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PoshFest 2016 Pre-Party at Rebecca Minkoff

Oh what a night!

What a kickoff to this year’s PoshFest 2016 then having a Poshmark filled room with all your favorite PFFs and TeamPosh in the house. Then heighten that to the 10000th degree by having the pre-party at the Rebecca Minkoff store off Melrose in Los Angeles! There were hors d’oeuvres and tray pass of champagne, along with some jams playing in the background (kudos to whoever hired the serving staff!). If you were lucky to grab one there were also some Macarons to nibble on. Anyone who is anyone in the Poshmark world was there and it was a mix of newbies and goodies.

hors d’oeuvres served at the Poshmark PoshFest 2016 Pre-Party

Champagne Anyone? – Poshfest 2016 Pre-Party Snapchat: edizarodriguez

The room was LIT!! I think one of the best parts of this whole party was being surrounded by so much Rebecca Minkoff. If I wasn’t saying hi and approaching so many people I would’ve bought the whole damn store. What was really cool was I saw some of my fellow readers come up and say hi, so  thank you for coming up to me, it’s quite surreal to know that people read this thing, it like watching a dog walk on its hind legs cool.

Rebecca Minkoff Showroom PoshFest Pre-Party 2016

Another cool perk of the evening, was that there was a special discount for attendees on the Rebecca Minkoff pop up shop on Poshmark. To top it off, there was a special give away that they raffled off, a Rebecca Minkoff Hot Pink Crossbody bag! UPDATE: Sadly I am not coming home with a new bag *sigh*

Hot Pink Rebecca Minkoff Crossbody Bag raffled off at PoshFest 2016

Apologies if you’re having major FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). but I’m sorry to say that you ARE missing out on one of the biggest social gatherings for Poshmark. Getting to meet all your real life PFFs in the flesh is like a homecoming to say the least. This weekend is getting off to a magical start and I can’t wait for tomorrow. Don’t worry guys, I’ll be updating you on what’s going on here so you don’t too much FOMO! Have a good day/night and make sure you tune into my snapchat to get a live feed of what’s going on! My code in on the right (yellow square with a ghost in it) Name: EdizaRodriguez 

My and my date @mferris321 on Poshmark Follow Her!!

Anything you want to see from PoshFest?
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Sweet Street.

I decided today that I wanted to add something to showcase the healthy woman on the go and the healthy girl walking down the street. This collection is a touch of luxury with the boldness of color. Welcome to “Sweet Street”