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Spending The Big Bucks!

So if you are a female unfortunately you are victim of the impulse gene. I don’t know any female in the world who hasn’t purchased something impulsively. In fact, Poshmark’s one click shopping experience has really made it hard to fight the impulse monster. But in cases like this, it’s always best to make sure that the purchases that you make are relatively the smartest ones! In this post I am going to give you a few tips on how to be a better, savvier shopper when purchasing on Poshmark. We will go over how to prove authenticity without having to pay for 3rd party authentication services, what to buy and what not to buy, and communicating with your seller!


So let’s get started: Authenticity!

You’ve heard the words before, “Yes this is 100% Authentic!”. Let me tell you something, I’ve heard horror stories of a woman (not me) who purchases all of her replicas in China and sells them with 100% Authentic slapped all over her eBay listings and swears up and down that they are real and never has had one complaint! Now I never met this woman but if I did I hope she’s gotten caught because that is so aggravating to hear! So how will you ever know whether a piece is real or not? I’ve used this trick a few times and it’s proven very successful for me when authenticating a piece. Stores nowadays will NOT authenticate a bag for you. They are under so much scrutiny that policies have been added to protect them from providing authentication papers. So, Louis Vuitton will NOT authenticate any bag, so don’t get duped by people telling you they got it authenticated recently because they’re lying. However, there is a way to get around that! Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co., Chanel, and any high end retailer that has their own repair shop will NOT repair anything that isn’t one of their pieces, this is 100% true. My solution? If you buy a big ticket item off of ANY website second hand, take it to the retailer for repair, and get them to service it right away (for whatever reason, i.e new leather straps, polishing, cleaning). It’s an “authentication” without actually getting it authenticated. (best part? It comes with paperwork!)   Once it gets to the craftsmen, they will be able to see if the item is a replica. If it is, they will notify you right away.  That way you can alert Poshmark of the discrepancy and void the transaction without you losing your nice chunk of change! Make sure to call ahead and ask the retailer what their policies are for repair and what items can or can’t be “seen”.


Secondly: What to buy!

Poshmark and other apps are amazing outlets to find rare treasures! Finding a Great Chanel bag is not as hard if you are dedicated to searching a million times, and waiting patiently for that one user to upload a steal where you can snag it before anyone else does! Chanel’s, Tory Burch, and other high end retailers really do charge an arm and a leg, so when going out and purchasing something make sure you know EXACTLY what you want, what it looks like in detail, and what it’s made out of. Knowing the details is half the battle especially when shopping for high end luxury items. Also, if you plan on buying a fixer upper just know exactly what you’re getting into. I bought a very inexpensive Louis Vuitton from a Posher this past month. It was a fixer upper, so immediately I knew that I would be able to get it to a LV store asap and sent to be repaired right away! (Authenticated? check!) It was also vintage piece, vintage meaning oooooooold, like 30 years old. Trouble with that is, LV discontinued that bag, along with all the pieces that make it up. Not only that, since it’s aged so long, they can’t work on it because if they do they jeopardize cracking the canvas. So be weary of what you purchase that’s vintage! You also want to buy pieces that are worth the amount that you are going to repair it. For instance, don’t buy a purse that’s $1000 if you have to put in $3000 in repairs to make it look new and you can buy it for $2000 retail. I bought a bag for $40 only to receive it and it was disgusting! I took it in for repairs and it pretty much cost me an additional $180 to get the bag to OK status, then looking online, the bag NEW was $200. So don’t screw yourself over like I did!


Third: What NOT to buy

Know your store’s policy when it comes to getting repairs done. Tiffany and Co doesn’t require anything to get it polished but that $20 is worth knowing the piece is authentic. Obviously do not buy inspired pieces and take them in to get verified, you will embarrass yourself. It happened to me…at Chanel..in front of a celebrity. I was mortified!! To which I ended up buying a purse straight out!  On the other hand Louis Vuitton can fix anything on that little purse EXCEPT the canvas. Do not, I repeat DO NOT purchase any Louis Vuitton that has ANY damage to the canvas, they won’t even touch it, they will send it right back! So don’t get duped by buying any LV bags that say you can take it to the store for repairs, they won’t! Chanel is a bit different. You can take any item to Chanel as long as it’s one of their pieces and they will repair it. Be mindful that there are not very many vintage pieces left, so if you purchase a vintage Chanel that needs a spare part, it may have to make it’s way to Paris to locate it’s missing piece if they don’t have it locally in the US, or if it no longer exists you won’t be able to get it repaired at all. DO NOT BUY REPLICAS, DO NOT BUY REPLICAS, AND DO NOT BUY REPLICAS. Nothing with the words: Inspired, copycat, 1:1, A+ Quality, Replica, Fake, etc. I cannot stress how important it is to not buy, sell, or promote designer fakes. It’s against the law, but also it looks bad in the posh community.

Retail And General Economy In GenevaLastly: Communicating with your seller

I cannot stress this enough! I would keep in constant communication with your seller if you are purchasing something that needs to be “authenticated”. I have had in 3 different instances let the sellers know of my whereabouts when it comes to getting items authenticated. On 2 occasions I wasn’t the best at communicating but by the 3rd time, I had it nailed to a science! Before you purchase I would ask the seller if they have any paperwork associated with the product and if they can add it to your package, or at least copies of it so that you can verify with the store. If they have no paperwork to support your purchase then let them know your intentions immediately before you hit that ‘buy now’ button! Let them know you will be taking the full 3 days or if you need to contact Poshmark to allot you more time, so there won’t be a shock when you hit that “problem with item” button. Remember, you are purchasing a luxury item with no support of authenticity other than their word, so the sellers should be understanding of your need to get proof of it. If they aren’t cooperative, then move on to the next item!

I hope this helps out with your shopping experience. Slightly long winded but I hope this advice will certainly help you along while you are shopping out there. If you follow these steps, you’re bound to have a closet full of worry free purchases! If you have any other suggestions that you’d like to add please feel free to add it to the comments below!!


Stay Healthy,



AUGUST 2014 POSHMARK CLOSET OF THE MONTH – A closet to swish and swoon over!!

My ladies….and gents of course! May I present to you this amazing closet from none other than Posher @swishandswoon. Jessica, the owner of this magnificent closet is a Southern California native and has been bewitching me with her photography/ covershots/ and and overall sense of style. Brands ranging from Anthropologie, Zara, Current Elliot, and even Valentino are just a few to hang on these shelves. All of which are intricately styled in each covershot, to make you, the buyer, feel like a one of a kind dimepiece (dimepiece- When a girl is bangin’, hot, beautiful, “A perfect ten.”). I urge you ladies to take a look and if you can get a chance, buy something, because there won’t be anything left. She tends to sell out quickly! I got the chance to snag a few questions from her, check it out!


1) How long have you been with Poshmark?

I’ve been with Poshmark since April 2014.


2) What do you look for in your items that you showcase in your closet?

I’m always on the lookout for quality pieces that are in season and selling at luxury retailers like Anthropologie and Neiman Marcus. Right now I’m loving shredded denim paired with silky blouses.


3) What do you use to shoot your cover shots?

I use my iPhone for my cover shots and edit with vscocam. Vscocam is very user friendly!

Eye Candy

4) Each item has its own look, what inspires you to create such intricate photos? Do you have an overall theme? Or do you let the clothes do the talking?

When it comes to photographing my pieces, often times the clothes inspire me to create an image that tells a story. In my closet I have a silk Joie maxi dress in a beautiful royal blue print. When I saw the dress I immediately thought of the beach. I thought about warm sand between my toes, the silk blowing in the breeze, walking hand and hand with my husband. So I photographed it against a simple white backdrop with a few shells scattered around. My hope is when a potential buyer sees the dress and the beach theme, they might also picture themselves wearing at the beach and having a great time!


So glad to have gotten a moment with Jessica to give you guys a chance to check out some of her wicked stuff. If you have a closet that you would like to nominate for next week’s Healthy Girl Fashion ‘Closet of the Week’ let me know in the comments below!


Stay Healthy,



My Small Little Business: Managing My Closet

Thanks for reading guys! This next post is for the ‘My Small Little Business’ series, so I hope you enjoy and make lots of money from it!



Nobody likes clearing out their closet or even re-organizing everything, trust me if lazy was a profession I would make billions! But seeing as though I eventually would like to turn a profit a some point here are a few tricks that I use that help me with managing my Poshmark Closet.

Closet management I feel is one of the key things to understanding Poshmark and even getting into managing your own business. Poshmark has made it ever so easy to manage and view some of the recorded data from your sales to help maintain your closet, and up the potential of sales in the future. I really like some of the great features that Poshmark has within the app to help you get organized. If you don’t know already, when you are in your profile you are able to see the orders purchased as well as the order you’ve sold, and when you click on them they give you the information of the sale and link you to the shipping information. Also your closet stats to give you an idea of where your sales are going and your progress. In the pic below you would click on the left side where it would say ‘My Closet Stats’ in your profile.


This is a few older purchases of mine but if you click on each of your own in your own profile the open up all the details on that sale!



Just like in this one you can see in one of my recent sales this is the information regarding that order.

1. The first thing that I do everyday is share my closet. If you don’t already know that each time you share your item it puts that item at the top of your closet, then now you know! Some people organize their closet adding an extra listing that states what the next few listings are, for instance you’ll see something like: “SKIRTS!!” then the next few listings are skirts before you see another listing “DENIM!!” then all their denim in their closet. I think there are pros and cons to this. I’ll start with cons: When you share your entire closet, that means you have to share those listings too, so extra work is not my favorite in my book of lazy. It also sets up a small limitation to the people that happen to click on my closet. If everything is organized to the tee, then the super awesome deal I have on Joe’s Jeans are at the bottom with the other denim and it’ll never get seen. On the other hand I do like the organization of all the garments, it does make the shopping experience easier when you have a buyer who has the same fit in denim as you and you can have them all together, so the likeliness that they bundle is higher. Happy medium? Keep all the super hot deals and cute stuff on top and keep it organized on the bottom. Also when an item sells, share all the items (in whatever rotation that you want it, but if you want the hot deals/ super cute on top then share them last) and the sold items will go to the bottom.


2. Next, I clean out the closet. With Poshmark’s rules embedded into mostly every member’s brain, we all can sniff a PayPal/ Offline transaction listing from a mile away. So I cleaned out all the items from my closet that say SOLD on the listing title or any of the past bundled items that have already been accepted by the buyer. So all you can see are the Poshmark SOLD transactions. It gives the Poshmark die-hards a sense of security that your purity lies with Poshmark alone, as it should be. So now you are displaying to all potential buyers and newer posher’s that you follow the rules and you set the standard/ example for all other Poshers out there.


3. Money. So it’s no secret that I don’t manage my money really well. I give people big discounts on a whim, I lower my items without looking to see if I’ll end up going negative or not, and give people free items when they bundle. Not very smart on my part, but as of recent, I’ve been forced to start managing my money and start tightening the leash to my inner generousness. With that said, my fiance showed me how to manage my money on an Excel spreadsheet. I’m not going to go into that, but if I were you I would take a crash course on how to set up some tables and get some formulas going. It would really give you a good sense of organization, and help you plan for sales and such. Now that I have my spreadsheet set up, it’s easier for me now to be a bit more sensible as to how much I can afford to lower each item and still be able to give the buyer what they want, a lower price.

This also gives me a sense of what I have in my inventory. I am able to see what items I have and what items I still need to list based on what I’ve logged. As you can see below I have my items hyperlinked (basically means you can click it and it will take you to the link attached) so that if I forget about an item, I can easily see what item it is. Typically I’ve had more than one listing for Joe’s Jeans and they’re all titled the same so I am able to distinguish which one’s which.


In addition to spreadsheets, I once heard at Poshfest 2013 that one panelist notated all the addresses of all the buyers that purchased from her closet through the year and sent them all Christmas cards during Christmas time. I thought that was pretty sweet and a swell idea! Plus the response was really overwhelming (a lot of ‘awes!’) so check that out if you’re into stuff like that!

I hope that this has helped give you some ideas to get you more organized! I love to hear some ways you guys manage your closets! Drop me a comment below if you have any questions! Thanks!


Stay Healthy,





1. I’M HOSTING TOMORROW – So just recently I was contacted by Poshmark’s Social Media team to host a Poshmark Poshparty tomorrow 7/15/14. Please tag me in any of the items that you want me to feature or choose as a HP! The theme is Boho Babe so please tag me on any items that match that theme

2. POSHFEST 2014 – Yes that is correct I am going to Poshfest this year in San Francisco, CA and I hope to meet you ladies there! I will be doing some contest giveaways from healthygirlfashion.com so be ready for some poshfest contest announcements coming soon! I can’t wait to meet all of you!BsN65CuCQAA-kqN

3. CLOSET OF THE WEEK – I started a new feature called “Closet of the Week” and I wanted to highlight a posher’s closet that I think is super amaze! Look for that post tonight/ tomorrow morning. The posher that I picked, you won’t be disappointed and for sure stop by her closet because she has some amazing deals!!

4. POSHMARK’S BLOG ON TUMBLR – In conjunction with my hosting this week Poshmark also reached out to me to feature me on their blog tomorrow! They sent me a Q&A and I sent them my answers and a few new photos from a recent photoshoot with La Luna Photography (she’s located in Orange County CA so find her on yelp!). Check out some of the pics below but also check it out on Thursday as well!! I can’t wait!!

OA6A9939 OA6A9803 OA6A0008 OA6A0097



My Small Little Business: Keepin’ Your Cool During Your Hot Summer Sales

So I haven’t written in awhile because I really wanted to get some good content on here and I don’t want to sound like a broken record reiterating what Poshmark’s Headquarters have already done in their Guide to Poshmark. I do want to go over a few things that I’ve encountered over the past few weeks that I think may help you in your future sales and communication with buyers. I’ve titled this in the “Small Business” series as Keepin’ Your Cool During Your Hot Summer Sales and I’ve named that precisely based on some encounters that I’ve seen and some that I have already experienced. You’ll see what I mean as you are reading, trust.

First I’d like to start off with the new improvements Poshmark has released, some brand new features that are sure to please all buyers and sellers alike! One of which is a rating system that gives your buyers an opportunity to rate the items that they receive based on a 5 star grading scale. I for one LOVE this, it doesn’t really give the public a look at the rating system, but it does give the buyer more of a feedback outlet so they can say how satisfied they are with the items that you’ve received. You can see the rating system in your profile and see where your buyers think there could be more improvement, either in your descriptions or in your shipping and so on. That’s why packaging your item is so important and displaying your item with the best packaging to give your buyers the experience they deserve and to boost up your ratings as a seller! I did do a post on it, if you haven’t read it check it out here.

Secondly, Poshmark has a new notification system that alerts all buyers that have “liked” an item, the new lowered price. Now this one has a slippery slope, let me explain why.  Typically a buyer (or it seems like every buyer on this app) will ask for a lower price and when you lower the price for your buyer, it’s super important that you communicate to them that they stay right by their phones. Reason being is when you lower that price your buyer, everyone else who “liked” that item , will now get a message in their notifications that the item has been lowered. It has now become a “first come first serve” free for all. I did have an item that I lowered for one buyer, and another buyer purchased it and it wasn’t until a few hours later that the buyer that I initially lowered it for said something. To be fair, the second person did purchase it before the first, but I did let them know that I did strike a deal with the first person so it was up to them to give it to the other person. Now lowering a price is up to the seller’s digression, and as you can see it does have some risk to it. I for one HATE/LOATHE/DETEST/ ABHOR (pick one) lowering prices for people that never follow through. The worst part about it is that the person asking you is offering the lower price on your wall, and you HAVE to communicate to them on your wall. And for those of you who don’t know already, your wall may as well be written in permanent ink because what you say is set in stone for the world to see.

There was a topic brought up at Poshfest 2013 that people were urging Manish (CEO of Poshmark) to consider, and that was PMing (Private Messaging…get with the program people!). However his mind wasn’t swayed despite our comments and reasoning, because “People are on their best behavior when they know people are watching” and this is 100% true. He did mention possibly creating a “Make and Offer” system, but it may still be in the works. It DOES in fact cheapen the product when you agree to lower the price and then the buyer disappears, hate to say it but it may happen to you, in fact I’m just going to say that it WILL happen to you. No doubt in my mind that someone will make you lower an item and they will swear on their mother’s grave that they will pay right away, and you will agree and lower it and suddenly they just disappear. Those people are trolls. Yes you can say they’re the ugly kind of trolls that won’t let you pass on a bridge, but in the cyber world that is an actual term. Pretty much people that go around screwing with your business just for the fun of it. Not cool *smh* (Shaking My Head). So now you are left with an item that is lower than your initial asking price and you’ve been exposed allowing this item to be lower than your asking price. WHAT DO YOU DO?!?

Well.. I say, keep your cool and take back control! Listen, no one said you have to sell it at that price. In fact in my posts I purposefully give a contingency that will make or break a deal. Typically I state, “I can lower this if you buy within the hour because I need to make my quota for the month and this offer is unavailable after (such and such) time.” I make it CLEAR that this is a one and only type of thing for that ONE item. No additional bundle discounts on top of the lowered price (unless I’m in a super good mood and I can afford to lower it). If they don’t purchase, you snooze you lose! Or tell them, “I’d like to bundle it for that price”. That’s it! You are 100% in control of your closet, don’t succumb to the desperation of trying to make the sale, its totally not worth it and that’s not the seller that you want to be. Everything eventually sells, trust me, it will. There are numerous items that I posted that I thought would NEVER sell, and they always do. So unless you are really strapped for cash, then lower away! But be weary that you might be a victim of people that are trolling through the app.

In addition to keeping your cool, just as I mentioned before, your words are permanent. PERMANENT. So before you start taking off those earrings ready to throw down at your computer be very cognizant that Poshmark does not take harassment lightly. It is NOT ok for you or anyone to be harassing another posher. I absolutely detest seeing posts of “BEWARE OF THIS POSHER” posts on Poshmark. For one, they aren’t nice, and secondly I try not to pay attention to them since their problems are not any of my concern anyway. Don’t get involved with another Posher’s drama!!! I hate when people gang up on another posher because of a bad trade or deal. Which is why I never trade, I would never like to be on either end of those disagreements. My advice to you in the event that you are faced with an encounter like any of the ones I’ve mentioned in this post? Block them and move on with your life. If there is even a slight disagreement that you notice is starting to escalate, remove yourself from the situation by blocking that posher and if there is harassment, then report it to Poshmark Customer Care (That’s where your 20% commission is going FYI…you’ve been paying for it, why not use it!)

With these new awesome features, you are bound to make some big sales. Last week I decided to lower 1/2 my closet and I sold 42 items in 24 hours! It was great but it didn’t happen without a few of these instances so I hope that these don’t happen to you, but just remember that you need to keep on giving that amazing customer service and if there is anything that is starting to get out of hand: Block them, report them, and move on!

Thanks so much for reading, I would love to hear some of the encounters you’ve experienced or some of the challenges you have as a seller. Please leave them in the comments below!


Stay Healthy,