-see buying destination that can’t be left off your calendar…” If you haven’t heard of MAGIC it’s pretty much a convention where you can purchase clothes at wholesale prices and have a huge variety of items to choose from and you can pretty much tailor your closet to look anyway you want it to. If you want more information you an find it here. Also here’s a video to tease your your thoughts:

Well I hope that this helps you on your journey to switching gears from just selling clothes out of your closet, to actually turning this into a full scale business. With Poshmark, you are working in a great marketplace where fashion is sold so the risks going into this are quite small. People are shopping for amazing clothing at great deals everyday so with a little creativity you yourself can be a #girlboss and be on your way to six figures!

As always, remember if you have any questions, please put it in the comments below, subscribe to this blog and my channel: HealthyGirlTV on YouTube!

Stay Healthy,



Hey all!

Today will be an AMAZING post that will feature another video! This time it will be more of a blog/video but I hope you all watch this video and make lots and lots of money! This is how I sold the 47 items in 24 hours using Poshmark’s Price Drop Notification Feature, so open your brains ladies because this is to help you make the big bucks for the holiday season! If you were at Poshfest this year you got to see a little bit of this, but if you didn’t, hold on to your horses because it’ll be quite a ride! Try to cram a formula and 45 mins worth of panel info in 3 mins! Phew, well I did the best I could! Make sure you share with all your lovely posh friends and SUBSCRIBE to my channel, because I will be making TONS more videos! I have another lined up next week so stay tuned!

Thanks for watching!

Stay healthy,