So sorry for the long awaited newest blog post! But I hope this juicy story will suffice for the time being, I’ve been a bit preoccupied for the moment and you’ll see why, just read ahead 🙂

As you read this, I am no longer Ms. Corazon Ediza Rodriguez I am now Mrs. Corazon Ediza Ferris. I have long dreamed of finding the right man, and after praying to the heavens, in addition to all those times I sang Fiona Apple’s rendition of “Please Send Me Someone to Love”, God himself sent Ryan my way and he has blessed my life in more ways than I can count. I knew Ryan was the one long before I knew I was actually in love with him, and when that joyous day came when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him I knew that my prayers have been answered and that for the rest of my life I never wanted to look into anyone else’s eyes the way I look into Ryan’s.

I was so ready for that proposal and even readier for the engagement bliss! I thought it was the best part of the whole process, getting ready for marriage and actually setting a firm commitment into the whole relationship status. But planning a wedding was not fun at all. I would have to say out of what I experienced so far, planning a wedding is seriously a downer. Especially with things like Pinterest. With Pinterest, you’re a kid in the candy store! You are gushing with ideas, and themes and colors, you pretty much want everything! Then sets in the price tag, and you soon start to realize that your dream wedding is no longer obtainable, well at least for what seems like the next 9-10 years.

In the case of Ryan and I we really wanted to start out on the right foot in life, so we bought a house, which really put a damper into our wedding fund. In fact it was pretty much non-existent after we bought the house, and since our home was a fixer upper, it was REALLY slicing down all the money we saved, and let me tell you, it sliced down FAST. So we decided that we wanted to postpone the wedding 6 months, and when that 6 months came, we started to re-do the budget, and it looked like we needed to postpone again! So by January 2015 we finally saved up all our money that we needed to pay our portion of the wedding $12,000!! Technically if you want to give more credit to the saving, it was my husband that managed that, but I would like to say that I did a great deal of unknowingly contributing, but I’m getting better (I swear!) Then when the questions started to pop up about this and that, and what I wanted for the wedding, and “when are you available to meet with the DJ?”… and so on. It dawned on me that our portion would end up not being enough. $12,000 would turn into $15,000 and $15,000 would turn into $17,500 and then all that money that we saved would be gone in 1 day. Then I decided to call it quits. Ryan was 100% support of my decision, whether we go all in or just pull back.

So the hard part was undoing all that we initially started. In the course of 2 years we had already put down deposits, so now we had to try to get all of it back. Now we didn’t get all of it back, the caterers The Turnip Rose didn’t give us our deposit back but they did give us back the overpayment of $3,000. So now what? $1,000 in the hole, no ceremony, no reception. We decided to just do a small dinner with family and friends and get married in the courthouse. Just like in the olden days! (i think) And we really needed to get work on the house done so we decided to put the saved money into some repairs and updating the house.

But then it left me with a really big void, and it left me feeling like I would really resent this whole marriage because it was deprived of all the love and romance involved with it. Plus everyone was so sick and tired of us crying wolf on getting married because we postponed so much, that no one was really interested in us, not even my own family. The excitement was gone, and it wasn’t fun anymore. So I told Ryan how I felt and he was dead set on changing things around.

This is why I love this man. He says, “Ok, we’re eloping. Do you want to go to Paris?” my jaw drops, and I’m in shock. So much shock. I mean I had mentioned Paris a few times for our honeymoon, but getting married there?!? ohh fuck yeah. So I immediately googled, ‘elope in Paris’ and after what felt like 100 emails and thousands of re-arranging schedules and flights I am here. I am married, with the man I love, who sees me at my worst and still thinks I am best. Who reminds me everyday what butterflies feel like. Who God had sent after I had sang that song a billion times. I am in the city of lights, and with the thousand lights bouncing around the millions of people, he is still the only thing I see.

While you are reading this, we’re probably eating a french macaroon or a fresh croissant, or riding a bike wearing berets with fucking baguettes in the basket in the front of our bikes (that’s a Bridesmaid movie joke FYI). Fun fact: You are probably reading this at the same time my entire family is finding out about this. So yes we planned this in secret. We hid this from our family, our friends, quite possibly our dog too, she probably still has no clue. It was incredibly important to Ryan and I to keep this as secret as possible. We really wanted this to be OUR decision, no guidance, no help, no opinions, no one telling us what we’re doing is inconsiderate or hurting someone else’s feelings. We really wanted to be about us and no one else (which is really how it should be). Also, we really wanted to do something that we figured out on our own that was special to us. Sure there were very few people that we HAD to tell, but they gave us their word they wouldn’t spill the beans. So sorry family! We love you very much, but we hope you understand!

FYI there aren’t very many how-to’s on getting hitched on a whim, but I somehow managed to do it in 2 weeks. If you’re interested in eloping to the city of lights, my list of recommendations and how I did it will be posted up soon. Thanks for reading my story, I’ll be updating more information on our trip! Feel free to leave comments below =)

Rester en bonne santé (Stay Healthy),