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Poshmark Haul

Sorry this came so late guys! But I’ve been bopping around the state of CA rushing to hit each family to spend some time with them over the holidays and I finally got a chance to sit down! This video comes at perfect timing especially during the Holiday season when we’re shopping and trying to find those last minute deals AND trying to sell to make up for the “one too many” J. Crew Necklaces found in your shopping bag!

So for those of you who are shopaholics and despite having to sell sell sell, and still can’t resist a good deal, then I have the perfect video for you! Sorry that all my blogs so far are videos but I hope that you enjoy them all!! They’re not easy to make…well in retrospect, they’re much easier than making a full feature film but still with a busy schedule like mine it gets really hectic!

This holiday season I hope you find yourself spending lots of cash not only on your family and friends but on yourself as well. This is a great time of the year to make some pretty sweet deals, people need to get rid of stuff so negotiate away! I did and as you’ll see in the video I made out with some pretty good stuff. I hope you do too, I mean who can resist some great Louis Vuitton or some CHANEL?! Especially on the cheap! Enjoy guys!

Directed By: Michael Flotron

Hair and Make Up: Taler Serene (Instagram: @touched_by_serene)

Edited by: Ediza Rodriguez.

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Singin’ in the shower

So excited for the rain to finally come! It’s been a good run California, but we can’t always have the sunshine EVERYDAY!! So today was a great day to rise up to the challenge of compiling a few pieces in the closet, dust off the old cobwebs and throw together a rainy day outfit “Healthy Girl Style”. I was looking on Pinterest for ideas and all I found were a bunch of tiny girls in rain boots, and I know for a fact that my legs are not that skinny. So for all you ladies that are like me and can’t squeeze into a thin pair of boots, I found these amazing SPERRY boots that are wide calfed and they feel great to wear all day long! Here are some specs on the outfit!

HAT: Poshmark

Coat: GUESS – Got for X-Mas (So probably purchased at MACY*S

Scarf: Got it for a steal at T J Maxx


Leggings: Purchased through Poshmark


Bag: Kate Spade Miles Newbury Lane

DSC_0163DSC_0251 DSC_0230 DSC_0190 DSC_0186 DSC_0183

Photos taken by: Charlie Hatley

Stay Healthy,