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Thank you all who participated in the free giveaway! If I had the option I would definitely give each an every one of you something! But since I only have 2 prizes check out who the winner’s are below! Have a Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Note: All subscribers were randomly selected using random.org!

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Big Big NEWS!! I didn’t want to spoil the surprise but it looks like @Poshmark has listed their line up for this weeks Posh Parties and I will be hosting solo this Thursday February 12, 2015!! Yipee! This means that I need you guys to tag me on all the items you want to be considered for the “Office Style” theme! I can only do 3 listings from one closet so please only tag me on your best 3. Don’t get greedy now!

In celebration of me hosting I wanted to give away a benefit package!

Benefit package going clockwise, Bathlina Body Mist, “Laughter is the Best Cosmetic” Canvas Tote Bag, and They’re Real Beyone Mascara.

Since Benefit was one of the sponsors of Poshfest it’s only fitting that I give away some of their amazing product! This giveaway is absolutely free, it will go out to one lucky posher all you have to do is share this listing and comment at the bottom your favorite way you stay healthy! You can share to any social media platform, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. You must do both or you entry will not be counted. Winner will be announced along with the winner of the Kate Spade Gumdrop earrings February 14, 2015 (Valentine’s Day)

I just love give aways!!

Also if you haven’t seen it yet, the NEW video for HealthyGirlTV is out and I hope you subscribed! If you haven’t seen it yet it’s all about packaging and shipping etiquette, so make sure you (politely) share this with anyone that you think may need a hint hint 😉 lol!

Thanks so much for reading and don’t forget to tag me on your listings you want considered, I want your stuff to get sold!!!

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This site right now is under construction FYI so please excuse our dust here at HealthyGirlFashion.com! You may see the layout change from time to time, but rest assure, it’ll find it’s new look soon enough! If you like this look right now, then please feel free to leave a comment below!


The real reason why you’re tuned in. I don’t know if you know this closet or not, this closet is one of Poshmark’s hidden gems. I say this because I was first turned on to this particular posher’s closet when my good friend @krangle told me that she bought from this posher and that in their closet they have $25 Yves Saint Laurent heels and that they were stunning. So naturally I had to buy them since they were my size and bundle it with a $5 TADASHI shirt as well… yeah, that’s 100% right…$5!!! Not only has he (that’s right a HE) turned myself and @krangle but he’s also made a customer of long time posher @acephalous. We absolutely LOVE Jarod’s deals and he’s got some stellar deals. I would highly recommend that if you got paid today, I would spend your hard earned bucks here, because you are really gonna get some bang for your buck. Feel free to click on any of his pictures, it will take you straight to his closet! Now without further adieu, ladies and gents, I would like to introduce you to Mr. Jarod Wagner!

HGF: Tell us a little about yourself Jarod!

@jare1993: Hey everyone! My name is Jarod Wagner. I am 21 and was born and raised in Los Angeles. I am currently in school, studying psychology in hopes of becoming a marriage and family therapist. I would love to also be something along the lines of a personal shopper or something fashion related. I’m always giving my female friends designer items I find at thrift stores, and they are always telling me how I should become their stylist haha.

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I am a pretty easy going person, so I have fun doing many things. I go thrift store shopping very often (at least four times a week – I know, I have a problem haha), as I love to hunt for designer bargains hidden in racks of clothing. I also really like collecting antiques! I used to dress with more of a vintage style years ago when I was in high-school. but over the years I have become more and more familiar with designer items, labels, and just more familiar with fashion in general. I started doing resale on clothing four or five years ago. I got started doing that because I would always see fantastic designer finds that were women’s, and I would be so bummed having to leave them behind since they didn’t usually look good on me. Then I got the idea to start reselling so that way I could find people who would love and enjoy the great items. Other things I enjoy doing are reading, going to flea markets, collecting vinyl records and listening to them, shopping, exploring this fun city with my friends and loved ones, and of course, poshing!
HGF: It’s pretty rare to see men on Poshmark. How did you find Poshmark?/ What made you start selling on Poshmark?

@jare1993: My aunt actually knew I did clothing resale and suggested it to me a year or two ago. I made an account then, but just started using it for selling and buying, a few weeks ago. I was hesitant when my aunt told me about it, since many clothing resale apps are very difficult to deal with and are a hassle. I was extremely happy though when I started using Poshmark in seeing how easy it is to use! I absolutely love it and have in the process of getting my friends to join it too.

$118 – Longchamp Le Pliage Large Slate Tote AUTHENTIC
$40 – Moschino Cheap and Chic little black dress

HGF: What do you like most about Poshmark?

@jare1993: The thing I love most about Poshmark is how fast and easy they make it, coupled with how incredibly welcoming and friendly everyone on here has been. I like seeing my items selling to people who I can tell are really going to enjoy them. Everyone has been so sweet on here though, which makes it even more fun and enjoyable to sell and buy on this app.

$8 – Jay Godfrey silk dress
$38 – UNIF Need Beer 4 Change size M

HGF: Name some ways that you like stay healthy.

@jare1993: There are a number of ways I stay healthy! I run on my elliptical at least a few days a week, schedule permitting. I make sure to give myself some time to relax, so that I don’t run myself into the ground. Also, a big way I try to stay healthy is by sticking up for myself and encouraging others to stick up for themselves in life. Life definitely has it’s ups and downs, but when you are able to be aware of how you perceive things and making sure you only have people in your life whom treat you like you deserve, you will realize that those are such significant healthy life tools that will last you a lifetime. 🙂

$18 – Prada Americas Cup patent leather shoes size 8.5/9
$5 – Vintage Armani Exchange nude wool dress

HGF: Thanks so much Jarod for giving us a chance to get to know more about you and I hope people will be shopping and enjoying your items as much as I do! I hope to see you, and all Southern California poshers at the Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills for an exclusive LIVE Poshparty February 4, 2015! See details for it here! It’s FREE to go, so make sure you RSVP!!

Remember to subscribe to this blog along with my YouTube Channel: HealthyGirlTV and I am still giving away a free pair of Kate Spade Gumdrop earrings on Valentines day 2015. I will be doing another giveaway much sooner, so stay tuned for more details on that! Thanks for reading, leave your questions and comments below, if you have any of course!

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1. I’M HOSTING TOMORROW – So just recently I was contacted by Poshmark’s Social Media team to host a Poshmark Poshparty tomorrow 7/15/14. Please tag me in any of the items that you want me to feature or choose as a HP! The theme is Boho Babe so please tag me on any items that match that theme

2. POSHFEST 2014 – Yes that is correct I am going to Poshfest this year in San Francisco, CA and I hope to meet you ladies there! I will be doing some contest giveaways from healthygirlfashion.com so be ready for some poshfest contest announcements coming soon! I can’t wait to meet all of you!BsN65CuCQAA-kqN

3. CLOSET OF THE WEEK – I started a new feature called “Closet of the Week” and I wanted to highlight a posher’s closet that I think is super amaze! Look for that post tonight/ tomorrow morning. The posher that I picked, you won’t be disappointed and for sure stop by her closet because she has some amazing deals!!

4. POSHMARK’S BLOG ON TUMBLR – In conjunction with my hosting this week Poshmark also reached out to me to feature me on their blog tomorrow! They sent me a Q&A and I sent them my answers and a few new photos from a recent photoshoot with La Luna Photography (she’s located in Orange County CA so find her on yelp!). Check out some of the pics below but also check it out on Thursday as well!! I can’t wait!!

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and the winner is…

Wow, such a wonderful turnout for my first month of blogging! I’ve been so blessed to be given some new and exciting opportunities with this blog that I cannot wait to share in the near future! First and foremost I would like to thank you all for following and I hope that you continue to follow since I have been afforded the opportunity to give away even more wonderful prizes such as this Kate Spade Card Holder.

After gathering all the names and all the email addresses, I placed them into a randomizer and it has chosen the recipient of this lovely prize! So here it is, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

I’d like to be the first to congratulate Ms. Min Jung Kim!! (first off, I hope that’s right since I am going off your email address… don’t worry Ms. Kim, we’ve contacted you by your email address so that we can send you your prize)

Woo hoo! I am so excited to put on my next free give away it was so much fun! All names will be stored for the next random drawing so don’t go away! The more blogs you follow and the more times you comment and share, multiplies your chances of being picked!

Stay tuned, I can’t wait to announce the next give away!

Stay beautiful, stay chic, but most importantly, stay healthy 😉